off limits brand

MANDALIT DEL BARCO, BYLINE: Emily Elyse Miller says the new cereal she and her team created, OffLimits, has brand mascots unlike any other. I created OffLimits as a brand that reflects the world I want to live in. Off Limits is a cereal brand that doubles as a culture brand. DEL BARCO: Dash and Zombie are a far cry from the buff, confident cereal mascot Tony the Tiger. Shop Sports Shoes for Men & Women - Fitness, Running, Walking & Gym Shoes online in india. With different flavour-profiles designed to match your mood—according to whether your aim is to feel ‘wired’ or ‘tired’—OffLimits is a new, next-generation cereal and culture brand designed to be eaten at any time of the day. “It's a playful take on the sugary treats that always seem to be out of reach when I was young and also represents defiance that's ingrained into my brand's DNA,” she says. The design team have created a brand for OffLimits which perfectly suits this new cereal-with-attitude, placing it at the heart of its art- and cereal-loving community. OffLimits is also planning to reinvent the concept of cereal box toys, with a gamified, arcade-style experience where consumers can redeem points collected from cereal purchases for unique merchandise. The design team created a bold logo with the second ‘F’ just out of reach (or ‘off limits‘), which is accompanied by a bespoke typeface designed in collaboration with Emma Williams, and a saturated colour palette. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. In 20 years of service, we’ve grown rapidly and become the UK’s No.1 events provider, starting as a driving centre and quickly expanding into the wedding, corporate events, team building and travel sectors. The proposed brand assets (such as sleeping masks featuring the word ‘Snooze’) were carefully selected to help bring OffLimits to life. ", "Dash and Zombie are a far cry from the buff, confident cereal mascot Tony the Tiger. DEL BARCO: Miller, a 29-year-old food writer, is all about breakfast. The author of the book Breakfast has launched a new cereal brand called OffLimits, using a fictional female mascot named Dash for one of the flavors. MILLER: There's adaptogens, pandan, vanilla - so everything you need to mellow out. “They extracted, organized, and created the rules for this world and the characters who live there. Zombie has the adaptogens to MAX your Relax. Her latest venture, OffLimits cereal, also seems to appeal to millennials. Proudly made for NYC. ABBOTT: These characters that are going to win, essentially, today, particularly in the breakfast category, they have to contain more of this multi-dimensional take on the human personality, the flaws and all. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. And her OffLimits team is all female. Abbott says OffLimits and another new cereal brand, Magic Spoon, appeal to a different aesthetic. While there have been a few upstarts that have attempted to make some milk waves in this highly competitive market, most of them, if not all of them, have found the cereal industry to be, well…. NPR's Mandalit del Barco reports. MILLER: The whole brand is really run by these emotionally unstable and extreme cartoon characters. Every purchase gets you access to our toy store. We’re always dropping something new. OffLimits’ branding and name serves a dual purpose, according to Miller. Join the millions and keep up with the stories shaping entrepreneurship. Buy sports shoes, fitness apparel, workout clothes, activewear for men and women online in India at the best prices from Off Limits. The identity comprises of two unique characters (the first of four) which take centre stage on the packaging, and a brand language featuring bold typography, saturated colours and an expressive tone of voice. All rights reserved. Carrying on the longstanding tradition of pairing toys and cereals, the OffLimits toy store is a gamified, arcade-style online experience where guests can swap tickets collected from cereal purchases, for unique merchandise. Dash is a high-strung, high-achieving female bunny. Zombie is a green cereal made from organic rice, oat and coconut flour and boasts delicious notes of Vanilla and Pandan. DEL BARCO: Dash is not the first female cereal character. A confirmation email has been sent. Each order contains a carefully constructed activity sheet with different stress and anxiety-relieving activities for people to work through while eating their cereal. Off Limits ® is a Nottingham headquartered company that designs, plans and runs events of every conceivable kind. “The one new brand that is here to instigate change from its founding.” Read More "Branding that encourages grownups to live their best Michael Scott life, retaining childhood attitude while holding regional manager responsibilities." Its founders were keen to create a strong community around the brand and tap into a global network of artists and influential voices. OffLimits is a cereal brand built around emotionally unstable cartoon characters. Miller worked with Astrid Stavro of Pentagram on OffLimits' branding and Shephard Fairey's Studio Number One to design the cereal characters. “The logo is insanely perfect because it creates a veil of playfulness with a deeper meaning” adds Miller. The packaging is colourful and bold, and very different to existing adult-orientated cereal brands. It’s delicious. Miller's hoping they might relate to Zombie, who has a bit of Bart Simpson, or Dash, more of a Lisa Simpson. DEL BARCO: Kellogg's ultimately bounced Katy the Kangaroo for Tony the Tiger, also dropping sugar from its name. “They were created to give voice to the countercultures and misunderstood, to ease the fear of speaking out due to judgement based on skin color, race, gender, or sexual orientation.”. I created OffLimits as a brand that reflects the world I want to live in. Cereal mascots, for instance, have traditionally been male since Kellogg’s launched its first cartoon breakfast peddler, Rice Krispies’ baking gnome. Now the question is, will they go for coffee-flavored cereal repped by a stressed-out bunny in a power suit? OffLimits will launch with two flavors and their accompanying characters. Sign up to get a spoonful of what's to come. Other sleep- and breakfast-inspired items include mugs suggesting that we ‘Break the Rules’, and T-shirts with playful slogans such as ‘Keep it Real ‘.

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