nigerian postpartum traditions

What is […]. In France, we have the postpartum physical therapist come in to teach the new mother how to do Kegel exercises and such so that she will not be peeing her pants at the age of 50 and so that her and husband can have great sex again. You will be routed to the nearest city crisis center to you. According to the World Health Organisation’s figures for 2013 on maternal mortality, 560 women die per 100,000 births in Nigeria. About Author: Amaka R. Elochukwu. Truth be told we have not ceased behaving like a people that lack Postpartum Care, those responsible for our omugwo failed us, as a people we equally have made no effort in correcting the manner in which our “ojojo omo” was carried out, we blame everything, and everyone but our “umaan or wanka’n jego”. That figure includes women who die during or Poverty, cultural practices and a shortage of primary healthcare services are forcing women in Nigeria to seek the help of untrained traditional birth attendants, despite the serious risks involved. If this article interests you, please read, “If this can help one woman then it is worth it.” That was my refrain. To purchase an online membership, go here. […], I told my son about my postpartum depression On October 23, 2013 I gave […], Let’s talk about the classic portrait of Postpartum depression, […], There is no question that paying the right medical attention to any […], The best Postpartum care is in Russia! “Mr. Nigerian Birth Traditions and Rituals. In Nigerian culture, we have the “omugwo”  wherein a maternal female relative (usually MGM) goes to stay with new mom and baby, educates mom about all things related to the postpartum and also takes care of the household chores. The Postpartum Project aims to give those women the tools they need to feel healthy and to have a healthy bond with their child. In Nigeria we have many different ethnic groups and tribes, and each has their birth traditions and rituals. It is seen as way to spread wealth among kinsmen. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, a free 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), I told My 3.5 year old Son About My Postpartum Depression, Let’s talk about Postpartum Depression for the Stay at Home Mom. In Nigerian culture, we have the “omugwo” wherein a maternal female relative (usually MGM) goes to stay with new mom and baby, educates mom about all things related to the postpartum and also takes care of the household chores. This tradition requires that a young boy/man leaves his family home with an older, rich relative or family friend (who is usually an established businessperson) for “training”. by Amaka R. Elochukwu | December 1, 2018. In Indian culture, there is belly binding, a … Copyright Postpartum Project © 2014-2018. In Latin America, there is “la cuarantena”  wherein the mom does not leave the house (or sometimes even her room) for 40 days and eats special foods. This post is only available to members. Yes, Russia. Paternal Postpartum Depression is very real. In the United States, we have the Postpartum Project, a cultural tradition where a mother can hire a postpartum specialist who will come to her home and care for her in myriad ways. In cases where mother-in-laws are involved, as in many Asian cultures, there is also a noticeable reversal of power as the new mother is accorded rest while the mother-in-law … Having a baby is a big […], Paternal postpartum depression is more common than we realize. These traditions prevent postpartum depression by providing support without providing a diagnosis or inducing shame in the mother (or father.) Despite most cultures being patriarchal, pregnancy and postpartum related traditions are seen as the women's domain; this may be due to consideration of women's experience and expertise or men's fear of contamination. It's a time to take care of a woman who put to birth and her newborn baby massaging and bathing them both with hot water, cooking … Around the world, there are rituals and practices that nurture the new mother into the new role of motherhood. The Nwaboy method of apprenticeship is prominent among Nigeria’s Igbo people. During this training, the apprentice is entrusted with various tasks ranging from mundane errands to … Many cultures around the world observe specific postpartum rituals to avoid ill health in later years. What is umugwo? Women often experience a sense of isolation after having a baby. Hear me for my cause.”. If you are already an online member login here. All Rights Reserved. By using this website you agree that you are over the age of 18 and that you have read our. I speak for the preservation of the Union.

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