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Baby saves Debora and ultimately drives off into the sunset with her— albeit he has to kill two of his criminal associates, lose some of his hearing, and serve 5 years of a 25-year prison sentence to do it. Buddy discourages Baby from "mailing it in at the post office" heist. But, as is the reality with these sorts of movies, getting out is going to take a lot more than just a fast car. the crates that The Butcher is selling guns from are marked for law enforcement use, which means The Butcher and his team are actually undercover cops and not gunrunners. Sure enough, she gets hit by their bullets and killed. Once filmed, DNEG supplemented the live-action shots with projectile bullets, sparks, and gunfire flashes, while bearing in mind the imposing drum riffs of the soundtrack. Baby botching their getaway for a second time pretty much highlights how ridiculous the coincidence is. Baby, after stealing a woman's car, throws her purse to her, then apologizes. The remaining three flee on foot. But considering how hands on he was with everything else, why couldn't Doc go into the post office and run the lay of the land himself? He fires next to both of Baby's ears, bursting his ear-drums and temporarily deafening him, but the distraction allows Debora to hit Buddy with a crowbar. So who exactly taught Baby to drive, much less steal cars. Colors are used symbolically to represent the personas of the core characters. [96] The United Kingdom represented the film's largest taking with £3.6M ($4.6M) from 680 theaters. Doc is furious, revealing that the dealers were dirty cops on his payroll. He leaves Joseph at an assisted living home with his heist earnings, then rushes to Bo's for Debora, where Buddy is waiting. Baby Driver was financed through a partnership between TriStar and Media Rights Capital. [112], Reviews for the actors' performances were very positive in the media,[63][113] often singling out Elgort and James for further praise,[66][114][115] with their work described as "star-making" and "radiant". With the number of mistakes JD made in the second heist, one has to wonder if he had usefulness to begin with and why Doc hired him in the first place, "And I was born on a dark gray morn with music humming in my ears...", getting out is going to take a lot more than just a fast car, he refuses to leave the scene out of disgust, jacket, a baseball cap, and a new pair of shades, Baby ignores him and hands over the baby to the woman before driving away, JustForFun/Tropes Examined by the MythBusters, Buddy also says "wherefore art thou, Romeo", and it cuts to a shot of Debora. After the failed heist, Buddy shows up no worse for wear waiting for Baby at Debora's diner after being last seen at a police standoff that claimed Darling's life. Lily James had just starred in a production of. Darling then has one when the police show up. Which leads to our final question of the movie. [74][75] This was unusual because late summers are seldom competitive, and hence a much more favorable market for lower-budget films. [32], On a £25,000 budget, Wright developed the music video for Mint Royale's "Blue Song" in 2003, featuring a backstory gleaned from his early concept of Baby Driver. After escaping Buddy, Baby and Debora leave the city only to run into a police blockade. Such that when Baby indirectly gets Darling killed, Buddy snaps and goes on a rampage to get revenge on him. As far as the childhood of Baby (actually named Miles) is concerned, we know very few details. In addition, Machliss worked on set providing input for the shoot, which was unusual given that film editors are rarely present at the production set of most films. [33] The video became an unexpected success, and although happy with his work, Wright was frustrated he had cannibalized an idea he felt had enormous potential. 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