uss swordfish collision

When "fire in engineroom lower level" was announced, due to water in the main lube oil pump motors, a man in the aft end of engineroom upper level opened the watertight door into the stern room, which swung into the stern room, to retrieve a fire extinguisher. Although this is far from the most exciting or entertaining retelling of an attack in a World-War-II patrol report, the attack itself is significant: the doomed steamer was the first Japanese merchant vessel sunk by an American submarine.

Since the engine room bilges could not be pumped, by the evening of 23 October, the first day at sea, the water in the engine room lower level bilge was over the deck plates (more than four feet).

USS Seawolf (SSN-575), a unique submarine, was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named for the seawolf, the second nuclear submarine, and the only US submarine built with a liquid metal cooled (sodium) nuclear reactor known as the Submarine Intermediate Reactor (SIR) or Liquid Metal Fast Reactor (LMFR), later designated S2G. Just then the up-angle increased dramatically and the bilge water began pouring in. The exact cause and location of her loss have never been determined. Apparently one torpedo fired on arming. After refitting in Guam the ship began operations again, but was forced to return to Guam after several days to repair the diesel engine after the muffler exhaust valve broke, flooding the engine.

May 31, 2013 - USS Swordfish thought to have collided with the K-129 by the Russians.

USS Blueback (SS-581) is a decommissioned Barbel-class submarine formerly in the United States Navy. Despite its efforts, the Soviet Navy was never able to locate the wreck. She was in service from May 1967 to September 1995. Built to deliver the Regulus I cruise missile, Growler was the second and final submarine of the Grayback class, fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named after the growler. On 22 June 1977, Swordfish launched a Mark 14 torpedo which made a circular run and hit the port screw. Both decommissioned and stricken from the Navy list on June 2, 1989, the SWORDFISH spent the following years at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton, Wash., awaiting to be disposed of through the … In the years to come, subs would send nearly five million tons of merchant shipping and more than 500,000 tons of naval vessels to the bottom, meaning that about 55% of all Japan’s seagoing losses were the responsibility of subs, which made up less than two percent of the Navy as a whole. Sea trials were held in September and weapons trials in early October.

The door was shut before the boat surfaced. Observed ship stop and was afire amidships, listed 10 degrees starboard. (end quote). All Rights Reserved. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out … This ship was a nuclear-powered submarine.

After repairs were made the deployment continued without incident until the ship's return to Pearl Harbor in December 1979. Swordfish returned to Pearl Harbor on 5 September and remained in port the remaining four months of the year. After her commissioning on 22 July 1939 at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, CA, USS SWORDFISH (SS-193) shifted to San Diego for a time before leaving for Pearl Harbor at the beginning of 1941. He quickly climbed back up to the emergency blow "chicken switches" and opened the after group valve. Some sources state that Japanese scientists discovered levels up to twenty times normal background, others, that they could not detect any increase in radioactivity. Curiously, her hull number matches the area code for the interior portion of Metropolitan Houston, which is also 713, but at the time she was built 713 encompassed most of Metro Houston within Harris County. Houston was commissioned on 25 September 1982, with Captain G. H. Mensch in command.

Swordfish was decommissioned and stricken from the Naval Vessel Registry on 2 June 1989. USS Turner (DD/DDR-834) was a Gearing-class destroyer of the United States Navy, the third Navy ship named for Captain Daniel Turner (1794?–1850). In late 1965, Swordfish was awarded a Navy Unit Commendation for special operations from 8 October to 3 December 1963, from 22 September to 25 November 1964, and from 20 May to 23 July 1965. She, along with three other subs, moved again in November, this time to Manila in the Philippine Islands.

She returned to Hawaii on 29 September for refresher training and local operations. Swordfish sailed to Mare Island in January 1962 and became the first nuclear submarine to be overhauled on the Pacific coast. During this deployment, the submarine visited Yokosuka, Buckner Bay, Pusan, and Hong Kong. During the same operations Swordfish photographed the first Soviet Yankee-class nuclear-powered submarine being towed from a shipyard to be outfitted in another. The crew tried to use a portable submersible pump, but were not successful.

The reactor was cooled down and steam generators were blown down with service air and refilled until all fresh water on the boat was exhausted, which was a couple of hours before arriving back in Pearl Harbor.

In late 1963, Swordfish observed from close range a Soviet anti-submarine warfare exercise in the North Pacific. In his book BENEATH THE WAVES, RADM Victor Dygalo who, in 1968, commanded the 29th Ballistic Missile Submarine Division to which the GOLF-II K-129 was assigned, rejected the explanation that the position of the lost K-129 could have been produced by analysis of acoustic detections of the event. USS Swordfish (SSN-579), a Skate-class nuclear-powered submarine, was the second submarine of the United States Navy named for the swordfish, a large fish with a long, swordlike beak and a high dorsal fin. It was suggested by the Soviets that K-129 was lost after a collision with Swordfish.

Subsequent analysis of steam generator water revealed no leakage of reactor coolant into the steam generators. On 26 October, the submarine was again deployed to WestPac. She had to be dry-docked and subsequent repairs cost 171,000 dollars.

Museum’s new AR tech featured in Sound & Country magazine, World War II at 75: The Women at Iwo Jima. Her disposal through the Ship-Submarine Recycling Program (SRP) was completed at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on 11 September 1995.

Local operations during 1971 were broken by a tour in WestPac from 24 March to 22 September.

Swordfish returned to port for 24 hours, did a screw change, and went back to sea. USS Swordfish (SSN-579), a Skate-class nuclear-powered submarine, was the second submarine of the United States Navy named for the swordfish, a large fish with a long, swordlike beak and a high dorsal fin..

USS Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN-600), a George Washington-class submarine, was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for President Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919).

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In late May, the submarine got underway for the West Coast of the United States where she operated between San Diego and San Francisco, with various Pacific Fleet units. Early in the morning on 16 December, SWORDFISH, submerged, moved into Gaalong Bay on Hainan Island. She left Pearl Harbor on 22 December 1944 for her thirteenth war patrol and stopped off at Midway for fuel before heading for the Nansei Shoto island chain. USS San Francisco (SSN-711) is a Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine, the third ship or boat of the United States Navy to be named for San Francisco, California.

USS Aspro (SSN-648) was a Sturgeon-class submarine launched in 1969 and decommissioned in 1995.

On Eternal Patrol - The Loss of USS Swordfish (SS-193) Swordfish (SS-193) Compiled by Paul W. Wittmer and Charles R. Hinman, with editorial notes by Robert H. Downie, originally from: U.S. By Bruce Rule - Nov 27, 2013 . Local operations were carried out until the ship was deployed to the western Pacific during the summer of 1980.

The contract to build her was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in Newport News, Virginia on 1 August 1975 and her keel was laid down on 29 January 1979.

Upon completion of the yard period, Swordfish resumed operations with her Pearl Harbor-based squadron.

With the boat on an even keel, the water came up to the deadlight in the door.

This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships .The entry can be found here. Scrapping was completed in 2000.

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