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West Coast : Elliot Yeo out for extended time I wouldn’t worry too much. Fascinating to see when they schedule dons/dees after their rd 14 match. Viney coming in for quick cash generation & points, will trade him out in 3-4 weeks up to Dunkley/Titch/Danger. Sunday, September 6 Out: M.Hannan (omitted), L.Jackson (hamstring), T.Rivers (omitted), COLLINGWOOD Geelong, Gold Coast, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, St Kilda and Western Bulldogs “What was a corky – and we managed him in the back half of that scrimmage – is now a serious issue, which we’re hoping he’s OK. T/D – Hold. If Dan Houston looks like getting a bit more time on the ball next year, he can go around again in my team. Braydon Preuss has nominated GWS as his preferred choice. Saturday, September 5 Phil Davis OUT, Apparently he goes ok B: L.Duggan, T.Barrass, B.Sheppard New: Matt Owies. Your #1 resource for daily AFL SuperCoach tips and analysis. We tend to remove these updates when we post the full teams in the main post. B: D.Rich, D.Gardiner, J.Payne For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Fort OUT, I/C: H.Shaw, C.Ward, Z.Langdon, T.Green, J.Hately, D.Lloyd, J.Caldwell, S.Mumford, IN: Williams, Ward, Hately, Caldwell, Mumford, I/C: J.Anderson, B.Scott, A.Bonar, M.Wood, K.Hayden, T.Xerri, T.Murphy, T.Campbell, IN: Scott, Bonar, Wood, Xerri, Hayden, Campbell, IN: Sinclair, Fox, Clarke, Hewett, Stephens, Warner, I/C: D.Parish, P.Ambrose, D.Zaharakis, K.Langford, A.Francis, B.Ham, A.Phillips, J.Laverde, IN: Hooker, McKernan, Heppell, Ambrose, Ham, Phillips, OUT: Fantasia (Injured), Zerk-Thatcher (suspension), I/C: J.Carlisle, D.Kent, D.Butler, L.Dunstan, J.Battle, N.Hind, J.Marsh. Includes historical and current season data. Trent Rivers & Luke Jackson, Rivers is a gun, exactly what Melbourne need. F: L.Schultz, R.Lobb, J.Hogan There will be a two-day break between the completion of round 13 and the start of round 14. Collingwood v Port Adelaide, the Gabba, 7.15pm AEST, Wednesday, September 9 St. Kilda – Brad Crouch has chosen the Saints as his new club. Fascinating to see when they schedule dons/dees after their rd 14 match. "It's just good to be back, all the boys are ready to get stuck in and get more match sim as we get closer to games." Brad Crouch handed two-match ban by the AFL after being caught with illicit substance. Lol. well … i was planning on trading for upgrades – but that wont be happening now … need the rooks to cover these positions … FFS!! Saturday, September 12 C: A.Cerra, N.Fyfe, J.Aish Hmm. Max Gawn will have a fitness test tomorrow after sitting most of today’s session in the stand. HB: T.Williamson, L.Jones, S.Petrevski-Seton Elijah Taylor (Sydney) will be suspended for the rest of the season due to breach covid 19 protocols. B: M.Blicavs, L.Henderson, J.Bews HF: N.Anderson, S.Day, B.Ainsworth Thursday, September 10 If you’re still deciding between Ben Keays and Rhys Mathieson, the draftees didn’t make your task any easier with both showing one is just as good as the other. TD – Dangerfield and JPK, Greaves is to debut this weekend for Hawthorn as a 124k defender, Sunday, September 6 West Coast Eagles – Jake Waterman ,hand, out for 3 weeks He might be out for most of the season.”. St Kilda v West Coast, The Gabba, 7.10pm AEST C: J.Rowbottom, L.Parker, R.Clarke I/C: E.Phillips, J.Marsh, J.Lonie, B.Long, EMER: R.Byrnes, N.Hind, D.Roberton, R.Abbott OUT: Ross (omitted), Caddy (omitted), Eggmolesse-Smith (omitted), SUNS Brisbane Lions v Carlton, the Gabba, 7.40pm AEST, Sunday, September 20 Not a very good time for Cavarra to get his second game. Michael Walters to play rd 12 Don’t think BZT works his way back in, bAps. OUT: M.Daw, P.Ahern, T.Murphy (all omitted), POWER If A New Comment Is Posted:Do Not Send Email Notifications.Send Email Notification ONLY If Someone Replies To My Comment(s).Send Email Notification Whenever A New Comment Is Posted. Hey guys. Your email address will not be published. OUT: Smith (shoulder), Ceglar (toe), Scully (managed), TIGERS Should we be worried about Gawn with Pruess among the inclusions? St Kilda: Doulton Langlands, Ryan Abbott, Jack Bell, Jack Mayo & Logan Austin have been delisted. So do we know what rounds are SC Finals? F: T.Membrey, M. King, R.Marshall In: J.Kennedy, J.Waterman, B.Ainsworth Was planning on S Hill….Rivers a nice option. No worries Syringe. Is he playing or not playing? B: E.Wood, A.Keath, C.Daniel Saturday, August 29 FOLL: S.Jacobs, J.Kelly, T.Taranto JavaScript is disabled. F: C.Petracca, S.Weideman, K.Pickett F: M.Wallis, A.Naughton, B.Cavarra Definite upgrade target. When I remove this post to clean up the thread it is not because you posted. Long also looks good, but doesn’t have a track record of good scoring yet. A big shout to all the guys. FOLL: R.O’Brien, H.Schoenberg, R.Laird FOLL: S.Darcy, D.Mundy, A.Brayshaw I/C: M.Crouch, D.Mackay, H.Schoenberg, F.McAsey, EMER: R.Atkins, J.Worrell, B.Davis, K.Strachan In: M.Walters Western Bulldogs v Adelaide, Metricon Stadium, 1.05pm AEST, WESTERN BULLDOGS Majority won't consider Petracca if he is a mid. C: X.Duursma, O.Wines, K.Amon Well done. I/C: R.West, E.Richards, B.Dale, R.Smith Out: D.Roberton (omitted), In: P.Lipinski, B.Gowers, E.Richards, L.Vandermeer, W.Hayes, J.Sweet, L.Jong T/D – Bailey Smith Thursday August 13, 8.10pm at Optus Stadium, SWANS Much appreciated. Roberton to DBJ A one game achilles? Round 15 Depends on the rookies. B: B.McKay, R.Tarrant, E.Vickers-Willis HF: T.McLean, M.Bontempelli, S.Lloyd I would love to know if Essendon were planning on playing him if he didn’t get suspended bAps. My excuse is that the most viable trades have consisted of both early and late games. Comment- Petracca. OUT: Cordy (chest), Johannisen (ankle), Bruce (managed), Vandermeer (managed), CROWS PLEASE Supercoach Gods – no more “managing” of our premiums….. Tom Hutchesson GWS M/F $117,300 to debut. Tim Broomhead & Matthew Scharenberg have been delisted. The teams for Western Bulldogs v Adelaide Crows, St Kilda v Essendon and West Coast Eagles v Hawthorn will be announced on Saturday evening. Adelaide v Greater Western Sydney, Adelaide Oval, 5.40pm AEST, 5.10pm ACST What if Treloar is still 2 weeks away could get 4 games out of brown which might be enough for short season and cash generation. IN: Reid, Ainsworth, McGovern SuperCoach Player of the Decade | Fremantle Dockers May 20, 2020 May 19, 2020 MJ Want ... Ben Keays has found a role for himself playing as a tagger in the Adelaide midfield. FOLL: P.Ryder, J.Steele, J.Sinclair FOLL: S.Draper, D.Shiel, D.Parish Out: Daniher (managed), McGrath (syndesmosis), WESTERN BULLDOGS v WEST COAST EAGLES HB: S.Hill, L.Ryan, E.Hughes CATS IN: C.O’Riordan, N.Blakey, Z.Foot Was going to get in early with all the juice and gossip and get ahead of the pack. THE AFL’s second wave for 2020 season will see matches played on 17 of 18 days, beginning Thursday, August 27. "He's definitely a good athlete so to see him come second at a new Club is a real credit to him," Jones said. FOLL: O.McInerney, J.Lyons, L.Neale Friday, September 11 This year will potentially be the last “good” year of Danger, as he’s getting on in years. It has been confirmed that MELBOURNE forwards Kysaiah Pickett and Charlie Spargo have been suspended for breaching the AFL’s COVID-19 protocols. In: A.McPherson Freo Pick 7 Hayden Young will debut against the Lions today. OUT: R.Bonner, B.Ebert, J.Westhoff (all omitted), ST KILDA v HAWTHORN (Dean Anderson Cup) FOLL: S.Jacobs, Boer, T.Taranto HF: S.McAdam, D.Fogarty, L.Murphy Western Bulldogs v Geelong, Metricon Stadium, 7.50pm AEST IN: S.Reid, J.Caldwell, Z.Langdon, S.Jacobs Fremantle : Greater Western Sydney v Carlton,Metricon Stadium, 7.10pm AEST GOOD LUCK TO ALL MEMBERS IN GRAND FINALS. FOLL: I.Soldo, T.Cotchin, S.Bolton They were very generous. Gas there ever been a more anticipated teams announcement than tonight ? You have been incredible with the short turnarounds. B: B.Hardwick, W.Day, T.Scully In: D.Talia, J.Kelly, L.Murphy, M.Poholke, R.Sloane F: B.Daniels, H.Himmelberg, J.Finlayson HF: T.McLean, J.Bruce, M.Wallis Brisbane v Gold Coast, The Gabba, 7.10pm AEST. Wednesday September 9, 7:10pm at Gabba, LIONS HB: M.Guelfi, J.Ridley, A.Saad Williams carrying an injury? Is this the most anticipated H+A team selection for SC ever ?? Liam Henry MF $171,300 strongly suggested to debut. Normally I wouldn’t consider this, but we basically have 2 trades every round this year, so why not. In that scenario I plan to trade Smith to Petracca instead of my original plan to upgrade Pickett to T. Mitchell. F: J.Begley, S.McKernan, W.Snelling HB: W.Powell, C.Graham, C.Ballard So that’s now 3 on field rookies ( Wicks or Schoenberg covering Kelly and Riccardi at F6) so 21 scoring players.

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