jaguar xjs review

Also, keep the standard items as they may aid resale. Spotting a misfi re on this silky smooth unit isn’t easy, while under bonnet heat can cause problems with the wiring and electrics (especially electronic ignition coils). The AJ engine is generally reliable, although it’s not as silky as the XJ lump, and the cams can clatter due to worn lobes or a sticky top tensioner assembly. Ditto shot springs and shocks are not uncommon. Sport versions were introduced, as well as a range of body kits and trim options. yet it’s a fine gt and offers superb value.

At last, reshaped, bonded glass side windows behind the B-pillars cleaned up the Jag’s untidy profi le. With more than adequate power in standard form, any XJ-S could almost be left alone apart from the handling and steering could be usefully tightened up (although don’t go too mad and spoil that serene ride). Of course, the XJ-S isn't a sports car at all, but it's job was to continue in the spirit of the E-type Series 3. Our guide will save you money. White smoke from the right exhaust bank may be nothing more than a failed vacuum diaphragm for the gearbox kickdown unit.

The electronic controlled autos fitted to 4.0s should be test driven in all modes as electronic glitches are not unknown and can be costly to right. Where can you get quick classic car insurance quotes? Yet for all those who criticised the ultra-modern looks, the XJ, alongside the XF, marked the rebirth of the brand. MOT trouble spots include the sills (inner and outer and can be bad), front footwells (ditto) and corrosion around those big hollow C-pillars, which rot from the inside out. When Jaguar finished its slant-six AJ6 engine in 1983, it installed it in the XJ-S before making it available to saloon car buyers three years later. Diff leaks are a Jaguar perennial weakness, spewing lube all over the brakes, but the drivetrain is otherwise pretty tough. The Cabriolet wasn’t open-topped Jaguar motoring at its best, though. Hardly a classic Jag design, less than 5000 were made and these are now collectible. Less than 500 were made, as Jag also offered a 6-litre, 332bhp JaguarSport. The XJ has represented the pinnacle of Jaguar’s saloon car line-up and, with a few notable exceptions, one XJ has, broadly speaking, looked quite a lot like the next. Its styling was smoothed out, and the engine line-up now consisted of the 4.0-litre AJ6 'Sport' spec engine first seen in the XJ40, and (in 1992) a larger 6.0-litre V12. However, with such swaps costing around £2500, it is a dear way simply to obtain a better cruising ratio.When the 3.6 was introduced, it was initially available as a manual-only car, proving almost as brisk as an automatic V12; the 4.0s are even quicker. With few genuine manual V12 cars made (four-speed only, no overdrive), a five-speed conversion is worth considering.

That it’s ‘more confident and forward-looking’ in appearance is in absolutely no doubt. Questionable styling and image, build quality, rust woes, being overlooked by better and better value XK8? Thirteen years after the XJ-S’ debut, a true convertible was launched, along with higherpowered V12, plus TWR-badged XJ-Rs (with an extra 13bhp), intended to celebrate Tom Walkinshaw’s successes with the car in the highly prestigious European Touring Car Championship, which was giving the XJ-S extra respectability. Instead, with its peculiar fi xed-head bodywork (those rear buttresses were body strengtheners to enable an initial mid-e… There has been a Jaguar XJ since 1968, or at least a Jaguar featuring XJ in the name. Please do not advertise products, all posts of this nature will be removed. Can you help me trace the history of a Rolls Royce classic? If not bad you’ll need to love and live with it – as the V12 is a hell of an engine to remove. What’s more, sheer availability and value of the car’s replacement, the excellent XK8, is affecting the XJ-S market so deeply that there’s a real danger of enthusiasts skipping a generation of Jags, which is unthinkable. And while the XJ-S might not have been a nimble road racer, it was a brilliant grand tourer.

And those looks will always dog the car. Putting this right can be involved, but worthwhile if you want the car to handle right. Grace, pace and space. How much should I pay for a classic MGB (rubber bumper)? Although it was a gas-guzzler extraordinare when launched, revisions during its life made it (slightly) more economical, prolonging its life further than anyone would ever dared to imagine. The XJ-S was Jag’s most expensive car ever when it was launched, costing £8900, which put it fi rmly in the Ferrari and Porsche bracket. Jaguar XJ 2010-2019 review .

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