ogryn bodyguard loadout

For another 5 points you can drop the invulnerable and get a 2+ save. Enemies targeting your Astra Militarum unit must take 1 away from their hit rolls. This I have overlooked but I would like to give it a try and snipe enemy Characters before they make their charge. If the Valk chooses to hover it gets +1 hit against targets that do not have FLY, which combined with not having to move any more makes them reasonably accurate. . There’s a wide variety of options available to them, including mortars, autocannons, heavy bolters, missile launchers, and lascannons.
Tempestor: Chainsword, Hot-shot LaspistolMilitarum Tempestus Scions [5 PL, 119pts]. Another beneficiary of most of the buffs we’ve brought are the Bullgryn, who are going to push menacingly up the board, buffed to the gills by both the characters and the powers of the Astropaths. Sergeant: LaspistolInfantry Squad [3 PL, 40pts] Guard are also among the best users of Assassins, having CP to spare and no penalty for including them. Sergeant: Laspistol, Bullgryns [19 PL, 376pts] Creed, Yarrick and other named characters must take their regiment specific Warlord Trait. The humble Imperial Ogyrn of course! Still, in today’s meta people have come to expect to kill 100+ Boyz or 60ish Plaguebearers, so now that people are loaded up to take vastly tougher hordes down, the drawbacks of these heavily outweigh the benefits. Tempestor: Chainsword, Frag & Krak grenades, Hot-shot Laspistol. A little like Creed this can be further boosted. Basically, taking him is never a bad choice, but it’s also not necessarily the optimal choice. Hydras are just kind of irrelevant the world over, offering anaemic firepower for their cost, which is sad when you think of the terrors they were when they came into existence in 5th edition. Select an enemy unit before the first battle round.

Instead of Overwatching, a charged Astra Miilitarum Infantry unit can throw up to ten grenades, not just one. Astra Militarum Infantry within 6″ gain a 6+ Invulnerable Save. The forced Warlord Trait for Catachan allows you to join in on fights within 6″ with ease. 5x Scion .

. The pair of Astropaths will drop Night Shroud and Psychic Barrier on it, while the Trojan Support Vehicle follows it around granting it re-rolls to hit. . Nah, no one takes a ship like the XIIth. Please don’t try this at home. Unyielding Advance is actually high value too though, and the prospect of a Tallarn demolisher Russ moving 18″ and still double tapping is a big old headache for your opponents. So before we discuss the Baneblade itself, it’s worth highlighting the considerable amount of overlap between the other units in this and the previous list. These are threefold – first, a 4+ armour save makes them a little more durable; second, BS3+ makes them much more accurate; third, they can Deep Strike, which is great for getting the special weapons they can mass (2 for every 5 guys) into position (and with some of the tricks from TGG can even get into rapid fire range for their hot shot guns.). It’s probably worth having a look at our guide to them.

The real winners here are his ambush abilities, though.

However it shares the same downsides as the Wyvern: high variance BS4 shooting can be a real letdown, and you can’t even shoot twice with it, though the same discussion about Harker and the Catachan re-roll applies here.

It’s still underwhelming compared to the transports more pointy-eared or power-armoued get, but does at least have the upside of being T7 and carrying 12 models, making it a cheap, modestly hard to shift bumper car that can bring your buff characters too.

Zeke of House Cawdor is on a crusade of vengeance. Stick one of these hidden somewhere that it can buff a Shadowsword or other super-heavy and it’s a great way to maximise the big guy’s shooting output. The particularly relevant build is bare bones demolisher cannon Russes in Gunnery Experts/Spotter Details (or just Catachan) detachments. He also adds 1 to their attacks characteristic with the same rule as a Priest. This is almost certainly not the intent, and we’re working on the assumption that you choose one keyword and that applies all the way through, and that Storm Troopers is an option. Post Greater Good, this means that you’re probably better off looking elsewhere unless you’re planning to bring exactly spammed plasma guns on your Scions, and even then there are other choices. Creed is, more or less, just an upgunned Company Commander. First up, let’s break down the Scion detachment. Allows destroyed Valhallan Infantry units to come back. In addition, each main book has a stratagem that can affect their units plus a relic and warlord trait that its characters can use, and finally a special order that can be issued by one of their kinds of officer. 9x Guardsman . Valkyries Aquilla Lander Arvus Lighter Avenger Strike Fighter Lightning Strike Fighter Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter Vendetta Vulture. This is the faction of the brave men and women of the Imperium, going out into the war in the stars armed with nothing but a lasgun, a flak jacket, and faith in the Immortal Emperor, and Naramyth and Corrode (and, as of the latest update, Wings) have combined their powers to tell you all about it. A vehicle repair guy from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Sorry Pask. Basilisk: Heavy Bolter .

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Scion w/ Special Weapon: Hot-shot Volley Gun . Hrmm now you have raised this to the Commissariat we expect you do build and paint such a spec op squad as it would look pretty awesome and would indeed please the Emperor! 9x Guardsman: 9x Lasgun . If nothing else, he’s a cheap way to get two bites at seizing a far-off objective, but realistically he can be a lot more than that, and your opponent has to deal with him or he’ll do it again.

Scion w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun . 9x Guardsman .

However, he comes with some solid weapons – a S5 3 shot pistol that wounds infantry on 2s, and an envenomed blade for +1S (making him S5 with the Catachan trait) that also wounds infantry on 2s. These run really cheap at 135 pts for the base build, are a pain to kill thanks to T8, and can’t really be ignored if your opponent has any armoured targets of note, because even at BS4+ the average 8.5 shots these put out are going to blow vehicles the hell up. These two load outs had two very specific purposes. Basilisk: Heavy Bolter++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Tallarn – Astra Militarum) [69 PL, , 1,105pts] ++ Detachment CP [1CP]Vigilus Defiant [-1CP]: Emperor’s Fist Tank Company+ HQ +Tank Commander [12 PL, 170pts]: Heavy Bolter, Emperor’s Fist, Turret-mounted Demolisher Siege Cannon Tank Commander [12 PL, 185pts]: Battle Cannon, Emperor’s Fist, Hunter-Killer Missile, Lascannon Tank Commander [12PL, 198pts]: Emperor’s Fist, Hunter-Killer Missile, Lascannon, Plasma Cannons, Turret-Mounted Executioner Plasma Cannon+ Lord of War +Baneblade [28 PL, 452pts]: Autocannon, Demolisher cannon, Twin heavy bolter .
They’re also another unit that suffers from the heavily power armoued metagame we’ve been in for a while, but they’re at least efficient at blowing up Marine scouts early game. . 5x Scion . It could say Imperial and Infantry of just Imperium.

They tote a force stave, which grants them 3 S5 AP-1 Dd3 attacks, which at WS3+ can be an occasional surprise for an unwary opponent, but their main usage is casting powers. This latter point sounds cool, but unfortunately doesn’t come up much. Nork Deddog is a rare sight, with most of his role being occupied by the Ogryn Bodyguard, and basic Ogryns themselves tend to be absent in favour of Bullgryn and their much superior offensive and defensive output. Sergeant: LaspistolInfantry Squad [3 PL, 40pts]

These are functionally spells that cannot fail and provide a lot of the secret sauce for otherwise lacklustre units. Since the Militarum Tempestus are much more combo-based than regular guard he’s very important in this slot, and Scion detachments should take them. Like the rest of the articles in the Start Competing series, this is not intended to be a breakdown of every possible unit in the Guard line. It allows you to attack enemy Characters even if they not the closest and as long as they are more than 1″ away. He can hand out two tanks orders per turn, handy if you have any regular Russes who could use the order which would normally be reserved for the Tank Commander itself. +1 strength on Guardsmen, +1 Leadership for units within 6″ of officers, and rerolling random shots for their vehicles is like 3 traits rolled into one. Bullgryn Chieftain: Same stats as the ogryn chieftain, but he gets the normal bullgryn equipment. If you want an “army wide” trait things become trickier. Compared to more recent armies like Adepta Sororitas, Guard have relatively restrained lists of special rules, with most of the depth here coming from their regiments and the orders mechanic. If you link this up with re-rolling to wound (Take Aim Order plus being Cadian) then you could have yourself a lovely little wounds festival. Bullgryn: Brute Shield, Bullgryn Maul, Frag Bombs . Once upon a time Primaris Psykers were very cheap, whereas these days they’re just regular old “quite cheap.” Coming in at 46pts, they have a similar profile to the Company Commander, though they lack the 5+ invulnerable. I won’t go into all the various types of transport available but there is a good selection of dedicated transports like the Chimera and Taurox to the Super-Heavy tanks that can carry many models. These are your options. Allows your Warlord to re-roll a single hit, wound or save per game. . Move! Tempestor: Chainsword, Frag & Krak grenades, Hot-shot Laspistol++ Total: [127 PL, -3CP, 1,998pts] ++This list exhibits the strengths of the Catachans, and how you might sneak Vostroyans into a list despite them generally not rewarding going wide.Catachan-wise, we have the full suite of buffs to turn your basic guard into surprisingly deadly melee combatants, with Straken, the Priest and Yarrick’s auras turning them into three attack monsters, while the Company Commanders hit more like Space Marine Captains than regular guard characters. With 22 Elites available, Guard have the heaviest Elites slot outside of vanilla Space Marines.

Inevitably with the sheer number of unit options and other choices available to the Astra Militarum – in particular, the Forge World options we’ve not touched on – there’s going to be stuff you think we’ve missed, or areas where you think we’re wrong. Venture into the underhive of Necromunda with a collection of action-packed tales. Coupled with the fact that their weapons are operating at a mighty AP-3 by default, that makes these a potent option. Besides scooting around with orders, there are other tricks available here. Goddamn, that’s a lot of units.

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