most educated ethnic group in the world

Author Emmanuel Kulu Redefines Ancient Egyptian History With His Novel “I, Black Pharaoh Rise To Power”, Colonial Genocide: Namibia Rejects €10 Million Reparation From Germany,, Thai protesters continue rallies, ask court to revoke emergency, Banksy painting expected to fetch more than $6m at UK auction, Protesters shot in Nigeria as curfews imposed, Light pollution may increase biting behavior at night in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, New evidence for geologically recent earthquakes near Portland, Oregon metro area, Repairing the photosynthetic enzyme Rubisco, A new material for separating CO2 from industrial waste gases, natural gas, or biogas, Lost and found: Geologists 'resurrect' missing tectonic plate, 37% of them hold a bachelor’s degree, 17% a master’s, indigenous Is a bloodsucking leech superior to a bear? I used ethnic group because it was the closest term, and because a singular headline is important, but I also mentioned national groups because many of these are both ethnic groups and national groups. This is the reason you can buy your stuff for a low price, although the price would be really low if you greedy bastards wouldn’t aim for high profit margins. Susan Wojcicki is CEO of YouTube, the world’s most popular digital video platform used by over a billion people across the globe. Maybe some Russian mobsters are there but CONTROL IT. always been the suspicion since the very first ancient interface between the They are cunning, conniving scamming creatures that would do anything to access your bank balance to blow it! I would say Asian and Chinese are normally pretty good at getting their kids to learn English and they know what the fuck needs to happen, but they still don’t have that patriotic-ness that say the Japanese have. They concern me as much less than cockroaches in my villa. That seems to be a consequence of a combination of ethnic networking, a historical identity that consists of strong victimhood and being “chosen”, and a large share of talented and industrious personality types. “Da Money Be Gone Cuz Da Whites Left”. Who in a billion years would have thought, the demeaned dark race of peoples, loathed with a passion, represented as caricatures and only needed for bed-warming biracial making chores, have connecting synapses solid and strong enough to outshine all others on the planet? Germany on the other hand is controlled by the (((EU))) and they do not have direct influence on areas the only thing they have is a strong economy no military no political influence. Europeans had no significant place in history until 300 years ago. But the more than a few very IQ individuals will gain prominence as we go forward. Trump is not an old money WASP. You have to take into consideration that Brazil imported a bunch of Africans. yep, i meant ‘once’ as in ‘once upon a time’, and the last time those cucks would try shit like that. At least for the time being. Yet the national level is still an important instrument for obtaining wealth and power, and in rich and powerful states one notices that elites within specific national or ethnic groups have more of those precious things than others. No balls. At the very least regarding the order. Just because it’s fuzzy and overlaps other categories are completely beside the point. Without Anglo-Saxon consumerism, rule of law and tax payer money some groups would go back to Tijuana and some go to Haiti. We can suggest Guns, Germs and Steel or the industrial revolution but I am not sold on colonialism. That takes a commitment to principles. I Had it Wrong All Along! Well, still on Nigeria, we need not look further for answers, as the link below, confirms a sordid reality: What does the future hold for Nigeria and indeed the Black world? Spain, a busted place of western Europe, next to Greece & Italy. God forbid anybody EVER think about changing something to become more sensible. USA: 88 African American Men And Boys Shot And Killed By Police! Russia compensates with military and geopolitical abilities, though. China is the land of soy afterall – is it any wonder Chinese don’t sign-up? human “cargo” was supreme and priced much more than slaves from other West I sure don’t. Japanese Americans are probably statistically better students and yet they sign up more often (cuse we practically own Japan) but it’s because they are more patriotic. Do love that you weren’t afraid to mix it up and scare the shit out of the WASP’s on here. Never accomplished anything, until the world needed their oil. In her inauguration speech, she promised to prioritise both national security and economic revitalisation. Mike Tyson: New Date Set For Sensational Fight With Roy Jones Jr. Aside from long held suspicions of diabolical foreign destabilisations behind the scenes, i.e the accursed French footprints and suffocating stranglehold all over Francophone Africa, one would wonder why the leadership all over the Black world, display traits similar to renegade body cells turning cancerous and eventually destroying itself! If but one groups doesn’t stop or one religion doesn’t stop then it will continue ad infinitum and destroy everything. They've cracked the code to higher education success in America. Required fields are marked *. Despite it’s glorious and incredible history nowadays Portugal is a powerhouse in tourism having won recently multiple prestigous awards including the famous World Travel Destinations Awards winning multiple nominations including winning the prize for Best World Destination. yeah good point about the applachians, theres a good book called Hillbilly Elegy about a family from Kentucky’s Appalachia region who moved to Ohio in the hopes of escaping the poverty…a dreary read but explains a lot. It wasn’t until later on in my life after living off base that I noticed all of the vast dicrimination. I’m not sure whether you are a Mojado or Section Ape. Like me. And that’s not even to mention the huge Indian diaspora that will dominate the silicon valleys of ALL other countries (except China). Immigrants especially Asians are outpacing you in the western world. I Think anglo-english speaking whites are still top 3. if not 1 or 2 simply based on world logistics. A team of geologists believes they have found the lost plate known as Resurrection in northern Canada by using existing mantle tomography images. Her 'The Life You Want' tour sold out stadiums from Newark to Seattle in 2014. This is why the Saudis promotes military dictatorships all over the Middle East and kills revolutions and revolts like in Yemen. She ruled for over 34years, heading a 20,000 strong male army, annexing vast kingdoms spanning over 500 miles across and controlling trade routes. And no, the Greeks and Romans were not unique. By both race and gender, a higher percentage of black women (9.7 per cent) is enrolled in college than any other group, including Asian women (8.7 per cent), white women (7.1 per cent) and white men (6.1 per cent). The world's 15 most powerful women in 2015 ... Asian and other ethnic minority NHS staff … America was far better off before outsourcing you dumb adolescent. This is understandable, since national groups in their entirety should neither be blamed nor cherished for what the most powerful persons have carried through. Investors & Handymen: Wood Frame House as Primary Residence? But mostly Angola. If some nuclear war shit were to actually happen whose fucked? The British isles have been known as Britain for more than two thousand years; when the Romans invaded Britain the native inhabitants were called Britons. the age of 7, and made an A. Point is U.S. needs to retain its culuteral identity and immirgants need to acknowledge that instead of expecting whites to change everything for them. Kevin Macdonald is the expert and majorly correct. I think the Greeks might argue that. Fault Lines investigates why COVID-19 ravaged US poultry plants and what companies could have done to manage the spread. I agree that Britain was great once, and her daughter countries, the US, Oz, CA, NZ, Rhodesia were and to a degree still are the best places to live, the common law meant the rule of law, a trial by jury like nowhere else in the world. More like a third at most, and they are SNP supporters so generally not the brightest people in the UK. Read More: 5 Countries That Use “Soft Power” To Be More Powerful And Influential. Also, the main reason Western countries have a high purchasing power is because they put their production in low-cost countries. You have been into the blunts and 40 ouncers to often, Lil’ G. Nobody goes to fucking Africa, youngblood. there is not a single human being who care a whit at all about the suffering of the workers who make goods anywhere at all. Or do you think the Egyptians and Sumerians could create buildings without knowing mathematics and engineering? She was the daughter of Queen Bakwa Turunku, who founded the city of Zaria, West Africa, in 1536. Thanks, heirarchies fascinate me. Let’s face it, Goa is not as important as Florida. Brazil is far bigger than most maps suggest. With a new material, the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) can be specifically separated from industrial waste gases, natural gas, or biogas, and thereby made available for recycling. And how about the Scots!? One Iranian gigolo type I knew dumped a Chinese-Filipino businesswoman and she got him deported. I have no use for comforts. Other ethnic groups aren’t retarded like Americans – they don’t change – they setup shop and they are either Chinatown or little mexico – Americans HAPPILY bend over for them – what the fuck??? Haha what a bullshit article. The monarch clearly did not differ in style and ambition as her living Nigerian descendants. Australia is economically China (FDI + gold) and New Zealand is practically USA (dotcom + five eyes). I think if blacks and whites somehow embraced their colonial roots and acknowledged like “hey, the U.S. is in an ecnomic crisis, we want to help each other out here, let’s make some shit happen” – while there are obviously poor people of any ethnic background in the U.S. poor whites and blacks make up the majority and yet both are the main ethnic groups who started this fuckin shit…I would like to see somekind of mutual cooperation between both groups in expanded work relations and fixing some destructive regions in the U.S.; i.e. 6- Esther While Chinese are making 6 figures in a cushy job in NYC, you are slaving and killing yourself with opiods in your den in Kentucky. Witnesses say security forces opened fire on #EndSARS protesters gathered in defiance of a curfew in Lagos, Nigeria. Kenya’s Peres Jepchirchir Breaks Her Own World Record For Women’s Half Marathon! Another quick side note – is places like Atlanta and espcially in major cities in California are incredibly diverse – not just diverse as far as the U.S. is concerned but globally – Atlanta and California have insane diversity in some areas; Korea-town, China-town, little Mexico, little Italy, etc etc etc…When something becomes more diverse you lose something in the process – as is expected – but American identity has been co-opted by progressive fucks saying American is ‘meant’ to be a melting pot…and while this is blantant half-truth the real issue is much larger than that…people like to retain their sense of culuter, they like having an identity – its socially normal to want to retain your social roots and culuteral heritage, but at the same time you can’t have your cake and eat it too so to speak. When, like Brazil we had a large territory to explore it’s resources Portugal did it very well and formed the biggest and w/ more potential in S. America. Allegedly the southern coasts of Nigeria was called the slave coast by the Western world for centuries. What Christians can do as America falls apart. Freedom of expression and ‘free-speech’, we all watch the same shit on tv, our great great grandfathers fought in wars together…uhhh, what else…hmmm…there is very little actual shit which americans can call ‘american’ in TODAY’s society. Well going by what the shocking indices say, and probably covertly known for eons- in stark contrast to an image soiled, slaughtered and sold worldwide- it is now crystal clear, where Nigeria is concerned, something just does not add up!

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