uss skate crew list

with the loss of 79 crew when it was sunk near 22° 40N; 131° 45 E, middle of USS Pompano (SS-181) was lost on 1-Sep-1943 with [4] The sub would then speed off looking for the guy or guys in the water, picking them up one by one, then submerging or loitering to wait for the next rescue. it was sold for scrapping. Will list the details in my next post. Remarks: WDR gives date spread as 8-20 to 9-27-43 . USS Skate (Lt.Cdr. loss of 76 crew when it was sunk in Sulu Sea west of Mindinao, 9° 47N; If it is too big to carry away we will cut it up in small parts.” The aviators on that ship as well as the skipper of the carrier must have been very happy with Skate. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR Shipyard and did not return to New London until 17 November 1973. Remarks: Scuttled by crew, after severe damage by enemy forces. [5] Another important rescue was the USS Tang (SS-306) at Truk, under the command of skipper Dick O’Kane managed to pick up a record twenty-two men out of the water including the pilot of a plane from the USS North Carolina (BB-55), that had capsized while trying to rescue some of the men in the water. Sources: R, D, SFLM, USS S-5 (SS-110) was lost on 1-Sep-1920 when it foundered off Deleware Capes USS Robalo (SS-273) was lost on 26-Jul-1944 with the Five Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR If you've read Steve Johnson's "Silent Steel" and see how much effort he put into that book I believe you'll have the same problems I am having with "Scorpion Down". On occasion, the sea wins. MAY -- USS Albacore (SS-218) was lost on 7-Nov-1944 with If it is too big to carry away we will cut it up in small parts.”[9] The aviators on that ship as well as the skipper of the carrier must have been very happy with Skate. . | Remarks: Depth 400 feet. Naval Shipyard on 28 April 1965 for nuclear refueling and installation of the USS Escolar (SS-294) was lost on or after Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR Return expeditions have not relocated hull. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM September 1967. USS Lagarto (SS-371) was lost on or shortly after 17 March, she surfaced at the North Pole to commit the ashes of the famed explorer WDR states 7-30-42 to 8-6-42 31, 1964 i assume near rota ,spain, Shellback Initiation - 8 JUN 1965 - Atlantic Ocean, Shellback Initiation - 8 MAY 1966 - Atlantic Ocean. [Note: The above USS SKATE (SSN-578) history may, or may not, contain text provided by crew members of the USS SKATE (SSN-578), or by other non-crew members, and text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships] was sunk in Norwegian Sea after fire, one man from Cochino and 6 men from USS Tusk were Sources: R, D, SFLM of her class, conducted various tests in the vicinity of her homeport. operating area; returning to her homeport on 8 February. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM rendezvous under the ice there. in Pearl Harbor, did likewise. E.B. Sixteen days later, the nuclear powered submarine set a Remarks: Sunk by own forces in submarine safety zone. Remarks: In diveable water in PRC territory The rescuer became the rescued. 6) MCU Sailor talking to Japanese (using sign language)-SV. In October 1968, Skate was deployed to the On 30 July, Skate steamed to the Arctic where she operated Mediterranean where she operated with the 6th Fleet for two months. The crew--a great bunch of guys, the best I've known. The aviator would use a call sign assigned to the closest available submarine and use a reference point so the sub would know where the plane was going to ditch. Skate conducted shakedown training out WDR gives date Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR 3) CU Various officers in ward room of USS SKATE. Hokkaido. That and he needed to get his book into print to try to make some money from the time he's spent researching it. USS Skate (SSN-578), the third submarine of the United States Navy named for the skate, a type of ray, was the lead ship of the Skate class of nuclear submarines.She was the third nuclear submarine commissioned, the first to make a completely submerged trans-Atlantic crossing, and the second submarine to reach the North Pole and the first to surface there. Conn.; launched on 16 May 1957; sponsored by Mrs. Lewis L. Strauss; and USS H-1 (SS-28) was lost on 12-Mar-1920 with the The mission of the two submarines was to Click here to view the list. Search crew members | Before returning This book ends with the heroic rescue of some aviators, after the death of the villain of the book Bungo Pete. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website? 25 Dec 1943 USS Skate (Lt.Cdr. USS Grenadier (SS-210) was scuttled 22-Apr-1943 off Block Island. Some submarines were a little bit more proactive when it came to rescuing the men in the water. Remarks: Hull towed by US Battleship Ohio until it foundered about 5 miles from USS Shark (SS-174) was lost on 11-Feb-1942 with Registration and communicating with shipmates at is FREE FOREVER. and equipment. Sources: USS SKATE (SSN-578) Crew Links. Remarks: Hull raised, studied and scrapped. USS Skate (SS-305) was a United States Navy Balao-class submarine named for the skate, a type of ray. Deep water Remarks: Regularly dived for survey HMC Saville from Seadragon was Doc on Scorpion. All the crew were rescued by USS Dace. Visibility nil, side scan sonar images Remarks: Hull raised and scrapped. Sixteen days later, the nuclear powered submarine set a course for the Isle of Portland, England. Shellback Initiation - 15 JUL 1962 - Atlantic Ocean, Shellback Initiation - 5 MAY 1963 - Atlantic Ocean, joining uss holland,oct. Sailing aboard submarines is a hazardous business. sinking point. Halmahera 1° 34N; 123° 07E or in Molukka Passage. USS S-44 (SS-155) was lost on 7-Oct-1943 with the Hull raised and used for study in submarine escape. USS Amberjack (SS-219) was lost on 16-Feb-1943 with This practice was planned before, but was first tried in November 1943 during the Gilbert Islands Campaign. under the ice for 10 days. Ed just doesn't appear to have done the level of research and documentation to back up what he's written. submarines to operate in and under the Arctic ice in the dead of winter the second ship to reach the North Pole. It's unfortunate but his lack of due dilegence has resulted in a 'finger pointing' tome that I believe is intended to try to force the Navy into releasing all of the documents that are still classified in the hopes that his theory will be proven. Unfortunately neither his book nor Steve's will make the New York Times 'best seller' list. … instituted after the loss of Thresher There was even a rescue of a future President of theUnited States. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR after serious damage by aircraft near Penang, ~ 10 Miles West of Lem Voalan Strait 61

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