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This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In many cases the Land Cruiser was the first Toyota to arrive on foreign shores. Hi Liz, Once in a Lifetime Find: 4,052 Mile 1962 Rambler Classic, 2 Door Conversion: 1965 Buick Sport Wagon. Makes Toyota Models Search. Restorers Club 10,000 Lakes Region Car Show June 12, 2011 Wagner's Drive in. While Toyota’s in-house design department concentrated primarily on styling cars, the Land Cruiser’s appearance had been left at the mercy of engineers. when a car is that low in miles there has to be a good story behind it. Toyota received huge purchase orders for these vehicles, as it had been one of the primary truck suppliers for Japan’s own forces during the 1940s. We can point you in the direction of the Signature model from the Land Cruiser specialists at the FJ Company. Matching hubcaps and working A/C are pluses, too. Japanese production ended in 1997, by which time the 80 series had accumulated 550,000 sales from a total production volume of 3.4 million Land Cruisers. Thanks for getting in touch. The last 60 series rolled off the production lines (it was also built in Venezuela) in December 1989 after a run of 406,700 examples. History of the Toyota Supra. Reproduction carpet, […]. No longer did you have to manhandle the Land Cruiser across country, as you had to in the 55 series model. At the time of its arrival, over 5.5 million Land Cruisers had been built, two million of which were of the station wagon variety. These cookies will only be stored in your browser with your consent. Yet the big news for the 100 series was the introduction of a newly developed 4.7-litre V8 petrol engine – the first V8 to be fitted to a Land Cruiser. History of the Toyota Land Cruiser (Heavy and Light duty models) Low mileage cars always get my attention … History of the Toyota MR2 From clothing and music to technology, everything looked like it came straight from a movie. But it took until August 1953 for the start of series production; by which time a number of other government agencies and energy companies had put in orders for this new vehicle. The new car was designed to radiate calm and superiority in every situation it met, while also offering improved environmental considerations and the evolving expectations of its loyal customer base. Got an 80 and love it. This certainly sounds like an exciting project! Hi Samina, The 200 series Land Cruiser Station Wagon was launched in early 2008 after five years of development. History of the Toyota Hilux It could be argued that the new luxury interior made a bolder statement than the exterior with sound insulation and wall-to-wall upholstery that was alien to all previous generations. Four years later the total stood at 200,000 examples, while the 800,000th was built in 1979 soon after a minor facelift (the first change in 19 years). 1966 Impala station wagon. While many thought the 80 series Station Wagon was the best-possible solution within the premium off-road segment, Toyota felt it had lost ground in areas such as on-road performance. I WOULD LIKE TO BUY A OLD LAND CRUISER WITH VINTAGE LOOK AND MODERN FEATURES WHICH ONE WILL U SUGGEST AND CAN I BUY IT ON INSTALLMENTS?? It is a rare occasion when you stumble across any 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagons, restored or otherwise. Four wheelbase choices were available, allowing countless permutations from original-style open body to the enclosed troop carrier, or ‘Bush Taxi’, as it is affectionately known in West Africa. When North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, Japan was still under American occupation. With the mileage so low there is a good chance you could drive it for years relatively trouble free. A car like this is not likely to ever be highly collectable but it seems like the perfect car to buy at a fair price, maybe put a little work in to assure its roadworthy and just enjoy it as is. The baton of luxury off-roader station wagon was handed immediately to the 60 series. After a ten-year run, the Seventies styling of the 60 series Land Cruiser Station Wagon had run its course. The only thing potential buyers really had to ponder over was to match their choice of final drive ratio with the type of terrain they expected to encounter. By now, however, the F-series engine that had seen service since 1948 was really beginning to show its age. Hi I wonder if you could assist me. Toyota (GB) plc uses cookies to distinguish you from other users on our blog. Like the earlier 80, the 100 series Station Wagon was a sales success, boosting Land Cruiser sales by a significant margin.

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