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Boomer | But when Ken ended up destroying that mountain (below) Z-rays were scattered all around New Townsville, and consequently, over producing and giving birth to the many villains in the … In Demashita! He has three long eyelashes on each eyelid, rosy pink cheeks, and black lips, very often in a wide smile.

Can Can Man | He uses Bubbles' innocence and gullibility to move his plans along, making him the most threatening villain. Erica the Red |

His torso was bare, revealing a toned chest and well-defined abdominal muscles. Tanyacorn | Him's main power is the ability to unleash evil black particles. He is also been shown to have fatherly pride in the Rowdyruff Boys in "Custody Battle", even shedding tears of joy when they made him proud. (Ace | Broccoloids |

HIM singing alongside the other villains in See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey.

Turn the Powerpuff Girls against each other. And a black Z lightning struck Him and woke him. Rubber Bandit | Just mentioning the name frightened Ken and Peach). He is possibly underweight, as his limbs are slimmer than the PPGs' and his face is extremely thin. Lava Monster | Max Von Nitrate | Slim | Mojo the Kid | Alias He also doesn't talk in an echoing falsetto. Unlike most other villains in the series, HIM learns from his mistakes and can adapt and change tactics if the situation demands it.

Mike Brikowski | Princess Morbucks |

He has large lobster-like claws, pointed ears, black widow's peak hair, lime green eyes, a hooked nose, and a long, curled beard. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. |

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. By gaining the trust of Bubbles, he tries to turn the other two girls against one another. Type of Villain Shutterthug | Heart Stone Animals | This even affects those who are not aware of owning, it as are the cases of. HIM is actually shown to be quite polite when not causing mayhem.

HIM no longer has red skin, and more closely resembles a harlequin. He is one of the most powerful adversaries of The Powerpuff Girls, as well as one of their more cruel opponents.

Unlike other villains who would prefer to destroy Townsville themselves or through physicals means, HIM, on the other hand, prefers using psychological methods of doing so that often orchestrate events and psychological tortures in an attempt to drive the Powerpuff Girls apart or make them scared, many of which often come close to succeeding. Petercorn | Stanley and Sandra Practice | Yet, when it comes to the Gnome, he is responsible for eliminating all the villains, including HIM, but later, when HIM and all the villains revive, the Gnome loses power. Rainbow Raspberry | Four Unicorns of the Apocalypse | Bernie Bernstein | She flies up to Octi, who is on top of a skyscraper, and screams that HIM had used her to separate the three sisters. Images of the Him voice actors from the Powerpuff Girls franchise. In "Speed Demon", set 50 years into an alternative future and with the Girls themselves having gone missing, HIM managed to gain control of the entire planet including Townsville which in turn, resulted in his powers becoming great, and during a fight against the Girls, he was able to withstand the full force of their attacks without even bothering to defend himself.

Mime | He usually hypnotizes others to do all his dirty work (except for in ". Marshmallow Majorettes |

HIM." Bud Smith | He is able to call them back at will, change the speed at which they move, communicate to his victims, and can view the memories of whoever or whatever was affected by his particles. HIM (sometimes spelled Him) is a major antagonist in The Powerpuff Girls.

HIM confirmed to the girls that he never gave repeat performances and promised that he'd back before vanishing in a puff of pink smoke. Manboy | Mr. Ministry of Pain | In ancient times, Him was dedicated to bring about the destruction of a small town, however, was defeated by the Goodenough Girls who took advantage of Him's weakness (cold) to lock him up and take part of their evil and save the mountains. The Smiths | In The Powerpuff Girls, Him is portrayed as a mysterious, super-powerful, red-skinned, effeminate and immortal devil-like creature with lobster claws, red skin, pointed ears, black puffy hair, sinister light green eyes, a hooked nose, and a spit-curled goatee, and is wearing makeup, including three long eyelashes on each eyelid, rosy red cheeks and black lipstick, a woman's red jacket with pink tulle at the collar and hemline, tight-fitting red tro…

One of HIM's commonly used victims would be Bubbles; taking joy in using her naivety against her sisters in an attempt to break them up so he could take over Townsville and the world. His next main episode was in "Telephonies", where he is one of the villains the Girls visit to investigate the crank calls.

He made his first ever appearance in "Octi Evil", where he possessed Bubbles' stuffed doll Octi in an attempt to break the Powerpuff Girls up and he cleverly disguised his own voice to lure her into his trap. HIM is a sinister, demonic villain who loves nothing more than chaos and destruction. Despite his psychopathic nature, he generally carries himself with a very flamboyant demeanor usually speaking in an echoing effeminate falsetto; However, when he becomes furious, his voice changes to become a deep, masculine, commanding, and demonic growl. In his world, random clips of a plane crashing and people doing random things can be seen. — The Narrator, Octi Evil.

His next main episode was in "Telephonies" where he is one of the villains the Powerpuff Girls visit because of the prank phone calls. ", Giving to understand that it can also have redeeming features, including in his villainy. Unlucky Captured Robber Dude | Shirogane Maids | In ancient times, Him was dedicated to bring about the destruction of a small town, however, was defeated by the Goodenough Girls who took advantage of Him's weakness (cold) to lock him up and take part of their evil and save the mountains. — HIM, Speed Demon, HIM is a powerful, flamboyant demon, and the series's secondary antagonist. A lady's red jacket and skirt with pink tulle at the collar and hemline, a black leather belt with a bronze buckle, and black, thigh-high, spike-heeled boots complete his look. Powerpuff Girls Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Evilest of Evils The Cruelest of Cruel King of Darkness The Devil (Whoopass a Go Go), ImmortalityDark magicSizeshiftingShapeshiftingResurrecting the deadMonster summoningIllusion castingMind controlEmpathic influenceEyebeams HIM lives for nothing more and nothing less, to create chaos. White Kitty | Powerpuff Girls Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. What makes HIM so unsettling, however, isn’t his gender-bending persona. Dick Hardly | Blob Monster | However, he was eventually defeated by the Ōedo Chakichaki Musume, three superheroines who resemble the Powerpuff Girls Z. Patches | *This version of HIM bears a resemblance to a jester and the Joker. Allegro |

SupervillainWould-be conqueror After being reawakened by black Z rays, he became the most powerful enemy of the Powerpuff Girls Z. His most important and dangerous power is his ability to feed off negativity, which made him invulnerable to the Powerpuff Girls' strongest and rage-fueled attacks, as he had grown so strong even their best couldn't faze him in the slightest, as shown in the future of "Speed Demon". He often disguises himself or creates psychological events or catastrophes which he uses as an attempt to cause the Powerpuff Girls to break mentally.

After they depart, HIM calls Mojo and Fuzzy to find out what's going on, even going to form a temporary alliance with them. Hungry Alien | In order for Him to escape, Him created a mummy whose sole purpose was to undo the seal by obtaining the white energy of the Chemical Z white lights.

Destroy Townsville.Put the Powerpuff Girls in an insane state and take over the world. He retains his habit of wearing makeup and changing the tone of his voice from soft and effeminate to loud and enraged. Outside of more standard powers such as super strength, durability and flight, he is able to alter his size and appearance at will, transforming into butterflies, a clock tower, and many more. Mopey Popo | HIM has a very androgynous appearance.

He has been shown in numerous satanic forms as well, most of which are often revealed in apocalyptic, hellish situations or realms. Him's character model in Powerpuff Girls Z. HIM's new form in the future of Speed Demon. Chelsea |

Miniature Monster | Salami Swami | Popsicles | In "Power-Noia" he turned into red smoke and entered the Powerpuff Girls' minds to torment them in their dreams, which means he can not only control minds (an ability he's showcased multiple times) but also manipulate dreams (and make them real), and even outside of these, HIM is capable of warping reality as he pleases, manipulating the weather, shooting energy beams of all kinds from his claws and eyes, spitting acid in one instance, teleport from his dimension to Earth, bring people back from the dead (even individuals as powerful as the Rowdyruff Boys) or give life to inanimate objects as well as possess them, potentially immortality and likely many other powers. In an update of the Cartoon Network crossover mobile game, Cartoon Network: Match Land, HIM appears as the shop owner of Power Peppers. It is also known that he released a strange dust that was responsible for producing some villains. Barbarus Bikini) |

Gnome | HIM confronts the PPG in Powerpuff Girls Z. Mary Ann Smith |

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