Bao Ninh Peninsula - The jade of Dong Hoi City


Bao Ninh Peninsula is a commune situated southeast of Dong Hoi city in Quang Binh province. The peninsula covers an area of approximately 17.67 square kilometers, with a population of 10,427 people as of 2019, and a population density of 590 people per square kilometer.

 Bao Ninh Peninsula

From the city center, cross Nhat Le Bridge and go straight a little further, visitors will reach the square and Bao Ninh Beach. Bao Ninh Square, built right on the beach, has long become a bustling entertainment area and venue for major festivals and events in Dong Hoi City.

Bao Ninh Square

The Bao Ninh Peninsula boasts a breathtaking and picturesque natural beauty. Its coastline stretches for miles and features fine white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue waters. The area is also home to a diverse marine ecosystem, including rare flora and fauna species.

The Bao Ninh Peninsula is currently being developed as a new tourism center for Quang Binh province. Several high-end resort tourism projects are underway on the peninsula, offering visitors an unforgettable experience.

Interesting features in the Bao Ninh Peninsula


Prime location

Bao Ninh Peninsula is located right at the intersection of the romantic Nhat Le River flowing into the sea, which is the meeting place of the ocean's fresh water and salt water. This is a great location for visitors to enjoy and experience a variety of services.

Wild Beauty

Bao Ninh Peninsula is a pristine destination that boasts beautiful beaches with clear blue waters and fine white sand. Visitors can indulge in swimming, sea sports activities like windsurfing, kayaking or simply take a stroll along the beach to enjoy the fresh air

Diverse ecosystem

The peninsula is also home to diverse flora and rich marine fauna, making it a must-visit spot for nature enthusiasts.

Unique Cuisine

Don't forget to try the fresh seafood dishes, which are famous in this region, along with traditional dishes.

The Bao Ninh Fishing Village

The Bao Ninh Fishing Village is an ancient village situated on the peninsula where visitors can witness the daily lives of the local people and learn about the coastal culture of Quang Binh.

 Bao Ninh Fishing Village

Interesting tourist activities in Bao Ninh Peninsula



Swimming is the most popular tourist activity on the Bao Ninh Peninsula due to its clear blue sea water and calm waves, making it very suitable for swimming.


Bao Ninh Beach

Walk around Bao Ninh Square

Visitors can also take a walk around Bao Ninh Square and explore a series of seafood restaurants and diverse street food.

Visit Nhat Le Estuary

Another must-visit attraction is the Nhat Le estuary, where tourists can admire the majestic and beautiful natural scenery of the estuary.

Nhat Le Estuary

Enjoy Bao Ninh sea specialties

Don't forget to enjoy Bao Ninh's sea specialties, which include grilled squid, dried squid, grilled shrimp, dried fish, crabs, steamed crabs or dishes made from sea snails. Trying out the regional cuisine is always an interesting experience when you travel to new lands.


Relaxing at high-end resorts

Bao Ninh Peninsula has many high-end tourist resorts with modern amenities, promising to bring visitors wonderful resort experiences, such as Celina Peninsula Resort, Sun Spa Resort, Gold Coast Hotel Resort & Spa, Duy Tan Quang Binh Resort,...


Sun Spa Resort Quang Binh

In particular, with its prime location, Bao Ninh Peninsula was chosen as the investment location of Regal Legend, which is planned to build a tourist area, resort, golf course, and 5* entertainment complex in the center of Quang Binh. It is expected that this place will become the largest tourist center in Quang Binh and develop its existing potential. This place also gathers many interesting activities for visitors to experience such as walking streets, night markets, water music shows,...

Regal Legend Quang Binh Project

How to get to Bao Ninh Peninsula?

To cross the Bao Ninh peninsula, you can move through the Nhat Le 1 bridge or Nhat Le 2 bridge. Both roads are very convenient to move.

The best way to personally experience all the beauty of Bao Ninh - Dong Hoi peninsula is by motorbike, or rent a car with a private driver for safety and comfort.

Bao Ninh Peninsula is an attractive tourist destination, attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists. With its wild, poetic beauty, along with rich tourism potential, the Bao Ninh peninsula promises to become a new tourism center of Quang Binh province.

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