International Women's Day in Quang Binh: Have fun and explore activities


International Women's Day, which is also known as the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace, is observed every year on 8th March. This day serves as a crucial point in the movement to advocate for women's rights and draws attention towards issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights as well as violence and abuse against women. The United Nations formalized this day in 1975.

Nowadays this is a global day of celebration that aims to honor and appreciate the contributions of women across all spheres of social life. This day presents an excellent opportunity for us to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements that women have made while also promoting gender equality and empowering women worldwide.

The origin of International Women's Day

March 8th has its origins in the struggle of female textile workers in New York City in 1857. They organized protests demanding reduced working hours, increased wages, and improved working conditions. This movement soon spread to many countries, and it became a symbol of the fight for women's rights.

In 1910, during the 2nd International Congress of Socialist Women held in Copenhagen, Denmark, Clara Zetkin, a German social activist, suggested that March 8th should be celebrated every year as Women's Day. Since then, this day has been widely celebrated across the world.

In Vietnam, March 8th marks the anniversary of the Trung Sisters' uprising, which is a significant event in the nation's history. The Trung Sisters are national heroines who drove out the Northern invaders and regained sovereignty, bringing pride to the country. The victory of their uprising is considered an eternal epic, expressing the will for independence and national pride. Moreover, it testifies to the strength of Vietnamese women in human history in the cause of building and protecting their homeland. On this day, men usually give women flowers (usually roses) and gifts, and events are organized in agencies, organizations, and families where women work and participate.

On March 8th, International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate and honor the amazing women in our lives. In Quang Binh, this special day is marked with a range of fun activities and exciting discoveries. Join Phongnha Discovery to explore these unique experiences!

  • Agencies and cultural centers hold special music and dance programs and networking exchanges to celebrate women's contributions to society.

  • Organizing rallies and media campaigns can raise awareness about gender equality and the value of women in the community.
  • Explore the outdoors, breathe in fresh air, and participate in recreational activities while immersing yourself in nature. Quang Binh is a destination that offers many scenic spots and exciting experiential activities, such as cave exploration, hiking, mountain climbing, mud bathing, and kayaking,... These fun-filled activities are not to be missed.


  • Quang Binh is renowned for its spectacular cave system, which includes Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can go on cave exploration tours, such as Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, Tien Son cave,…to marvel at the enigmatic beauty of nature.


  • When you travel to explore tourist areas, you can challenge yourself with outdoor activities such as games at Mooc Spring, Chay River - Dark Cave, Hava Valley, and Ozo Treetop Park,…


  • Visit eco-tourism areas such as Eco Chestnut Hill, May Dang Hill, Len Chua Ecostay, Suoi Da,… Check-in and take photos, and organize team-building and networking events.

  • If you happen to be in Quang Binh, consider visiting the traditional craft villages around Phong Nha. It's a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and shop for souvenirs. This is something you can do with your family and friends.
  • Quang Binh is well-known for its local cuisine, which includes many unique dishes that impress visitors. Some of the famous dishes are fish and potato hotpot, cakes such as banh loc, banh nam, banh xeo, banh hoi and Quang Binh soup porridge. Don't miss the chance to try these delicious dishes that represent the sunny and windy Central region during your trip to Quang Binh,…

On March 8th in Quang Binh, we can celebrate and honor women by creating a meaningful and memorable day filled with relaxation, fun and happy moments with family and friends.

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