lexus is250 vs camry

you get invited to their new car launch as well. haha. I will definitely be doing this before I make my decision. The 2018 Toyota Camry remains among the most competitive mid-size sedans, with a sleeker design, higher fuel economy, and carefully calibrated features and options for every buyer. Torque is a measurement of an engine’s power, closely related to horsepower. In your shoes, and living here, if it's just you Mrs Anonymous and 2 kids the IS should be ok. Just will be me, mrs and 1 kid. he price of top spec mazda 6 is not much below a lexus anyway. Another plus for the Lexus for me, since I don't drive all that much so I will definitely be doing less services with the Lexus. HOWEVER the IS250 is a *small* car, and the backseat space is a lot less compared to the Camry. Always impressed with the Camry's in Thailand that are used as airport limo's. The only thing I'd be wary of, is the fact that it's not a wagon and wagons are absolutely brilliant for family work. Lexus is a nicer car inside and that is about the only difference. I actually think the Camry looks nice, just not as nice as the Lexus. Selected modification Toyota Camry Lexus IS 250 Camry 2.0 VVT-i 4-AT Camry 2.5 Dual VVT-i 6-MT Lexus IS 250 Comfort Lexus IS 250 Executive; Overall length, mm: 4825: 4665: Broadwise, mm: 1825: 1810: Altitude control, mm: 1480: 1430: Type of motor: 4-cyl 16 valve DOHC VVT-i: V6 DOHC V6 DOHC, direct injection: Cubic capacity of a cylinder: 1998: 2494 : 2500: Maximum boost horsepower, RPM: … In the meantime I will try to do more of my own research, but would like some feedback/opinions from you Whirlpool. My head tells me to get the Camry cost savings wise, but my heart keeps saying get the Lexus cause I will love it. It is also useful if you are transporting cargo in the rear of the vehicle. With more USB ports, you are able to connect more devices. 10+ Years if possible. If buying new Lexus's after-sales services is second to none in Australia. In your shoes, and living here, if it's just you Mrs Anonymous and 2 kids the IS should be ok, however if you want a full size family car I'd go the ES. The Lexus features a lot of extra sophistication in it's engineering, a lot of extra sound insulation, a much better audio system, etc etc. The Camry is perfect as a family car. An intake valve allows the air/fuel mixture to enter the combustion chamber. I drove a 2014 Camry as a lease and the interior is awful. But having a luxury car is like having a super hot girl friend, you can't take her to Hungry jacks for dinning. A petrol (gasoline) engine offers several advantages over diesel. Also there are plenty of 70 and 80 zones out here. IS is half of class small and it's RWD.

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