sneak peek wrong boy result 2020

Got girl result and I was abit sceptical but had ultrasound at weekend which confirmed I'm having a girl. If I would have gotten those sneak peek results I would still …

but now that I am reading all these reviews and stories about false boy results … Thank you sneak peek Within 24 hours of receiving your sample, Sneak Peek will identify the gender of your baby by detecting the presence of fetal DNA. I’m a little down because I have 3 boys already and was really hoping for a girl. I've heard it can be wrong. Oddly enough, I had also taken a genetic test with my doctor and the gender results were inconclusive. : I just took it and mailed it. This early detection gender test has been designed to be taken in the stress free environment of your own home. Thank you for sharing your story. Sneak Peek is the only 99% accurate, at-home gender DNA Test. The next Tuesday I got my NIPT testing done at my drs office and told them to include the gender and my results came back that it is indeed a BOYY!

Yesterday, we confirmed by ultrasound that our current pregnancy is a boy, also correctly predicted by sneak peek. Were they accurate?

I did sneak peek test at 9 weeks. Only then I saw it was supposed to be sent with the sample. I know a lady on baby bump and she thought she was having her second boy through sneak peek saying so. How long did it take for you to get the results back? I’m 10wks and I just got my results from Sneak peek and it says BOY! But hey sneak peak has a 50 50 of being right. Sneak peek can be wrong and I strongly urge people to go a different route. Couldn't be happier. Could go either way. It can get contaminated. Turned out she is having a girl. April 19, 2020 at 2:06 pm. Also, I used the gauze that came in the plastic bag to help with the blood. I’m hoping the results are wrong and that my sample somehow got contaminated. Sent it without the gauze, hope they will still be able to do it. I took the sneak peek test and got my results yesterday. Did anyone take the sneak peek gender test?

I did the harmony blood test thru my doc office at 10weeks and knew boy. It said boy (yay!) I did sneak peek test at 9 weeks. I had a girl in 2016, which was the prediction sent by sneak peek.

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