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It truly doesn’t seem like she has many emotions, as she’s often stating facts about her everyday life. Mayhew's London being selections from 'London labour and the London poor' (which was first published in 1851) by Henry Mayhew ★ 1.0 1 Ratings ; 11 Want to read; 1 Currently reading This adds a feeling of authenticity, as we feel that the story is being told as first hand account rather than through somebody else’s lens, and therefore with an agenda. If it were someone in the upper class, they would not only not be in that situation, but they would be well educated and there would also be more emphasis on their name as opposed to being identified by their job. So this technique helps shows that she may be less formerly educated than some others may be. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Trenae,Another very good post! The point about narrative perspective is excellent, Veronica–is there, regardless, an agenda? With this we have a better understanding of the character itself. who already experienced a lot in her life. aphaeresis If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. I refer everyone to the title page of the pdf!

Mayhew, in “the little watercress girl”, uses a very emotive language to make us the readers parallel with this little, who apparently is very poor and “has lost her childish ways”. The girl often brings up subjects with the purpose of disclaiming them in order to undermine whatever she had previously said. The author describes the character very well.

It makes me think of the way that Joseph’s speech in Wuthering Heights served more or less the same purpose. Mayhew tells of an encounter with a young eight-year-old girl who works tirelessly each day selling watercresses to earn money. Throughout the text, the reader can notice that the watercress girl does not speak a proper language, which indicates her lack of education, which she could not get because her family was very poor, and she had to work in order to support them.

It was simple but true to the heart.

Mark Scheme. There is also an allegorical technique to view this work where Mayhew uses the little girl as to represent a lower social class in England and the way it exists. Y7 KS3 Paper 2 Mark Scheme V13_4. Through the girl’s dialogue, Mayhew also shows how the girl does not know how it feels to be a child: “We plays, too, at ‘kiss-in-the-ring.’ I knows a good many games, but I don’t play at ’em, ‘cos going out with creases tires me” She spends all her energy to make money, and she does not feel sad that she does not have a childhood, because she simply does not know what it means to be a child and have a childhood. PDF document. PDF document. Question Paper. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. What sorts of textual techniques does Mayhew use to represent the watercress girl’s language on the page? You read about the conditions, and you know its horrible. Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these The Watercress Girls I can get now! XD. After the first statement, it appears that the Watercress girl predicted the reader’s need for clarification. The “Watercress Girl” is Mayhew’s interaction with an eight-year old girl who sells watercress bundles on the London streets and defies the accepted, expected, and assumed vision of a young girl. padlet drive.

You do an effective job of engaging both critically and sympathetically with the text, presenting to your readers significant examples of what you have observed, and making them care about the text the way you do. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with The Watercress Girls . Mayhew’s account develops a strong voice for the “watercress girl.” As Rafael pointed out, he uses non-standard pronunciation and grammar to represent her speech, which really emphasizes the class differences between her and the people likely to be reading his account, especially when juxtaposed with his own financial analysis interjection at the end of the account. Agreed, I think this is definitely something of a jab at her education, or lack thereof. It shapes our position as readers by connecting us to her. No, it wasn’t heavy – it was only two months old”. Good job with this post! One of the textual techniques the author uses in “watercress girl” is characterization. Cutting letters or syllables from the middle of a word. It is told through the perspective of a narrator listening to this girl, and we feel like the narrator. Omitting one of two vowels which occur together at the end of one word and the beginning of another. This tool helps bring her to life and make the reading more engaging. I loved your interpretations and insightful comments. You can also see her lack of education through her manner of speaking and the type of household she was raised in through her not being very articulate. Mayhew characterize the little girl directly by describing her look, age hight, dress and more and also describes her indirectly by describing her story and her experiences.

Schedule of Readings and Due Dates: UPDATED. In “The Watercress Girl,” Henry Mayhew uses the character’s language and tone in order to illustrate in a more vivid way how life was during the Victorian Era for poor children. Y7 KS3 Paper 2 QP Living Dolls and Watercress Girl V13_4. eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version.

Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. The two texts give very different views of childhood. No; people never pities me in the street”. Through the watercress girl, the author represents the poverty in London that was forcing children to become a part of the work force way before they should experience that. He wanted to approach the girl’s heart tentatively from the beginning. padlet drive. Her story as a young girl who works is paralleled with an image of a girl who is worked to death at a dressmaker’s. What Mayhew captures the most is how this girl has lost her childhood from growing up in those conditions. All of her lessons were on the job. In order to read or download the watercress girls ebook, you need to create a FREE account. lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all! Gerard Manley Hopkins—I Wake and Feel the Fell of ... Gerard Manley Hopkins—Spring and Fall p776. apocope this is the first one which worked! I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! synaloepha

Do such techniques ever get applied to the speech of the educated?

In “Watercress Girl”, Mayhew textually distinguishes the little girl’s speech with rhetoric that almost seems like apophasis. Also, the speech of the watercress girl gives us the idea of the separation between social classes. The watercress girl’s dialogue is distinguished by a tendency to disclaim unasked questions, which unintentionally garners more sympathy for this eight-year-old girl. This technique also creates a sense of dialogue within the text in which the voice of the “interviewer” remains unknown. I agree that the Watercress Girl is a demonstration of the differences in social class. In describing her appearance, the author uses a range of adjectives, where he goes on to say that her shawl is “threadbare”, her gown is “thin” and she had “long rusty hair”. To get started finding The Watercress Girls , you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. I agree, this was an emotional piece to read. This makes it more personal for the readers.

syncope Later in the text, the girl says, “We children never play down there, ‘cos we’re thinking of our living. Henry Mayhew – Watercress Girl p508-511 This was a very emotional passage that I’m sure captured the attention and concern of all who read it. Mark Scheme. The omission of a letter or syllable at the end of a word

Dialogue gives us such a window into characters — where they are from, their education level, and their introverted or extroverted personality. How do they shape our position as readers?

Mayhew describes the watercress seller as ‘in thoughts and manner, a woman’ and this tells us that, because … For example, she says, “On and off, I’ve been very near a twelvemonth in the streets. Mayhew’s account develops a strong voice for the “watercress girl.” As Rafael pointed out, he uses non-standard pronunciation and grammar to represent her speech, which really emphasizes the class differences between her and the people likely to be reading his account, especially when juxtaposed with his own financial analysis interjection at the end of the account. This detailed description of her by the author, influences our view of the little girl as an audience, making us feel all sorts of emotions towards her, but mostly we feel sorry for her and we wish she didn’t have such a burden in her life but rather would have a normal life and be like every other kid her age. Wonderful insight about the child’s rhetorical moves! PDF document. henry mayhew, from ‘watercress girl’, london labour and the london poor, vol. That is a good observation of how she speaks.

Mark Scheme. Many thanks. Only poor people could not afford education during Victorian Era. Furthermore, the girl’s entire story is written entirely in her own words with no description of her save for the very beginning. I don’t know the name of the technique but Mayhew is I ain’t a child, and I shan’t be a woman till I’m twenty, but I’m past eight, I am.” If the author never mentioned her age, I would have thought that the watercress girl was an adult woman.

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