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Hi Dear. Oh my goodness! The traditional dress has taken the Arab fashion world by storm worn by most celebrities for major functions.

It can be made from various fabrics such as brocade, Kashmir or velvet. Bye. Kaftans can be dressed up or dressed down as casual wear. The dress code is one of the many aspects that have been influenced by this diverse cultural heritage. Clothing is a major characteristic of any culture.
The word kaftan is used to indicate one piece dress that can be worn on both casual and formal occasions. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. This is, actually, due to their practicality especially in rough climate situations in Sahara. Typically, Moroccans continue wearing the traditional clothing of their predecessors without extensive variation or influence from the Western fashion. Moroccans still wear the traditional clothing of their predecessors without variation or influence from the Western fashion. It usually has a hood and, often hand sewn, decoration on it. Is there anyone else getting identical RSS problems? As opposite to this winter costume there is a beautiful summer one called The Gandoura. As mentioned above, Morocco consists of several societies which justify the diversity concerning clothing and dresses.

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The djellaba may be found in other North African countries as well as Morocco, but it is still one of the most commonly worn items of ... Gandora. This large piece of garment is a symbol of modesty and discretion. Sahrawis wear quandrissi pants under their gandoura: a traditional baggy pants that allows men to sit more comfortably on the floor. with your RSS. Moroccan Caftan The traditional dress has taken the Arab fashion world by storm worn by most celebrities for major functions. Adorned with elaborate and delicate details on a variety of fabrics makes the kaftan so versatile in dress and appealing to all.
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Nowadays Kaftan is worn by women in Morocco. Jewellery and kaftans have evolved quite a bit since, with the variant fabrics and patters used and lining plait known as the ‘sfifa’ and buttons lining he pieces from top to bottom. You can view the latest interpretations of traditional Moroccan clothing particularly the Takchita at the annual Caftan fashion show in Morocco. It is a long fitting outer dress with full sleeves. Also known as Aladdin trousers or harem pants, these comfortable voluminously baggy pants, with crotch down to the knee and deep pockets (that are very practical) are originally Persian pants that Moroccan men used to wear.

Your email address will not be published. Amazing article dude! This timeless piece is can be made up of several layers known as a ‘takshita’. In the Sahara, for example, which locates south to Morocco, men put on the Deraa which is a loose Gandoura open on the side to keep the body ventilated. Anyway, clothing for women and men in Morocco consists of long robes with hoods and traditional slippers. The Haik covers the whole body except face and hands and it is mainly used in cold and conservative areas in   Morocco. Similar to the Kaftan and also worn for weddings and traditional special occasions, the Takchita comes in a double-layered design: a caftan as an under piece and a usually transparent dress as an upper layer. Friendly Morocco is an online magazine guide to Morocco, and through it, Travel Agency and online Shop. It has been proved around the world that clothing is an important part of any. Many visitors love the traditional dress of Morocco and want to bring a djellaba or kaftan back.

Posted by Friendly Morocco | Culture, Helpful information | 4 |. It is still present in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as well. Some people view clothes as just tools of covering their bodies and protecting them from external elements. The Gandoura is both a graceful and a comfortable robe side pockets, made out of woven thread. The belt or Mdama, is made of gold or silver and decorated with emeralds or rubies. Deraa comes in two colors mainly, blue for everyday life and white for weddings and private ceremonies. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";
The golden seams on the front are usually handmade. Djellabahs were made of coarse wool that is obtained from sheep living in the near mountains. 33 delightful things to do in your Marrakech holiday. Women in Morocco also wear up what is called the Haik which is a traditional white costume that is made of silk and wool. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. The kaftan (or Caftan) is synonymous with elegance and modesty and style. A djellaba is the loose robe-like garment that Moroccan men and women wear over anything. Djellaba. The Djellaba, unlike t he Caftan doesn’t have a hood and can have shorter sleeves; it is also fastened in the front row. Anyway, throughout history it has been proved clothing transcends this external job and goes deeper to the level of determining the character of the person putting them on, furthermore, telling to which culture He /She belongs.

Once a year around the world fashion shows; showcasing takshita’s and caftan designs from very popular Mosamima’s in countries such as Holland, Belgium, France and United States. With the all this appeal, versatility in fabric, patterns and designs the caftan is has definitely stood the test of time and here for much longer. Worn by women in more cold and conservative areas of Morocco, the haik is a traditional white outdoor costume, made of silk and wool.

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