housesitter website review

Rover’s is 15%. We have found that for finding house sits in NZ, nothing beats it. You want the homeowner to know you are genuine and can take care of a home. They’re also the only platform that has a two-way, blind review system – like AirBnb. How to Become a House Sitter The only house sitting website I’ve seen so far that charges home owners is Trusted House Sitters! Mind a Home – $49 AUD a year Good luck in your search! Caretaker Gazette  – international, requires patience for outmoded and inefficient distribution system. Why do you consider THS to be “To me, these guys are the gangsters of the house sitting websites” I haven’t heard anything like this about them before so I’m curious what issues have arisen with THS? You do get the same experience with any online platform – house sitting or otherwise – I’ve found. (Updated October 2020), House Sitting Stories | Sam & Vern from New York. Hey Britt and Jay! We like that we only apply for sits we believe match our abilities and interests. The Good: Fair membership price, best search function, best sorting function, best ad previews, no strong-arming, friendly to homeowners (so more house sits! It is becoming a very competitive site which can be hard or new users.Trusted House Sitters provide extensive resources on pet care and how to become a pet sitter!They have everything from how to land your first sits to information regarding house sitting agreements between yourself and the house owner. I will save me time to look for reputable ones since you’ve collected that for me! I really want to join Trusted House Sitters but am a little hesitant to sign up with no references. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Europe specific recommendations beyond what’s listed here. Ugh. Shortly ago we joined the TrustedSitters, found only two possibilities which are a bit further of the range we had in mind. They should have a forward and reverse button to go back and forth in messages. Hello, I’m glad to hear you know your boundaries! I do not agree about the aussie housesitters , I was a member and found them frustrating as many of the house sits were already taken and yet the ad was left on constantly. I’m now trying harder to find sits that are NOT on ‘Trusted’ House Sitters. House Sitters UK  – run by the awesome folks behind House Sitters America. International House Sitting Website Reviews. It is very important that before accepting a house sit both parties are comfortable and happy with the agreement. They fussed over my dogs who thought these people would be their friends. I wasted a years membership and never got a sit. Beware of this fraudulent bunch. Ex: taking care of dog shelters, farms, BNB’s and/or vast menageries or pets with extreme separation anxiety or health issues..for NO pay. Lisa! Thanks! I haven’t done a sit through House Sit Mexico yet but I really like what I’ve seen in the listings thus far. A great cheap alternative for travelers or a couple staying in Australia. 3. Hey Mike! Hiya Maddy!! Just checked it out… it’s still showing $119 on my screen, but if I switch to AUD it’s $130. Trial and error got me this far but reading reviews is helpful. I had two reviews from two different housesitting assignments and my reviews were stellar. They were so happy. Hi Rod, we’ve recently and very happily completed five housesits, back to back, across regional England with THS. The Good: Who doesn’t love the idea of getting paid for house sitting?! A wildly popular site in Australia. Hi Rita. I’ll have to check out housesitsearch! I’m fairly new to house/pet sitting, only a year so far. The membership fee indeed seeem quite steep so am glad to know there are other options. Right off the bat – maybe 3 days after I posted our ad – we made an agreement with a couple who stayed in our house for 3 weeks, and who will be returning in the spring for another 3. . It’s also worth spending time on your profile, and on your reply, so that house owners can get an idea of what you are like. Mindahome is one of our top recommendations for both individuals and couples looking for almost free house sitter chances in Australia. The Ugly:  In the comments you’ll see one reader who is disappointed that the price for this site is now on-par with other major house sitting websites. I would suggest jumping on one of the house sitting platforms, this one here is has the biggest range of house sits in the US! That keeps the spam down. They site was new in 2017, so membership is free while they grow their base. We also have found that the support team is super responsive which we really like! Thanks! Most house sitting jobs involve giving love to furred, finned, or feathered creatures. Make sure you check out our post on how to become a house sitter for more into about how oyu can start sitting! I experience this kind of thing on Craigslist/Gumtree, too. let me know if you have anymore questions , Hello Jay & Britt! I reported it to the website. Thank you. Let me know how you go! Their space, heat, internet, car, garbage service, gas, and electricity in exchange for the time it takes you to live their life for them. Other location-specific house sitting websites: Your email address will not be published. hi!! I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it in any of my house sitting groups. And at the same time, cancelled all my future bookings. If you are planning on house sitting for that entire year (or even just a week or two) it is most definitely worth it.If you spend the year house sitting you have essentially paid $119 USD for 1 years rent. To be fair to Trusted Housesitters (THS), we’ve used them four times to date. A small, mostly European site based in the UK. $65 NZD a year. I actually put into my profile that I have a background check I can share, and I have just been offered three housesits from someone on HouseCarers who asked to see it. Best House Sitting Websites. You’re welcome! a no-problems experience with the company. Buyer beware. While I still recommend this site to anyone wanting a house sitting job in Australia, I understand the disappointment one might feel about it being “the most expensive.”  Bottom line – any platform that has the sit you want… is a great platform and the one for you! Glad to hear your Trusted House Sitters review is a good one! Thankyousorry! Especially, if you don’t mind renting a car to get to your destination which eats up the savings drastically. But I’m now fully booked with paid sits for the next year! This is in terms of website features, functions and usability. Glad to see they haven’t put their exorbitant prices any higher! We had a great, long weekend staying in Jesse and Josh's beautiful home taking care of Eno, their dog and their sweet cat! Their site design is prettier than more established, older sites. I found sorting through house sitting website reviews confusing when I was researching how to become a house sitter. so we are NOT insured then for damages under and up to £1000. Hey Red – I’ll add them to my list to review. I think there are just too many sitters now. The platform has a nice clean design focused on the user having a good experience. I sent many dozens of people to the site and got them ALLOT of business. Thank you!!!! Ah! Honestly, I’m not a ‘background check’ kind of person. I have been unwilling to do any that are more of my time than I would spend on accommodation if I were to trade my time for money instead. I hope your House Sit Mexico experience is awesome! It seems to be a way to generate more revenue while still providing the same service… like airlines suddenly charging for carry-ons. The Ugly:  Upgrading a user interface that’s seen nearly every design iteration of the online era isn’t easy. Aside from that, my House Carers review is all positive!. For 50USD you get a well designed area for members, an easy application process, and a great communication tool. And I’ve always had cats. They’re home-owner friendly, which improves their listing ratio. You can also get more specific and narrow your availability down to a specific city or town, such as Alaska, California, Melbourne, London, Panama, or any other places you would love to experience. Senior Sits – international, actually just a front for House Carers to appeal directly to seniors.

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