sinclair c5 value

The Sinclair C5 came in a cardboard box delivered to your door, it was built in a Hoover washing machine factory and it was narrow enough to drive down your hallway.

It is remembered as one of the biggest disasters in technology history and the moment when a celebrated inventor pushed the boundaries too far, but the Sinclair C5 is set for a comeback.

Think this is 7 now, I will have to look under the sheets, the wife came with me today just to check I was only buying one. It isn't the first time the design has made a comeback.

Which many concluded was the best place for it. Front light, back light and she'll look salvageable.

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Mick, Purchased, now back in stoke on Trent awaiting a decision on its fate, [quote=C5mick;1625]Purchased, now back in stoke on Trent awaiting a decision on its fate[/quote]. The C5 is partly stripped, does need a full restoration but all parts are there,including a rusty mast. Sir Clive was a famed British inventor whose more successful products included the ZX Spectrum, which helped pioneer home computing in the UK.

I have today travelled 156 miles for a chassis, body, rear light, and handlebars and paid £80.00 At only £399, (plus £29 delivery in a large cardboard box) the C5 was actually a fraction of the price of a conventional car. Read our community guidelines in full, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, the greatest innovation disaster of all time, Airbnb enlists former Apple design chief Sir Jony Ive to work on future services, Hollywood-backed streaming service Quibi to shut down after just seven months, Amazon expands coronavirus testing pilot to frontline staff in the UK, China's Ant Group gets green light for mammoth $30bn IPO, PayPal will soon let you buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Deepfake porn bot targets thousands of women on Telegram, Why the curtain isn't coming down for Netflix, Huawei seeks curbs on Nvidia’s $40bn deal to buy Britain's Arm, Amazon offers staff option to work from home until June 2021, iPhone 12 release: UK price, specs and how to pre-order Apple's new smartphone, 'Code Red': Google and Apple's frenemy relationship under scrutiny in US monopoly lawsuit, Netflix shares fall after slowest growth in four years, Snapchat shares surge after advertisers boycott Facebook, Why the US government is after Google’s search engine monopoly, Google faces break-up over US government claims that it violates monopoly law, Broadband bills could go up due to Government's 2025 gigabit internet target, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review: designed for a 5G future that we're still waiting for, 'Not everyone can ask family for £10,000': Bridging the gap in funding for black founders, LG's rollable TV finally goes on sale - but it will set you back £66,000, How 3D printed homes could solve Britain's housing crisis.

Its cockpit was exposed to the elements (but you could buy some ghastly weather garments) and the C5 itself was worryingly vulnerable in traffic.
Being honest with myself I don't think I will get round to it as I have a new job that requires me to travel,mainly overseas.

Losses of up to £7 million eventually forced the company to sell its computer business to Amstrad. Attracting controversy and derision in equal measure, the C5 fiasco ended up having a catastrophic effect on Sinclair's finances. |

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It also comes with mod cons such as an screen showing speed, LCD headlights and a camera at the back that can stream a rear-view feed to the driver's smartphone. It came in two halves and was joined by a revolutionary electric process using thermo-plastic tape. Possibly Sir Clive Sinclair's most famous product (albeit for quite the wrong reasons), the ill-conceived C5 (C for Clive's 5) 'electric car' proved to be the point at which Sinclair Research's wheels finally fell off. The C5 was promoted by Sinclair as a new form in personal transport with the potential to replace the motor car. Mick

This, probably more than anything else, sank the C5, not least because Sinclair initially did not publicly acknowledge the problem: At the start, his 'hi-vis mast' had to be purchased separately, but public pressure by the media eventually forced Sinclair to include it in the overall C5 package. LAUNCHED AS 'A NEW POWER IN PERSONAL TRANSPORT', WHAT HAPPENED TO SIR 'C'LIVE'S 5? Sinclair claimed that the C5 could be driven for five miles on one penny’s worth of electricity, or 1,000 miles for the contemporary price of a gallon of fuel. The main Sinclair C5 enthusiasts' website, has an owners' directory and access to downloads, documents and DVD's.

I wouldn't have a clue on value but I also wasn't born yesterday. Losses of up to £7 million eventually forced the company to sell its computer business to Amstrad. Make offer - Sinclair C5 Parts. I have a C5 that I stripped a while ago with the intention of restoring it. It's 95% there but stood outside for a good while. I think she said for 1 week only, Lol that all aweek ?

Hi to all, The electrics included state of the art LED readouts on an instrument pod, bright headlight and tail light and warning buzzers and cut out devices if you over powered the motor. © 2020 Email sent to you, yes I am interested. Polymotor, a part of the giant Phillips group who also made torpedo motors, made the unique 12volt DC motor in Italy. I live Between Liverpool and Manchester if anyones interested. It did not inspire confidence though as the C5 was assembled at the Hoover Merthyr Tydfil plant which was better known for its washing machine production. The electric tricycle developed by Sir Clive Sinclair has been reborn by his nephew, 32 years after its predecessor first went on sale.

The revamped version of the electric tricycle, called the Iris E-Trike, is weatherproof, unlike the original, and has a top speed of 30mph, with a more powerful motor and a range of 31 miles. | Would you have an idea of value ?

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