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Specialist Mathematics, VCAA, VCE, vectors, WitCH. What a mess. No, it does not. Yes, yes, correct answers, but what else? Commenter has SRK has flagged a related video (and will pay dearly for it): 156 Comments on WitCH 41: Zero Understanding, algebra, Eddie Woo, index laws, infinity, teaching, WitCH, This is way unimportant in comparison to the current idiocy of the neoliberal nutjobs. But, in the end, the thing will still be there and we’ll still have to come back to polish it off. How Many Rabbits Do You See Riddle ANSWER, Solve A Terror Case Puzzle Answers [SOLVED]. © P Guillelo Puzzle Math Solution: Wand Value – 21/3=7. Finally, what about 1/0 in the Extended Real Line? Moreover, we believe this sense is relevant and valuable in the school context. This is it: there are no functions. It could easily be its own WitCH, but it fits in naturally here (and also with this WitCH). And that is insane. As John Friend notes, it is at least a small step along the way to indicating the question is not all hunky-dory. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Your IP: But the VCAA didn’t do that and so the question isn’t that. Unless it isn’t. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. V only has the properties we declare it to have, and all we have declared so far is that V x 0 = 1. Or, ? Assholes. Moreover, if the relationship between and had been such that there were solutions, then the A equations would have found them. | Rent for Water. So witch … That is, is there a number, let’s call it V, with 0 x V = 1? This VCAA screw-up, however, points to a deeper, systemic and much more important issue.
In front of every cat there are 3 cats. We haven’t compared the draft to the published version. It is not appropriate this time to suggest readers have fun.

And that always happens. The examination report does not comment, except to indicate that about 2/3 of students gave the intended answer of B. calculus, extrema, Mathematica, Specialist Mathematics, VCAA, VCE, WitCH. Need a break from math, but still want to solve a puzzle? Read the question again, and read the first sentence of the Report’s comment. The question and report justification are fundamentally stuffed by the definite articles, by the language of existence. In particular, we make no attempt to have be the multiplicative inverse of 0. Well, it’s something.

Math comes naturally to some, but even simple equations remain baffling brainteasers to others. As commenters have noted, the Examination Report has finally appeared. We’re somewhat reluctant about this one, since it’s not as bad as some other WitCHes.Indeed, it is a conscious attempt to do good; it just doesn’t succeed. That step, however, is way too small. Productive struggle is one of several broadly analogous terms that have emerged from the research literature in the past three decades. We were working on an update to polish off this one, when Simon the Likeable pointed out to us the video below. 37 Comments on WitCH 40: The Primary Struggle. Next, suppose we lucked out and began with perpendicular to . This WitCH is from Cambridge’s 2020 textbook, Mathematical Methods, Unit 1 & 2.It is the closing summary of Chapter 21A, Estimating the area under a graph. There is nothing, nothing at all but an unreliable black box. We’ll confess, we completely overlooked the issue when going through the MAV solutions. Is this sufficient to argue for introducing these infinities into the classroom? * That would have saved VCAA’s solutions from being wrong, but not from being garbage. As most readers will know, and as has been raised in the comments, mathematicians make sense of infinity in various ways: there is the notion of cardinality (and ordinality), of countable and uncountable sets; there is the Riemann sphere, adding a point at infinity to the complex plane; there is the real projective line, effectively the set of slopes of lines. And, in both cases there is a single infinity, without plusses or minuses or whatever. The first thing to note is that Mathematica got it wrong: the Solve function did not return the solution to the equation fk‘ = 0. And, here is the first part of the introduction: Productive struggle has been framed as a meta-cognitive ability connected to student perseverance (Pasquale, 2016).

This one comes courtesy of a smart VCE student, the issue having been flagged to them by a fellow student. But, as they say in the theatre, the shitshow must go on.*. We will comment on four aspects of the videos, the third of which we regard the most important, and the fourth of which is mostly likely to cause objection. This WitCH (arguably a PoSWW) comes courtesy of Damien, an occasional commenter and an ex-student of ours from the nineteenth century. The question is framed from start to end around definite, existing objects: we have THE vector resolute, resulting in THE values of m, n and p. If the VCAA had worded the question to find possible values, on the basis of a possible direction for the resolution, then, at least technically, the question would be consistent, with A a valid answer.

Of course, given and it is standard to find . There are reasonable arguments that the answer is “no”, but these arguments should be laid out with significantly more care than was done in the videos. In general form, the (intended) scenario of the exam question is. The first thing to say about these videos is that, as examples of teaching, they are appalling; they are slow and boring and confusing, simultaneously vague and muddyingly detailed. Still an utterly ridiculous question, but consistent. A lady buys goods worth Rs.200 from a shop ANSWER (SOLVED). We’ll go through this in detail when we update this WitCH (scheduled for sometime in 2023).

Even if the vectors and had been chosen appropriately, the question is utterly devoid of mathematical sense. So in the given order, according to BODMAS rule, we do multiplication before addition. Can we make sense of that? Ninety-three early-years Australian elementary teachers completed a questionnaire about their understanding of the role of struggle in the mathematics classroom. She obliged, but the following morning she presented him with a gift. Math Puzzles Volume 2 is a sequel book with more great problems… OK, time to round this one off, although our rounding off may inspire objection and further comment. The full article is available here, but is paywalled (Update: draft here). No question. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

Then, if we assume that the normal (field) rules of algebra apply to V, it is not hard to prove that 1 = 2. First, let’s leave 1/0 alone and head straight to infinity. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. What about the two-pronged infinity, the version that kids naturally try to imagine, with a monster thing at the plus end and another monster thing at the minus end? Theme: Gillian, We’re amazed we didn’t know about this one, which was, https://mathematicalcrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/meaning-of-this.mp4. How many cats are there altogether? Partly, the explanation can go down to this being a question from NHT, about which, as far as we can tell, no one really gives a stuff. If we have such a number V then 1/0 stands for 1 x V. Similarly 2/0 stands for 2 x V. So, does it follow that 1 x V = 2 x V? 42 Comments on WitCH 37: A Foolproof Argument, complex numbers, posww, principal value, Specialist Mathematics, VCAA, VCE, WitCH, “All students were awarded [the] mark for this question.”. Then, either way or both, you are much, much less likely to screw up in the way the VCAA did. The question is stuffed. The Internet, though, is completely divided over the correct answer. Others include: “productive failure” (Kapur, 2008, p. 379), “controlled floundering” (Pogrow, 1988, p. 83), and the “zone of confusion” (Clarke, Cheeseman, Roche, & van der Schans, 2014, p. 58). Keep reading and try to figure out these 10 math problems that confused people across the internet.

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