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This film is a sequel to the 2014 film, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Mr. Peabody is a gifted anthropomorphic dog who lives in a penthouse in New York City and raises his adopted human son, 7-year-old Sherman, and tutors him traveling throughout history using the WABAC, pronounced "way back", a time machine. Grunion warns Mr. Peabody that due to this incident, she will inspect Peabody's home, and will take Sherman away if she deems him to be unfit. Just as Grunion is about to take Sherman away, Penny admits it's her fault and apologizes to Sherman, but Grunion declines. While Mr. Peabody and Da Vinci build a machine to recharge the WABAC, Penny convinces Sherman to come with her and explore Da Vinci's workshop. After Penny is saved, the WABAC runs out of fuel and Peabody has to go to Leonardo Da Vinci to get more fuel. When they are about to go home, Penny blurts out that Grunion is going to take Sherman from Peabody.

Fortunetly, Sherman and Penny have Washington, Lincoln, and Clinton give Peabody a presidential pardon. She is first seen going to school as Mr. Peabody drops Sherman off.

Despite her cuteness and tomboyishness, Penny is very rich and spoiled. Subjuguée par ce dernier, Penny refuse de repartir avant de changer d'avis quand elle apprend qu'à la mort de ce dernier, elle sera sacrifiée pour l'accompagner dans l'éternité.

She reveals that she is to marry King Tut. After Penny decides that she wants to go back with Mr. Peabody and Sherman, she gets taken away to the wedding as Mr. Peabody and Sherman are imprisoned, the two manage to escape and impersonate Anubis, the God of Death to rescue Penny as Penny is happy to see Sherman again. Penny defends Sherman, inadvertently revealing that Ms. Grunion wants to take him away from Mr. Peabody. Enemies

He made a heroic sacrifice to save Sherman and Penny in the Trojan Horse. This pushes Sherman to disobey Mr. Peabody and take Penny on a journey with the WABAC.
No information Her story. Despite Mr. Peabody's earlier warnings, Sherman decides to show the WABAC to Penny. She appeared to have been envious of Sherman's smarts and called him a dog and teased him which resulted in a fight. However, there were a few mentions of her from time to time.

Peabody, Sherman and Penny flee to the WABAC, but they can't travel back in time as several famous historical figures and monuments fall down to the present. PennyPrincess Hatsheput (in Ancient Egypt) She appeared to have been envious of Sherman's smarts and called him a dog and bullied him which resulted into a fight. Penny decides she wants to go back with Peabody and Sherman, but is taken away to the wedding while Peabody and Sherman are imprisoned. Dans leur fuite, ils embarquent dans le cheval mais ce dernier chute d'une falaise. The pair went to see George Washington and then went to Ancient Egypt, where she ran away from Sherman. Penny is a serious girl for someone of her age. In the episode, Brain Switch / Koikawa Harumachi, Penny is briefly mentioned by Mr. Peabody who asks Sherman how she's doing during an idle conversation, which Sherman simply replies “good.”. He is Sherman's adopted and all loving father. Kung Fu Panda : Les Secrets des cinq cyclones. Despite all of this, she is also shown to be willing to face up to her mistakes, as she proclaimed in front of everyone that it was her fault for provoking Sherman to bite her and that he didn't do anything wrong and attempts to take full responsibility for her actions in order for Mr. Peabody and Sherman to remain together (though this is not enough to convince the cold hearted Ms. Grunion to release Mr. Peabody) and apologizes for everything she has done. Her similarity with Cindy Vortex also comes from the fact that both are blond, extremely competitive and aggressive, initially dislike the main protagonist due to his intelligence, and eventually fall in love with them. While Mr. Peabody and Da Vinci build a machine to recharge the WABAC, Penny convinces Sherman to come with her and explore Da Vinci's workshop. This evokes a response from Penny, who brings up the George Washington incident, and demands how Sherman knows that those things are true. Suddenly, all the historical sites start to fall from the sky and the nose part of the Sphinx falls onto Grunion. Sur ces entrefaits, le Peabody perdu à Troie revient lui aussi par l'ascenseur, expliquant qu'il s'est éjecté à temps du cheval en chute et qu'il est en retard à cause d'une machine primitive construite avec les moyens du bord.
Mr. Peabody and Sherman Sherman and Penny Peterson Headlock fight 728511391280.jpg Mr. Peabody and Sherman 5792129.png Penny Peterson is glaring crossly at Sherman.jpg Mr. Peabody and Sherman 2: Penny's Time-Traveling Adventure is a 2019 computer-generated comedy comic science film that will be directed by Rob Minkoff and this time, Chris Sanders. They have a great time, but Mr. Peabody does not approve. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?)

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