words to describe a lighthouse

Sometime they are deactivated beacons that have been reactivated for historic purpose. Wick Solid: A solid cord used in spider lamps that draws fuel up to the flame by capillary action. A light-keeper who served on a temporary basis, usually between the appointments of full-time light-keepers.

Pharologist: One who studies or is interested in lighthouses. / my boat bobs as i am splashed with / seaweed. The lantern at the top of the lighthouse on Bakers Island bade good night to the speeding boats, and wished them 64 safe voyage.

A book for maintaining records, similar to a diary. Words that describe the lighthouse. One that produces a flash or characteristic due to the rotation of the Fresnel lens. new, old.

The unique color scheme and/or pattern that identifies a specific lighthouse during daylight hours. Tender: A vessel used in the servicing of lighthouses and buoys.

the keeper’s living quarters, fuel storage building, boathouse, fog-signaling building, etc. A structure extending into navigable waters for use as a landing place, or to protect or form a harbor. The arc over which a light is visible, described in degrees true, as observed from seaward towards the light. A bright constellation of adjectives referring to various qualities of light, or other phenomena related to light, is brought to light in the list below. On an inital quick analysis it seems that authors of fiction are at least 4x more likely to describe women (as opposed to men) with beauty-related terms (regarding their weight, features and general attractiveness). lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness. Whistle: An air or wave actuated sound signal, which produces sound by emitting compressed air through a circumferential slot into a cylindrical bell chamber. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? An aid to navigation established for the purpose of making landfalls and coastwise passages from headland to headland. Stag Light: A lighthouse tended to only by men (i.e. vermilion. Shoal. A lamp and highly polished mirror used before the invention of the Fresnel lens and in some current electric lights. Here are some adjectives for ~term~: . It's about how you're like a lighthouse, always searching far into the distance.

But Haifa has always been a lighthouse of Jewish-Arab coexistence, and a model of inclusive civil society. Bell: A sound signal producing bell tones by means of a hammer actuated by electricity of fixed aids and by sea motion on buoys. Period: The interval of time between the commencement of two identical successive cycles of the characteristic of the light or sound signal. The rocky ledge runs far into the sea, / And on its outer point, some miles away, / The Lighthouse lifts its massive masonry, / A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day. If you close your eyes, no lighthouse can help you! Parapet: A walkway with railings, which encircled the lamp room. Two lights associated to form a range, which often, but not necessarily, indicates a channel centerline. (Formerly called quick flashing light.). A vessel used in the servicing of lighthouses and buoys. A light showing intermittently with a regular periodicity. Also check out. Lewis Lamp:  Invented by Winslow Lewis who patented the design in 1810 its primary advantage  was that it used less than half the oil of the prior oil lamps. Structure supporting the lantern room of the lighthouse. A building, usually a tower, containing a light to warn or guide ships. De-staffed: An automated lighthouse without a light-keeper. May be used to define distinctive color difference of two adjoining sectors, or an obscured sector. The lighthouse shines across the sea; / The homing fieldfares sing for glee: / 'Behold the shore!'. An electronic system for identifying position, LORAN is an acronym for Long Range Radio Navigation. Lighthouses are known for guiding mariners to safety and warning of danger ahead. All Rights Reserved. When the ship is in the proper channel, the lights will be in alignment.


Kindness in giving creates love. The girls plunged through the sand drifts to the lighthouse. Sorry if there's a few unusual suggestions! Parabolic Reflector: A bowl-like metal device shaped to the parabolic curve, silver-plated, reflector with a small oil lamp in the center. Islet. The algorithm isn't perfect, but it does a pretty good job for most common nouns.

Next. Prism: A transparent piece of glass that refracts or disperses light.

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