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‘LIKE PUNK NEVER HAPPENED’: THE LEGACY OF THE NEW ROMANTICS AND ‘80S U.K. Just 33 at the time of his passing, Relf clearly had more music in him. When, more. Although it’s doubtful Relf was familiar with Skip Spence’s ultra-low-selling 1969 cult album Oar, demos like “Collector of Light” have a similar acid-folk vibe. “He transferred dozens of reels of tape, some of them in poor condition, and attempted to catalogue them with the help of Jim McCarty and Keith’s sister Jane. Copyright International RELF Society © 2018. His zodiac sign is Aries. If not, they would move on to something else. My mother used to work in the local police station; she was on the switchboard. Singer and frontman Keith Relf was a crucial cog in their innovation, both as lead singer and a songwriter, usually sharing composing credits with other Yardbirds. By 1971, Jim McCarty and Keith Relf had left the band to begin other projects. Keith Relf was born 22 March 1943, Richmond, Surrey and was, tragically, fatally electrocuted 14 May 1976. We were very pleased when Reign covered it. Percy was married (registered June quarter 1915 in Brentford) to Nellie C Holland whose death was probably registered in the September 1958 quarter at Ealing. She is also believed to sing TV commercial jingles - probably in the USA. In March 1965, their record "For Your Love" reached No. The story goes that Keith Moon - lead drummer of The Who - remarked backstage one night that their performance (which he had watched) had gone down "like a lead Zeppelin"; leaving out the "a", the group changed it's name immediately and were henceforth known as Led Zeppelin - one of the greatest bands of all time. If you listen to Robert Plant for a few songs, you get fed up with it,” he laughs. We didn’t actually have a lot of confidence,” he laughs. It was sort of sad that we couldn’t keep that up. William Keith Relf was born, probably in Richmond, Surrey on 22 March 1943, the eldest child and only son of William Arthur P Relf and his wife, Mary E Vickers. 6 in the USA. Keith Relf & April Liversidge 1966. We used to link up on the gentle side and the spiritual things. Rumours that Keith was electrocuted while playing his guitar in the bath were strongly denied by his family. He was the drummer and leader of the German progressive rock band Grobschnitt and has also made several successful solo records. POP, NOT THE SAME AFTER THAT: ROCK & ROLL ACID CASUALTIES, WEEGEE: NEW YORK'S FIRST PUNK PHOTOGRAPHER. “Collector to the Light,” in particular, sounds almost like a message from a hermit’s cave, with eerie reverb and miscellaneous faint shakes. She called me up the next day and said, ‘oh, I heard he’s dead,’ because the police were called in. He performed under the name Keith Relf. Based in Los Angeles, California, where they were joined by American drummer Bobby Caldwell, they only made one album - which reached No. music, This pair formed the aptly named "Together" - a folk duo. We were always aware of and sharing of the folk tradition, and had we been able to we would surely have included something of those influences in our stage presence, but the R&B ‘wave’ didn’t really allow for that. Zero” just dented the UK chart at #50. McCarty formed a classically provoked progressive rock band called ‘Illusion’ with former Renaissance-mates, Jane Relf, John Hawken, and Louis Cennamo. Richie Unterberger has been writing about little-known and well-known rock and popular music of all kinds for more than 25 years. “I agree with you totally,” says McCarty when I tell him as much in our interview. But All the Falling Angels has value far beyond filling in the cracks for Yardbirds fanatics. Didn’t it include some live Page era tracks that he wanted suppressed? On many of the tapes he’s just working out ideas by chanting or playing guitar with lots of echo, almost like a mantra, gradually shaping ideas which become more fully formed on subsequent recordings. Eroc has an amazing ear and exceptional studio skills, learned through years of experience as a musician, producer, and engineer. ‘Collector of Light’ is an extraordinary piece of music with what sounds like a detuned guitar being plucked as he sings along in a very abstract way. “He conveyed moodiness, mystery, and a fragility that was perfect for the material he was singing. As to why more didn’t get out during his lifetime, Jim thinks “he was frustrated, and a little bit sad. Occasional mid-‘60s Yardbirds originals like the 1965 UK hit “Still I’m Sad” (the one that used Gregorian chant-like backing vocals) and “Turn into Earth” also showed the more sensitive, introspective side of the man, even as raunchier workouts like “I’m a Man” were on the hit parade. And yet, Keith had sort of a gentle side in him as well. Another nice acoustic folk piece, “I’d Love to Love You Till Tomorrow,” also recorded shortly before his death, has harmony vocals from his younger sister Jane, who looked enough like Keith for some to mistake them for twins. Saved by Music Journalist Leslie Michele. From The Wolfpack - Volume 15 Edition 1 January 2006. He died when he was playing an electric guitar which had not been earthed properly and accidentally stepped onto a (presumably metal) fireplace grate. “I think Keith was one of the most underrated vocalists of the era,” in Stax’s estimation. Keith Relf was actually William Keith Relf; no wonder we couldn't trace his lineage. Keith Relf estimated net worth in 2018 is Under Review.Here we also added Keith Relf previous years Net Worth, Income, Salary & Property details. She later joined Illusion and made several records in the 1970's which got into the US and UK music charts, but I have no recent information about her. So when Keith and Jim sat down to try to write they weren’t, I think, writing material for an album; they were more exploring something they had between them, and if it had legs then they would pursue it. “The tapes included multiple versions of many of the tracks so it was a matter of choosing the best and most complete takes, as well as taking into consideration the sound quality. 2 in the UK charts and No. I think he was often working with melodies and even lyrics right off the top of his head, tapping into his unconscious to find something, much like Skip on parts of Oar. It was really heavy. They would be pride of place if Reader's Digest (IF? “We did have other things, but I don’t know if [Keith] was that inspired to do it. Zero,’” says Yardbirds bassist Paul Samwell-Smith, who produced the single with Napier-Bell (and would go on to produce hit albums for Cat Stevens and Carly Simon). The Yardbirds are most famous for spawning three superstar guitarists with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. It was a big shock for me and Louis and John Hawken. And there’s one that’s very extroverted. A lot has been said, I know, on Keith and the band of which he was part. The Yardbirds Band was formed the London in 1963. From The Wolfpack - Volume 11 Edition 2 April 2002. They lived in Bayswater, then Sunburyon- Thames and they had two sons, Daniel (registered qtrSep1967 Richmond/THS) and Jason ( qtrJun1969 Richmond/THS). In the original lineup, Keith Relf was lead singer and also played the harmonica; Tony (Top) Topham played lead guitar, Jim McCarty drums, Chris Deja rhythm guitar and vocals, and Paul Samwell Smith bass guitar. “As I mention in the liner notes, there’s a meditative quality to his home recordings. Zero,” Yardbirds manager Simon Napier-Bell’s “Shapes in My Mind,” or his own composition “Knowing.” They also had a more ornate, baroque-pop production than Yardbirds fans expected, and failed to launch a simultaneous solo career, though “Mr. There was a classical as well as folk influence in this version of Renaissance, which played early progressive rock that was more experimental and less commercial than the entirely different lineup that found success in the mid-1970s. It was very authentic, what he did. But even they often know little beyond that. “If you listen to Robert Plant for a few songs, you get fed up with it,” he laughs. Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Somebody suggested to us, ‘It’s very good, but you really need a band to go and play all this stuff, and get other people to put in their ideas.’ Which of course happened with Renaissance. William Keith Relf (22 March 1943 – 14 May 1976) was an English musician, best known as the lead vocalist and harmonica player for The Yardbirds. Keith Relf is a British Singer, who was born on 22 March, 1943 in Richmond, Surrey, England. Keith Relf Zodiac Sign is Aries, Ethnicity White & religion Not Available.. Keith Relf Net Worth 2018. But I can see that there wasn’t anything in those days that was at all commercial. It took me a couple of months to get it together. To most rock fans, Relf seemed to vanish from view in the first half of the ‘70s, re-emerging as lead singer for Armageddon’s sole and self-titled LP in 1975. “I was listening to Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Carolyn Hester, Joan Baez, Donovan, Johnny Cash, and we would share our discoveries and passions with each other. I think we owe a debt to Lisa. William Keith Relf was born, probably in Richmond, Surrey on 22 March 1943, the eldest child and only son of William Arthur P Relf and his wife, Mary E Vickers. Co-edited by Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil, the authors of, Impressive overview of the UK and Oz Pub Rock scenes. “It didn’t really have to have that sort of power. In October 1963, Topham left and was replaced by Eric Clapton as lead guitarist. Keith Relf is a member of the following lists: 1943 births, English male singers and English rock singers.. Keep ‘em raving…”. Three Together outtakes – two of which first emerged as bonus tracks on an expanded CD of Little Games  — are in a similar soothing vein, though the previously unavailable “Line of Least Resistance” is more straightforward and forceful guitar-based folk-rock, with McCarty on lead vocal. “Line of Least Resistance,” oddly, did come out back in 1970 on a rare single by the group Reign, produced by Relf and McCarty. Keith's father, William Arthur P Relf, died in 1984 and was registered during June of that year in the Hounslow area; I can find no death for his mother in my records and so it may be that she is still alive. There may be a few things I overlooked, but the tracks I selected are the best by far of the many hours of tapes I listened to. But it was their fourth line-up, when Paul Samwell Smith left to become a producer and was replaced by Jimmy Page on bass guitar in January 1966, which is regarded by aficionados (of which I am not one) as the greatest.

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