2020 chevy bolt range

Tesla’s vehicle can run 310 miles in a single charge in the long-range models, but the base version can do 240 miles. The Bolt may have been the bees' knees when it debuted, but the competition has done a hell of a job keeping up and even surpassing Chevy's EV. Although range is up, miles per gallon equivalent is down. There are plenty of EV pages in the Bolt's infotainment system, too, which will show you the battery level and remaining range, which is helpful when you need to run errands on a Saturday after forgetting to plug the car in on Friday night. That doesn't count any remaining government tax credits or local rebates and credits states and cities may offer. We got to an Electrify America DC fast-charging station in Kelso, Washington, with 25 miles of range; after a 15-minute stop, our range increased to 72 miles, enough to make it to Portland International for my flight home. That could very well be why Kyle was able to drive a couple of more miles. With more than 200 miles of range and a sub-$40,000 price tag, nobody cared that it looked like a wedge of cheese and had an interior full of cheap plastics.

Premier trim level adds $4,000. That's great for driving around town, merging onto the highway or racing to beat that yellow light. The app also gives me the physical address and brand of charger, plus local amenities and customer reviews. The carmaker is losing the pace with competition in most segments with the lack of hybrid and PHEV models. Roadshow may get a commission from these offers. Kyle finishes up his range tests at the InsideEVs track, so he can circle the track for the last few miles and allow the vehicle to completely run out of energy, which he did. Chevy said engineers tweaked the energy of the cell electrodes with zero physical changes to the battery pack and its integration. The Bolt's proportions are wonky as hell, which emphasizes the nerdy design. Until then, Bolt is going to turn attention to EV class. The 2020 Bolt EV has a larger, 66-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which gives the hatchback an extra 21 miles of range. I also used 1.9 kWh less than he did, and if we multiply that by my average consumption rate during the trip of 3.4 mi/kWh, we can potentially add another 6.5 miles, for a total of 224.6 miles. We put two 2020 Bolt EVs to the test by two different InsideEVs writers in different states to see just how similar the results will be. Previous model years had only 60 kWh of usable capacity. So, if you need to squeeze out more range on your EV to make your destination, the best thing you can do is simply slow down a bit. Still, expect a response from the Japanese carmaker, since they didn’t update their vehicle and its batteries for a while. Chevy lists this car with a starting price of $36,620 (not including destination), while our range-topping Premier starts at $41,020. FDA … Until the 2019 model year, the Chevrolet Bolt EV, our 2017 Car of the Year, was good for 238 miles, but a mild midcycle refresh for the 2020 model year extends the range to 259 miles. It's just 2.6 inches shorter (vertically) than a Chevrolet Equinox. InsideEVs held two separate 70 MPH range tests with the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV recently. Standard infotainment system is MyLink with SiriusXM radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and a pair of USB ports. As said, the range jumps to 260 miles, but this is not a result of larger battery pack installed for the vehicle. The 2020 Bolt EV has a larger, 66-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which gives the hatchback an extra 21 miles of range. By the time we got out into the countryside, though, it was clear we weren't going to make it to Portland on one charge. The base model will be available from $37,500, which is not cheap. The 2020 Bolt EV has a larger, 66-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which gives the hatchback an extra 21 miles of range. We found one retailer with seven Bolt's in stock, and the average price was just $28,900.

But there are few cars where the MSRP is more misleading than the Bolt. While 21 miles isn't a massive addition, in an electric car every mile counts on a cold day with the heat running. 2021 Chevy Trax Redesign Details: Release Date Prolonged, 2021 Chevy Equinox Drops Diesel Engine, Makes Room For Diesel, 2021 Chevy Traverse Release date, Refresh and Hybrid Engine, 2021 Chevy Trailblazer – Everthing About the new Compact SUV, 2020 Chevy Equinox LT Accessories and Price, 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Specs and Features, 2021 Land Rover Discovery Gets Mid-Cycle Update, 2021 Cadillac XT7 Rumors, Interior and Expectations, 2021 Audi Q9 Rumors, Release date and Expectations. For example, Toyota Highlander was the only mid-size three-row SUV. Cabin quality is disappointing, and limiting the Bolt to a DC charge rate of just around 50 kilowatts hurts its appeal to customers reliant on fast charging. Accused Kenosha gunman won't face charges in home state of Illinois. Now, we have more of these and Ford launches Explorer PHEV next season. Required fields are marked *. However, it is our intention to test as many current EV as we can at 70 mph, and compile a comparison graph. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. However, in similar driving conditions to what we experienced, I think it's fair to say you can expect the 2020 Bolt EV to go somewhere between 220 and 230 miles before it will slow down, as Kyle demonstrated, and eventually stop. The Bolt's odd proportions, its height in particular, pay dividends in the cabin. On top of that, the Bolt isn't available with embedded navigation. I know most Bolt owners aren't looking for corner-carving athletics, but a torque-tastic electric powertrain is inherently fun -- quick off the line, and instantly. Most of the time my co-driver and I drove in Low mode, which has a more aggressive regen when you take your foot off the gas. However, the quick 15-minute stop was enough for us to continue on our way. © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The source of power for the 2020 Chevy Bolt is a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery. It's also important to note that when Kyle did his test he encountered a little rain and he also drove some of his route off of the highway and finished up on the track where he was driving less than 70 mph. However, I'm finding a lot of success with the Chargeway app. Instead I'd outfit my base Bolt with the $555 comfort package to get heated front seats and the $495 confidence package to get blind-spot monitoring.

Instead of driving 144 miles down Interstate 5, we chose the scenic route, driving west toward U.S. 101 then going south to Astoria, Oregon, where we then headed southeast toward Portland. We now have two independent tests with 2020 Bolt EVs driving at a constant 70 mph with the results differing by about 4 miles. The only cosmetic change is in the color palette, where we will find two more colors. The extra range comes from engineering changes to the battery cell chemistry and not to the battery itself. Chevy's electric car will go farther than quite a few rivals for 2020. My tester also has the rear camera mirror, which uses a video feed from the backup camera. As for the Tesla Model 3, it can charge at up to 250 kilowatts and has access to Tesla's impressive network of Superchargers. That's a 21-mile jump compared with the 2019 Bolt EV. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. By shifting into Low I can make the most of one-pedal driving and regenerative braking, lifting my right foot for maximum regen while slowing the car down. But here we are in 2020, and wow, the world sure has changed. The charging times remain the same—it takes about 10 hours to completely charge the battery on a Level 2 charger, and when the battery is depleted, users can get up to 90 miles in 30 minutes using a Level 3 charger. How far can a 2020 Chevy Bolt EV go at highway speeds? It's a nice little EV, but there are so many better choices. However, this shows the will of the General Motors to step up and produce more electric, PHEV, and hybrid models. Chief among them is a 21-mile increase in range … © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Based on the Cadillac Lyriq, we know GM is capable of designing an attractive EV – we just wish it'd figured things out before penning the Bolt. For example, keyless open and start function is there, while you can control the charging process all the time. The Bolt's infotainment system is housed on a 10.2-inch color screen, and while the graphics and interface are crisp and clean, the response times are really laggy, enough that I find myself stabbing an icon twice, thinking that it hasn't received my tap. What was General Motors thinking in designing the Bolt? However, you will get a tax releases in most states. If I would have tried to go to the next exit on the highway and turn around, I don't think I would have made it back, so I had to stop just short of completely exhausting the battery. With Hyundai, Kia, and Tesla all offering EVs with a range of 239-plus miles for less than $40,000, Chevy's modest range increase keeps the Bolt EV competitive. And although it has some drawbacks, like a noisy interior, it continues to be a sharp EV. Every 2020 Bolt EV nets the EPA-estimated 259 miles. At this point, only Bolt and Volt are pure electric models by Chevy and General Motors. On the other hand, Chevrolet is taking steps to make it easier for drivers to charge their Bolt EVs.

Current hatchback needs a whole day to recharge on the home outlet. Meanwhile, Motor1.com partner TrueCar lists a market average for the Bolt of just under $27,000. A new grille tweaks the front end's look, and the car now also gets a high-definition rearview camera, high-definition cameras for the surround-view camera system, and the second generation of the full display mirror, which is frameless and has optional settings as well as a high-definition camera. A few days after Kyle's test, I set out in New Jersey, also with a 2020 Bolt EV, to see just far I could go driving at a constant 70 mph, just as Kyle did. If we did this test driving at a steady 55 miles per hour, I'm sure the Bolt would have gone at least 20 miles further. The vehicle is built on the BEV II platform and in Europe it appears as Opel Ampera-e. The new model will be mostly unchanged comparing to its predecessor. The Kia Niro starts around $40,000 including destination, and while it offers less range, it's got more style and features, including navigation and adaptive cruise control. However, they do provide another data point for potential customers that are looking for as much information on the driving range as they can get. Oh, and I'd also pick the new Oasis Blue paint color. Easy peasy. In our test, the 2020 Bolt EV had enough juice to cover about 200 miles of our route—short of the 259 miles it promises to deliver (and also short of the 2019 Bolt EV's 238 miles). The EPA rates the 2019 model at 128/110/119 mpge.

The 2020 Chevy Bolt is on the same level with Hyundai Kona EV. It's neither a true crossover nor a traditional hatchback – and soon, there will be a Bolt EUV to further confuse consumers – and because of that, the proportions are just bizarre.

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