Yes, all of our day tours have daily departures; rain or shine. However, the deeper cave tours (the 7 km and 4.5 km cave tours) are weather permitting. 

All tours require walking, so prepare comfortable trainers or sandals. Prepare for the weather appropriately and bring hats, sunscreen, rain gear etc. The Dark cave does not require shoes, but be sure to bring your bathers and your own towel. We recommend that your bring a dark coloured swimsuit if possible as it requires machine washing to remove the mud. It is not permitted to wear wet baiting suits in the tour van. 

Yes, please let us know of your pick up and drop off location in your booking.

Yes, you can be dropped off at the train station after the tour. The tour typically ends at 17:00-17:30. We offer both pick-up and drop-off at the train station for free; so you could be picked up at the station in the morning and dropped off in the evening if you are in a hurry. Although it has never happened so far, Phongnha Discovery does not hold responsibility for unforeseen emergencies delaying drop-off.


To go north (Ninh Binh, Hanoi): The SE2 departs at 18:30 and the SE4 departs at 19:30

To go south (Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh): The SE5 departs at 19:30

Yes. The Dark Cave requires all guests to wear a life jacket at all times when in the water. Our other tours may feature swimming, but our guests can always choose to opt out or only stand in the water.

Phongnha Discovery provides a variety of food including rice, meat, vegetables, fish, eggs,…. There will be options for vegan, vegetarian,… Please tell us if you have any special requirements.

You may pay your tour guide in cash or credit on your tour. As a way to thank our valued guests who choose to pay Phongnha Discovery directly, we will cover the standard 3% international card fee. We accept USD and VND. Please note that all credit card payments are processed in VND and if you choose to pay cash in USD, we cannot provide change for you in USD. 

Yes, you can choose to leave your luggage in our Dong Hoi office OR you may bring your luggage with you in the mini van. However, space is limited so you must contact us in advance to arrange to take your luggage with you. Phongnha Discovery does no hold responsibility for damaged luggage. Do not leave any valuables in your luggage as we can not be held responsible for any loss of valuables. 

Yes, you may change your tour type with 12 hours notice. Please contact us via e-mail (tours@phongnhadiscovery.com)

Yes, all expenses for the day are included in the tour price. However, an additional purchase is required if you would like to drink something other than water at lunch.


  • The Dark cave requires you to be between 40 and 90kg to ride the long zipline.
  • We do not recommend children under 1.3m to enter the mud cave as it requires balance and agility. Children under 1m are strictly not permitted into the mud cave.  
  • You must wear a bikini/ swimwear into the dark cave (no t-shirts etc).
  • All children must occupy their own seats on the dragon boat going into the Phong Nha cave.
  • No GoPros without a wrist strap will be permitted on Dark cave property (as many GoPros have been lost forever during the activities).

We can accept bookings up until 6:00AM the day of your tour, but it is not guaranteed.  

Each guide will never be responsible for more than 14 people, so you will have an intimate group and plenty of opportunities to speak privately with your guide.

We accept Vietnamese dong (VND) and U.S. Dollar (USD). All credit card payments will be processed in VND. Please note that if you pay in USD, we cannot provide change for you in USD. 

Yes! (If your flight lands before 7:00AM and you wish to be picked up and go on your tour directly). If it does not, we provide an airport transfer service for an additional fee. Please contact us for a quote for your airport transfer needs.

Yes. However, the long zipline has weight restrictions. If your child is under 40 kgs they are not allowed to do the zipline. Instead, they go by kayak (while being accompanied by their guardian) to the mouth of the Dark cave. The absolute minimum height requirement for children to enter the mud cave is 1m. However, we do not recommend it for children under 1.3m tall (~6  years old) as small children may find it difficult to maneuver or are uncomfortable in the darkness. If your child is too small to enter the cave, there are plenty of water activities outside of the cave they may partake in.

If you are not between the required 40-90 kg or simply do not wish to participate in the zipline, there will by kayaks available for you to get to the mouth of the Dark cave. One of our guides or representatives will accompany you down the river to meet the rest of the group.

We do not recommend you take a bus after our tour. The schedules are too flexible and the buses tend to depart earlier than our tour ends. We do, however, recommend taking a train for ease and comfort.

Only waterproof cameras with a wrist strap are permitted on Dark cave property. Your cameras are your own responsibility; many GoPros have been lost forever at the bottom of the river/mud bath during the activities. For your convenience, our guide has a GoPro and will be taking photos of your zip lining and inside the mud cave. Check our Facebook postings to see your photos.

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