silkk the shocker worst rapper

15. He was the one who figured out the formula to making a hit record; if you take a male rapper and pair him with a female R&B singer (Ashanti), it’s an instant hit. Mystikal isn't much better. Self confidence can be a great trait to have, especially for a rapper. He added that it's hard to understand why he's on the list when he's went double platinum, which most rappers can't say they've done. Keef’s whole career can be summed up with an emoji too: Lemme lay out a scenario for you Thugga fans: It’s date night and you decide to take bae to the dollar movies to see the latest Tyler Perry disaster. Thanks. Amazed at how stiff and boring his flow remained) Fiend, Silkk, Mystikal, Mia X- "Make Em Say Ughh", Silkk the Shocker feat. Trina- "That's Cool"Master P feat. In regards to his placement on various “Worst Rappers” lists, the former No Limit lyricist explained that he does in some way see why he was placed on such lists, but did add that he still sold more records than a lot of other rappers. I personally don’t think Mike Jones should be on the top ten worst list. I do see that, but I’m confused on who gave them a chart that says—Look, I sold a lot of records. Your list is shit. “I think what’s funny is nowadays they want me to be offbeat again…I think I had my own style, which I don’t think was right or wrong…At the time I didn’t really care about it. This list should consist of Garbage motherfuckers that never went platinum. I know for a fact that Silkk hit off beat on purpose, so had he not intentionally done that I’d agree he was horrible; however, knowing his style & having heard his hits & seen his sales I can’t hardly agree with that either. List already garbage Eazy-E Kanye West isn’t that bad. Jay Z and the Roc, Eminem and D12, Nas and the Bravehearts — in most cases, the leader of a rap clique is also its best lyricist, the symbol of excellence for the entire crew. Emojis, emojis, so I sent emojis I'd rather listen to Soulja boy and Shaq duet album 50 times then listen to one verse from Slikk The Shocker. Grab the ski mask, here’s a task, go in broke, come out with cash, we’re you slick? Have you even heard Uzi’s music? Pac wasn’t the only one who dressed like that; it was a popular look. He had Flow. But yeah, Romeo even mentions it on his first single way back when: I just noticed it was silkk. Back then hoes didn’t want me, now I’m hot hoes all on me. He make me want to jump out of a moving car & DIE. That wouldn’t be a big deal except when people call him a genius. y’all wrong af about young thug. Andre 3000 is the most overrated rapper of all time and he’s a fag. “This list is absolutely amazing! Terrible flow, terrible lyrics, terrible production (that he usually handles himself, naturally) terrible tattoos, terrible attitude. Besides, we probably shouldn’t mention her because that would be like admitting that she’s an actual rapper and since we didn’t do that with Vanilla Ice or Snow, we probably shouldn’t start tripping up now by giving the “appropriation brigade” what they want! Tyga(possibly not sure) And his punchlines? Your email address will not be published. NO NO VANILLA ICE WAS THE WORST RAPPER TO TRY TO RAP. Prince B (PM dawn) 6.Kanye West- A career outta controversies, not talent. Report: Intel officers 'terrified' of briefing Trump on Russia, Mouthwash could 'inactivate' human coronaviruses: Study, 'Bachelorette' slammed for pressuring men to strip, Report claims a third of U.S. hotels could disappear, Odell Beckham Jr. makes bizarre claim about COVID-19, Voters flag emails pressuring them to vote for Trump, Mark Ruffalo defends Chris Pratt after viral tweet, Dentists on TikTok warn against Halloween hack, GOP's $500B stimulus plan fails in Senate, Apple Watch drops to record low price on Amazon, Miami cop wears pro-Trump face mask at voting site. However garbage he is you can’t deny that young thug is funny. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That is so annoying. #onpoint. He’s also a shitty lyricist. He got some dope songs tho. 6. Your name is Ice Cube. Eazy’s flow was really jerky and stilted, like he was reading from one of those malfunctioning teleprompters from the BET Awards. Doesn't mean it's horrible or better than someone else's creation. *shakes head*JustPlainLucas. 1.2 chainz- just listen to elchapo junior, Why do alot of people hate rap music despite it being the most popular genre? Emojis, emojis, all she send is emojis. That is the compete opposite of trash, People rocked with real mf Gs and the str8 off the streets Compton album sooooo your point is invalid Jennifer the cunt, channel dissing bad rappers Also EAZY E ain’t no legend cuz ICE CUbe wrote all his s rhymes……. This fool must like mumble rappers OG rappers are immune to this list due to the fact they created everyone later on not their fault the rap game turned into sloppy grandma pussy. “But me I’m not into—Like if I was taking it back to my city days or whatever, it would probably be an issue. the fuck is this bullshit, eazy is a fucking legend and big sean is dope af, this list is insignificant, HEll yeah who made this list at least big sean is himself and he tries and every album is different everybody is entitled to their opinion bit come on, U know eazy never wrote a hit song, all his hits were written by other people Wtf I wanna meet the dude who made this list and tell him in person that he has no f*cking sense whatsoever. Young thug understandable, chief keef was ass but he tryna up his game a lil birdman ass soulja boy asss and number 6 ass 8 is ass and p diddy so its kindah accurate except for big sean and eazy u was trippin doin that. Tyga (god awful) Future You should of saved A nice spot for Future. 16. You all obviously haven’t heard of Slug Christ.. A wack ass rapper. WORST LIST IN HISTORY OF LISTS U MUST BE ON CRACK TO BELIEVE SOMETHING LIKE THIS EAZY-E TRASH REALLY YOU CAN BRING THAT UP BUT YOU CAN’T BRING SOMEONE UP WHO IS UM….. A RAP LEGEND LISt IS DUMB DONE WITH THE WEBSITE P.S. 4.Meek Mill-shouts like a woman n always on top of his voice instead of on top of his game

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