Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery - "Red address" of Vietnamese history


Nestled among the green pine hills of the sunny and windy Central region lies the Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery. It is a sacred symbol and the final resting place of over 10,000 heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for the independence and freedom of their Fatherland. Situated in Vinh Truong commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province, the cemetery is a destination of emotional significance that evokes feelings of gratitude and remembrance in every visitor who sets foot on this hallowed ground.

Where is Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery?

Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery is located at Ben Tat Hill, near 15 Highway, Vinh Truong Commune, Gio Linh District, Quang Tri Province. From Dong Ha City about 38 km to the West north, from 1A highway ( in Gio Linh Town) about 20 km to the west north.

Construction process of Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery

The largest martyrs cemetery in Vietnam was built from October 24, 1975, and completed on April 10, 1977. On May 19, 1999, which marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Truong Son Army, the Vietnamese Government decided to upgrade and refurbish the area dedicated to martyrs. 

Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery is the final resting place of more than 10,000 martyrs in Quang Tri, along with thousands of graves of martyrs from all parts of the country. The cemetery spans up to 140,000 m2, including 23,000 m2 of grave land, 7,000 m2 of monument land, 60,000 m2 of green tree land, 35,000 m2 of ornamental lake land, and 15,000 m2 of roads within the campus. It is considered the most majestic cemetery in our country.

Truong Son Cemetery is not only vast but also a remarkable architectural work. It starts with a memorial area situated on top of a 32m high hill. Visitors can enjoy beautiful reliefs at the memorial area, depicting Truong Son soldiers during their resistance activities. Next, there is a towering memorial that stands majestically above the Quang Tri skyline. Behind the memorial, there is a lush Bodhi tree that the cemetery caretaker believes is sacred with profound spiritual value for this land.


From the monument, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the land area where the graves of the martyrs lie. These graves may contain heroes from different lands, but they all share the same belief and joy in resting in this sacred cemetery. When viewed from above, the graves are arranged in neat rows, resembling images of soldiers marching and practicing. The grave site is dotted with lakes, rivers, streams, ornamental plants, and beautiful flowers. The most prominent feature is the Fatherland Monument, inscribed with the labor and dedication of those who have served their country with honor and distinction. 

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The meaningful of Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery


Solemn and peaceful beauty

As visitors enter the cemetery gate, they will immediately feel a solemn and peaceful atmosphere. The rows of green trees sway gently in the wind, welcoming to visitors. The neatly planned and clean asphalt road leads to the grave area, with rows of pure white tombstones on both sides. Each tombstone is inscribed with the names and hometowns of the martyrs, serving as a lasting tribute to their sacrifice.

A place that marks historical victories

The Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery is the final resting place of over 10,000 heroes, mostly young men in their twenties. These soldiers fought heroically on the legendary Truong Son route during the war against America to protect their country. They contributed to the construction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail on Truong Son, which was used to transport weapons and food to support the southern battlefield.


Each tombstone in this cemetery represents a story, a life, a victory. These soldiers were drivers and young volunteers who bravely transported goods day and night on the dangerous Truong Son route filled with bombs. They were also artillery heroes who fought tenaciously to protect the lifeblood of our army and people.

The Gratitude and reminder for future generations

Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery is a place where visitors can feel the heroic history of the nation. It is not only a place to honor the martyrs but also a reminder to future generations of the values of peace, independence, and freedom that we enjoy today.

Every year, on major holidays like Hung King's Death Anniversary and War Invalids and Martyrs' Day, thousands of people come from all over the country to Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery to burn incense and pay respect to those who sacrificed for the independence and freedom of the country.


Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery will always remain an important spiritual destination and a place to educate the younger generation about patriotism, courage, and resilience of the Vietnamese people. It will forever be a significant address in red color, reminding everyone of the sacrifices made by the heroes.

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