is cape town safe

You may have someone demand money from you, you may be pickpocketed, you may even have something stolen from your room. If you are going to … It does have problems with theft and robbery and female travelers may want to be on the extra-cautious side.

For many years, Cape Town has been in the midst of a water crisis.

Blogs, pictures, forum Cape Town on They often choose life on the streets because of the easy money they make to support their substance abuse habits. There’s a train service called Metrorail too. To know that you are getting in an official and safe taxi we highly recommend using UBER.

Perhaps this is due in part to the medias portrayal of Cape Town (and South Africa in general) in previous years as a violent and dangerous place – something which has stuck in people’s minds and still makes them question how safe is Cape Town in 2019?. We do the research, so you don’t have to worry as much. We want people to have the same open attitude to visiting Cape Town! I’ll bet many locals don’t know about the Shosholoza Meyl, a long-distance passenger train that runs between Cape Town and Johannesburg. These areas are the V&A Waterfront, Camps Bay, Somerset Road in Sea Point and Kloof Street. Check out our Hostel Guide for the best budget options. Staying in a hostel in Cape Town with great reviews, a good social atmosphere, and a good location is a good step towards staying safe as a solo traveler in Cape Town. View International SOS’s interactive Travel Risk Map for more information on South Africa.

Ask the staff at your hostel about the local area. It is best to leave expensive jewellery at home. Put simply, begging is more lucrative.

These are SUPER cheap, but they also come with a lot of flaws. However, whenever we speak to people about Cape Town, it undeniably has a bad reputation, especially when it comes to safety. You may well be asking is it safe to travel to Cape Town today?

If pickpockets try to pick your pockets, they’ll find nothing. Yes, you can drive around Cape Town. However, what is more, important than knowing what kind of crimes tend to occur in Cape Town, is knowing the areas and hotspots where they’re more likely to occur.

It doesn’t exactly rank highly when it comes to the best healthcare in the world (to be precise, it was No. You might think it’s unthinkable, but a hawker trying to sell you something will literally follow you for as long as they think they’ve got your attention. This sandy expanse to the southeast of the Central Business District is somewhere you’ll want to give a wide berth to. Always carry sufficient hydration, some food and a warm jacket on a hike. Even though you’ll only see the first few rows of the townships, you’ll have had your first brief insight into Cape Town’s socially engineered layout during apartheid. (The facts), 21 Top Safety Tips for Traveling to Cape Town. As we mentioned earlier, this is not the sort of thing you’ll want to be traveling around on at night (like with anything in Cape Town). Cars meander below sixty kilometers per hour, people walk around barefoot and the time difference between ‘just now’ and ‘now now’ can be hours. We have been to Cape Town 3 times in total and for good reason!

Find the answers to your travel-related questions in our handy, one-stop Cape Town holiday planning hub – complete with info-packed guides and resources that will make planning your visit a breeze. When we first booked, everyone asked ‘but is Cape Town safe?’. This already makes the situation much safer for you. When approached by a car guard, a friendly smile and greeting will go a long way in securing goodwill. As such, formal tourism establishments largely take the safety and comfort of their guests very seriously. It just means extra work as a female solo traveler. Hermanus, I have never been so scared. Try not to look like a tourist. If you need a little more room for your passport and other travel valuables, have a look at a full-size money belt that tucks under your clothes instead.

Public transport in South Africa is the scene of many criminal activities. This is not to say that violence does not exist outside the townships, nor is murder the only crime that occurs around here. We’ll be covering a lot of issues in this guide.

No city is ever 100% safe. MyCiTi is the name of the bus service in Cape Town, and this is much safer.

Although it’s often mistaken as the very south of Africa, it’s more like the southwestern-most tip.

This will be made obvious on the drive from Cape Town International Airport into the city along the N2; for a couple of kilometers, both sides of the highway are lined with shacks made of corrugated iron and other scraps built on sand. Many other zones like Camps Bay and Newlands, places where you as a tourist would be most likely to frequent, score below the global average. It’s Cape Flats – locally known as The Flats – that sees the most violence and crime. The public system is chronically underfunded. Rio also has its fair share of crime, especially in the favelas, the Brazilian equivalent of South Africas townships. As such, we would advise travellers to exercise the same level of vigilance they would exercise when visiting any major city in the world. I was wearing loose gym shorts so it was very easy to go into the loose pocket. Follow our advice, fellow broke backpackers, and you’ll find Cape Town a much more manageable and FUN place to be.

Just be extra cautious as your defences are lowered when drinking – perhaps slow your normal pace of drinking while here, and limit the valuables you take with you. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be affected by crime. Informal settlements can be confusing and apart from getting lost, you may stumble upon the wrong company and put yourself in danger’s way.

As a Capetonian with almost a year and a half of European adventures under my belt, I can’t even count the number of times newly-made foreign friends have looked at me wide-eyed and asked, “But isn’t Cape Town really dangerous?”.

However, this does not mean that it is safe like a city of a first world state would be. Don’t leave cellphones or wallets on restaurant tables. Find answers to your questions in the Cape Town forum.

Being aware that these DO happen, keeping your car clear of valuables, and locking the doors at all times will decrease the chances of this happening.

They are known to stop tourist buses, saying that they're checking identification and searching luggage.

You’ll find these in tourist areas, all will range in styles from Italian to Moroccan. We’d always recommend traveling with a money belt, and the Active Roots Security Belt is a great shout.

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