twilight zone episodes

His hand almost always clenches a cigarette.

The eyelash-batting doll appears innocent and lifeless; she’s nit just alive, however, but also bent on murdering the stepfather of the sweet little girl that owns her. Meet Arch Hammer, a con man played by Harry Townes … and Ross Martin … and Phillip Pine … and Don Gordon. Once he realizes the horrible truth, he tries everything from fire to buzz saw to kill the little beast. “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?” (Season 2, Episode 28) If not, don’t worry—a character will literally say so at the close of the episode. STC. DF, 7. Rod Serling, center, creator and host of the original 'The Twilight Zone. “The Dummy” (Season 3, Episode 33) To say this parable of a planet on fire and the inability of art to ameliorate disaster still resonates would be an understatement. “What would it be like to be stuck somewhere, alive and conscious, forever?” A ballerina, a bagpipe player, an old-school hobo, a pretty serious clown, a gung-ho Army major and a featureless chamber to keep them all in: To paraphrase David Bowie, such is the stuff from where nightmares are woven.

STC, 17.

A first-ballot candidate for the Twilight Zone hall of pop-culture fame, this episode revolves a woman (Maxine Stuart) undergoing surgery to fix her hideous disfigurement.

Later, she spots a woman who likes just like her reflected in a bathroom mirror. (The name of the funeral parlor: Willoughby & Sons.) With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top classic Twilight Zone episodes of all time are. A Rod Serling original and a longtime fan favorite — Rush even paid tribute to it in a song. No doubt that’s why the episode is so fondly remembered — after all, it’s not like millions of Americans would ever blindly follow someone who’s promised to solve their problems but is actually determined to make those problems worse, right? This Twilight Zone episode has been getting namechecked a lot over the past few weeks — Peele has claimed it’s a big influence on Us, and the ancestry is clear. Fats comes back from the grave to let this would-be champion test his skills in a life-or-death game. Sign up for our newsletter. Not every visit to the Zone entailed sociopolitical commentary — sometimes Serling and company simply wanted to scare the pants off of you. In Praise of Pip 25m.

Richard Conte is man with a heart condition who’s plagued by recurring nightmares. Next stop ahead The Twilight Zone. His speech is erudite. It correctly predicts that he will get a major promotion at work; then it warns these newlyweds about leaving the premises. STC, 4. A seemingly benevolent alien civilization solves all of Earth’s problems. The extraordinary way he underplays Fats — especially as the game winds down to its final few shots — suggests there was a lot more to him as a performer than just characters and funny voices. “The Invaders” (Season 2, Episode 15) And not one but two climactic twists! “A Nice Place to Visit” (Season 1, Episode 28) Rocky (Larry Blyden) is a petty thief who gets gunned down by the fuzz after a job goes south. STC, 10. “That’s a little metaphysical for me,” replies the stranger (Martin Milner) who comforts her; his own skepticism will soon be tested, however, as things take a turn toward the untethered. A young woman is on a cross-country road trip from Manhattan to Los Angeles when her tire blows out.

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