nigerian family traditions

The Family. Donations are most commonly accepted at most traditional and religious services. Nigerians may struggle with reconciling death with their religion and tribal traditions. “Igbo Proverbs and Meanings.” University of Columbia,, Casual clothing should never be worn to a Nigerian funeral.

Careful attention is given to follow any wishes of the deceased. It is difficult to define a Nigerian funeral by its customs. The service may be elaborate or simple and parts of the Bible or Quran are read. People praise ancestors through song and dance. night vigil preceding the ceremony. According to this tradition, the groom is made to undergo a rigorous act of bravery before he is able to wed a Fulani lady. Continue reading, Discover the best online memorial sites for remembering a loved one...

Nigerian Society and Culture Religion. You can expect a big party celebrating the deceased’s new life as an ancestor.

Various animal sacrifices are performed. Women should always cover their hair with a scarf to show respect for the grieving family. You may hear traditional songs like “Amazing Grace” at an Igbo church service.

Traditions for a Nigerian Funeral Ceremony. They believe that when you die, God will judge your soul and you will be released to heaven.

Traditional cultural elements are also present in the works of the talented Nigerian sculptor and artist Ben Enwonwu as well as the wall paintings and architectural style of Felix Idubor. 13 Online Will Makers Compared: Which is Best for You. For those that died by accident, the mood is somber and celebrations aren’t expected.

They celebrate as elders take their place as ancestors in the afterlife.

Nigerian tribes have different pre-funeral customs with some similarities.

The blood of other animals is poured into the earth for the deceased.

when they die. For Muslims, the prayer continues three, seven, and 40 days after death.

It is common to get invited to a traditional marriage (Igbankwu) and certainly worth witnessing one. The deceased is moved back into the village. Stay safe while still coming together to support one another and honor your loved one. Casual clothing should never be worn to a Nigerian funeral. The Nigerian families are not the epitome of indestructible knit, but there is still that strong family bond which is mostly described by the saying that blood is thicker than water; and fuelled by strong societal traditional norms.

(In the Northern States of the country, the customs, cultures and traditions of the people who are mainly Hausa/Fulani, Nupe, Kanuri, Igalaand Tiv are governed by the Musfim religious traditions).

If all burial customs aren’t followed, family members fear that their loved one won’t be an ancestor and they will haunt the living instead. Garrib, Anu. The mood of a Nigerian funeral will depend on who the deceased is, how they died, and the type of life they lived. The Igbo people view the death of a child as a tragedy not to be celebrated. As long as you pay attention to the grieving family’s wishes and do some research ahead of time, you'll be prepared to attend. The Fulani Sharo Tradition.

The culture of today’s Nigeria is strongly influenced by folk traditions. Expressions of sorrow also last a long time.

The HIV/AID in Nigeria, as l dont like that word..widely spreed in Nigeria, becoause like you also agreed that Nigeria is the most populous nation ... 2. The Yoruba people don’t bury the deceased for two to three days while they make arrangements. Performances are a symbol of status. The Christian church put restrictions on the Igbo people. Life on earth is a test in preparation for the afterlife. A Nigerian funeral is the product of its community. We have all heard stories of the aunty or neighbour who would smack a misbehaving child and when the parent was informed, the parent would also be sure to add their own “beating” for good measure.

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