rich dollaz and moniece

So, yes Queen Monique, I’m THAT bitch & hoe you secretly despise, admire & simply can’t resist… simultaneously! Do yourself a favor. Women stop having babies by these boys because a real man can handle his. If you need a refresher on where Rich and Moniece left off, you can watch the moment from the Hollywood reunion that Moniece referenced in the above interview. I agree with Monique on this one. They decided to seal the deal over the Christmas holidays.”, Do rich know how crazy that girl is? You peeped that too. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Wow it’s a shame we still don’t have the people who killed Pac and Big. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Rumors first surfaced that Moneice and Rich were having problems last month when the reality star tweeted about the man she was in love with walking away from her. That song came to mind when you made that statement. Some of these clowns on here are full of isht, Bitch shut the f*ck down. More than likely all of the boys on this show was raised by a single mother so that explains a lot. THAT SHIT WAS SET UP. That photo camouflages her cross eyedness. Prior to Moniece, he was sharing a relationship with Erica Mena. Moniece goes on to say she and Rich were not broken up at the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, that he lied to her about his storyline for Love & Hip Hop New York, and that she “can’t stand that slut bucket,” referring to Mariahlynn. And also professional in terms of her sex toy business – she may still be in the early stages of her company, but she is definitely shows ambition for her business (found out from an interview that, both her and her uncle decided on which materials and chemicals to use for her products – her uncle specialises in the science field). As for Rich, he hasn’t gone to the same lengths to confirm that they are involved. Dropping babies a family does not make. All them words and Blah! You going to learn eventually why you shouldn’t speak about my family…OH YEAH MY BOOKINGS LOOKING CRAZY SEXY! 2. Fizz seems to be a decent stand up young man who wants to be in a relationship but he will NEVER have a decent woman in him & his son’s life until he puts this Moniece trick in her place once & for all. She also accused him of neglecting her. Moniece isn’t someone I want to judge, with that being said so glad isn’t any type of kin to me… cousin, mother, sister – thank you Lawd! Shut the f*ck up. I think Moneice is a good mom because nobody’s perfect. Thank you again to hipping us to his story. YES, I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING WHILE I WAS WATCHING. Standing ovation because i dont see where she ” checked Amanda” i dont like Amanda either but monice is wack as fucc, all she did was pull her hair from across a table, and taking her jacket off slowly wasnt intimidating it was dramatic and stupid, it was no different then a fight on real housewives of orange county, what hood are yall from that that BS qualifies as an ass whoopin? See im the type that feed off Anything as long as im Praised! What’s up with these grown men with nic names? I was like…DAMMMMMMMNNNNN! The only HOE in this thread is YOU based on your ignorance. Rich Dollaz Girlfriend 2020: Funny how you want to twist you getting your ass handed to you here. Turn right around on the reunion show she shut Amanda all the way down. If she were a guy behaving in the same exact manner she’d called a bum, a deadbeat & jailed for not paying child support. Hey Da Radiant 1!!! And…yet you STILL find MY comments intriguing enough that you can’t resist responding. © 2020 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. You bitter bitch. Let me take YOU back bit…I know you slow but here’s how this got started. And…never do you have to worry about MY son because unlike you & Moniece I provide love, guidance, a private school education, the stability of a STABLE HOME & NEVER have I ever put mine off on ANYONE NOT EVEN MY HIS FATHER WHO HAPPENS TO BE MY HUSBAND & WHO UNLIKE YOUR IDOL MONIECE HE PAYS CHILD SUPPORT & ALIMONY…but I guess all you deadbeats think alike! " Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood " star Moniece Slaughter confirmed rumors she and her VH1 co-star Rich Dollaz have split. Moniece might be crazy but she’s a good mother. As for Ray J, disgrace is an understatement, however, their father is no saint either & his mom has put up with far more mess than she lets on for “image sake.” Brandy & Ray J have siblings they don’t associate with thanks to their father. Moneice slap that bitch Point Black. But he came from money. Now Moniece is one those types U definitely have to look out for. I did more than read one thing, I watched that wack ass show and came to my own conclusion. Everyone who has a different opinion from you isn’t a bitch or hoe. And, based on the continued belligerence of your comment to me 2 things clearly happened: 1. stirring up drama for Her low rent comedy show. Now, you being the woman you are & a self proclaimed Queen at that should know better. Shorty know what she was doing. Man man I’m scared to get old. Nobodys perfect and i wish her the very Best. Foh. She’s real because she didn’t sugarcoat her portrayal on TV, she showed everyone her struggle, positive and negative. Bitch, are you blind or just plain dumb?! The mother of one, who announced her romance with Rich on the show's Season 2 premiere,  took to Instagram to wish Dollaz and his new girlfriend the best. @BDSpade .. Im thinking along the same lines.. “higher up the chain than fizz” …lmao!! He seems to like the koo-koo ones that don’t take care of their own children… hhmmm. Out of nowhere she got Amanda’s ass! Far as “silly” goes all I can tell you is YOUR KIND KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT! Trowers. Slack ass mother, she should of been home over the holiday season with her child. No, he is not engaged to Jhonni Blaze. Ray J acts as if he’s from some sort of dynasty when in fact at this day in time they all are barely in the shoes on their feet. Moniece is educated, real and professional. She is more than a lil cray cray…not a fan of hers either. "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywod" star Moniece Slaughter confirmed she and Rich Dollaz broke up. Compare her ideas and composure with the rest of the LAHH women. However, shortly after that post Moneice told her fans that she and Rich were engaged. LeBron James Says He 'Damn Sure Won’t Go Back And Forth'... Terrence Howard Sues 20th Century for 'Hustle & Flow'... Barack Obama Stumps for Biden in Philly, Takes Bullhorn to the Streets. Who the fucc fight someone that clearly doesnt want to fight you? It appears Rich's new girlfriend is 21-year-old model Ramiya-Catten. You said it perfectly. THEY are NOT a family. Teyana Taylor & Draya Get Freaky On Stage! Fuck young berg. Moe, I like you. Girl… Your comment was useless just like you. IF SHE WAS A GOOD MOTHER SHE WOULD HAVE HIM AND BE IN HIS LIFE MORE. Moniece Slaughter may be known as the mother of Lil Fizz's son, Kameron, but she claims that she's found something special with Rich Dollaz...*blank stare* While rating the freakiest ladies he’s been with Rich Dollaz put Moniece at the top of the list and later reveals “I’m dating someone…I’m dating Moniece. How Much Is Rich Dollaz Worth? The death penalty is just wrong. They should have included Raz B in the LAHH lineup. we have come to expect the unexpected. The New York rapper wrote, “I would like everyone to please watch this interview. Here you go judging someone’s life based off of a 5 minute scene on a 45 – 50 minute show that comes on once a week.You don’t even know what type of person she is off camera, seriously f*ck out of here with your dumb assumptions. Oscar De La Hoya’s Backdoor-Dildo Affairs Caught On Camera! VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Moniece Says Rich Dollaz Is Dead to Her and Calls Mariahlynn a “Crackhead”. Moneice socked that Arab hoe and pulled that bitch by the head. Scandalous Pics Of Ocsar De La Hoya Surface! Because Moniece Slaughter and L&HHNY cast member Rich Dollaz have secretly budding relationship. Hi Haters: Crystal Smith Drags “B**ches” Angry At Her Cake Clappin’ Ne-Yo Bae-cation, Bodak Sorcery? Because that girl is nut’s, it’s a reason she doesn’t have custody of her kid, and why fizz got him, because she crazy, rich is use to trash, he f*cked around wit erica so he’s use to it. Hit the flip to see what else Moniece had to say about Rich Dollaz. Lil fizz is a broke bum who needs to find a steady job to support his son and stop blaming the child’s mother. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. And…for all concerned THIS too is written for, about & directed at Queen Monique! Shut the f*ck up! Unlike YOU I don’t deal with “niggas.” I have a MAN & whatever he feels about me is all my business & none of YOURS. Happy New Year Bitches lol, Dude she slapped her so quick u’in even see it lol. Queen Monique, YOU choose to respond negatively to MY first comment which HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU or so it would seem. In 2012, Rich Dollaz was in a relationship with Erica Mena. A photo posted by Rich Dollaz (@richiedollaz) on Apr 7, 2015 at 10:00pm PDT. Bossip Comment Policy Do you find it disturbing that in 2015 a woman who chooses to be a cast member of a reality show who is clearly portrayed on & OFF camera as a “hands off mother” who makes a way for herself but (nice weave, designer glasses & purses, latest fashion, make up & nails done, etc…) leaves EVERY ASPECT of raising her son to his father…has fans??? All you funky hoes on her judging need to worry about your own kids not secretly disliking yall asses on the low. This girl had a baby to secure her future so she thought but her plan didn’t work because the money & fame ran out. In yet another installment of ‘Things That Make You Go Hmm…,” it seems that two “Love and Hip Hop” stars, from different installments, are getting pretty close. You are a bitter cockroach Point Blank lol Foh And you right… I Am Queen! I think Rich did love me eventually but I don’t think is ever going to be able to have a successful relationship unless it’s with someone who never questions him, never pushes him to be better, you know, challenges him to shift his paradigm.”. Another Useless Funky ass Bitch writing a Speech about NOTHING! He aint Respected in chicago and i am chicago! Next thing I know Moniece done went upside Amanda’s head! it seems like he is afraid to get a real, educated, professional woman with class. After their split, Moniece blamed Rich for being the reason for their breakup. Damn she went from f*ckin 1 broke ninja 2 f*ckin another broke ninja smdh mofo with no $. And even her music, which she put on hold because she wasn’t getting the money she needed from it in order to support her child. His dad is a financial advisor and his mom does something that is having something do with law and money. State Facts not lies you ignorant bitch. Rich Dollaz confirmed that he is dating Moniece Slaughter of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. As of October 2020, Rich Dollaz has an estimated net worth of more than $3 million. Lol. I like Moniece. Listen to her dialect, she’s definitely someone with an education. I couldn’t say it in fewer words because I simply can’t stand the way this young lady behaves. Good f*cking day. Keep him and his family in your prayers. Well Clearly you haven’t done enough research. Somebody should slap yo ass. HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Moniece Slaughter, flew out of LAX over the holidays to JFK. U see how she ducked Amanda Secor up. Rewatch Rich’s reveal above and browse through some photos of Love & Hip Hop’s newest couple!

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