internally generated revenue in nigeria 2018

However, Europe stands at the lowest rate of 20.27%. With the highest in this data being Zambia at 35% and the lowest being Libya and Madagascar at 20%, South Africa stands roughly in the middle at 28%, slightly above average for Africa overall. Does this mean that South Africa is the safest bet for business? Also the dependability on taxation alone by federal, states, and local governments of Nigeria may not be the way out of increasingly revenue to meet the consistently increasing capital and recurrent expenditures of the government. proceeds from sales of cocoa, rubber, palm trees, groundnut, cotton and timber) in the 70's but changed to oil and gas as a result of the prominence of oil in Nigerian economy from the 80's till date (Usman, Madu, & Abdullahi, 2015; ... After independence and up to the civil war, the economy of Nigeria was hinged on its natural agricultural resources. The Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is one of the sources of revenue available to the Nigerian government and generated within government jurisdiction. Furthermore, it was mentioned that regardless of the collection from Federation accounts, States and Local governments should consider IGR as their main source of finance and formulate the policies of its collection and management towards their economic development [5]. For there to be a local government, it must be ready and be seen to be able to meet its obligations through internal sources. The paper is based on a survey of the five states of the South-East region. The country generated N903,151,832,126.91 in taxes […] Erhagbe (2014) states that IGR is the creation of “tangible” and “intangible” funds within the confines of one’s entity.
prescribed by the House of Assembly of the State. There is hope that Borno State’s ‘Budget of ‘Resettlement and Empowerment’ would be partly funded with N16, 075,548 billion expected IGR, a figure that is higher than Taraba State’s N5.3 billion and Yobe State’s N4.5 billion expected IGR for the 2018 fiscal year. Total IGR of the state had grown to N5.1 billion from N2.34 billion made in 2016. economy which had put the three regions, groundnut, cotton and hides and skin; the East for, dispensation in 1979 when Sheu Shagari was elected, presidential system of government which hitherto, away from the mind of the people - which invariably, many workers, especially in the civil ser, other nations. Thus, this study examines the effects of the emerging culture of (un)armed violence by legal/illegal revenue collectors in Enugu metropolis. But Externally Generated Revenue (EGR) has insignificant and positive effect on the infrastructural development in Chanchaga Local Government Area of Niger State.

In its latest oil market report, the cartel said Nigeria produced 1.37 million barrels per day in the month of August but that number declined by 58,000 to 1.31 million barrels per day in September. Out of the 110 patients, 109 were females and one was male, giving a male to female ratio of 1:109. However this is far from what is obtained in practice as this study would show that for selected local governments understudied, they were unable to generate 10% of internal revenue, hence the gross dependence on statutory allocations from the federation account. Eventually running to six phases, taking in both West and East Africa, and later described as the biggest animal-disease operation of its kind ever undertaken, the first phase was a more modest affair. Future studies should find out, apart from ‘Over Reliance on Crude Oil Revenue’ and ‘Poor Taxation System’, whether some other factors do militate against the implementation of the property rating in the study area. Biopsy was performed on all the patients (open or core needle) and histology reports obtained. In Katsina State, the estimated internal revenue for 2018 is N10.2 billion, while in Niger and Gombe States, the expected revenue is N11billion and N8.5billion. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. On average, Africa has the highest corporation tax rate throughout the world’s continents at 28.45% and South America, the second highest with an average rate of 27.63%. The results showed that ‘Over-Reliance on Crude Oil Revenue’ and ‘Poor Taxation System’ are the most important factors hindering the implementation of property rating. Our recommendation is that there should be continuity in policy implementation and aggressive prosecution of tax defaulters as deterrent to others. Retrieved from on Tuesday March12. 21, No.1, 2013, The internally generated revenue (IGR) has, was used and it was found that states ge. Data collected were content analyzed. The study utilised the mixed methods for data collection and analysis. (2010) Stimulating Internally Generated Revenue in Bayelsa State Retrieved Hamzat, K. O. This made Nigeria being a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to supply far more than its fair quota during that period.

© 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. On the other hand, Akwa Ibom State will generate N35.496 billion as IGR within the 2018 financial year, while Anambra State plans to raise its IGR this year to N30 billion.In Delta and Kano States, the expected internal revenue to support their budgets are N71 billion and N53.7 billion respectively, just as Kwara State is hoping to generate N38.34 billion, and Bauchi State N13,126,384,230 in the year under review. Next to the trio is Sokoto State, which is targeting N32.16 billion IGR in 2018, while Plateau State is targeting N21 billion in the same period. Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) may be in the form of Education Counterpart Funding Scheme (ECFS) which serves to fund the university system apart from the statutory grant that is received from the Government. This was when the resources of each region were used and the balance posted to the Federal Government, Analysis of options for Maximizing Local Government internally generated Revenue in Nigeria, Atakpa, M., Ocheni, S., and Nwakwo, B. C. (2012) Analysis of options for Maximizing Specifically, in 2017 total IGR was 936.4bn, thereby increased to … And over the next five years, the crisis could cost an estimated $28tn in output losses. The findings revealed that effective revenue mobilization in Lagos state was as a result of several factors such as; nature of leadership, patriotic nature of the political elite, high density population of the state, commercial nature of the state and willingness of the informal sector to comply with tax laws. Kogi State government’s estimated internal revenue for 2018 is pegged at N33.6 billion ahead of Bayelsa andEnugu States’ N24 billion and N30 billion respectively.
(2012) Light Rail; our plan is to move Lagosians around with ease by 2014.

The budget has been passed since February. All the consecutive patients with palpable breast lesions presenting at the general surgery outpatient clinics were recruited and evaluated clinically. 2013, Anambra's budget of misplaced priorities Retrieved from on Monday. No fewer than 28 states of the federation have proposed to generate over N1.9 trillion internally to fund their 2018 budgets. Revenue is very essential to any tier of government being local, state and federal government. Bauchi State’s IGR regressed the most as what the state generated in 2017 stood at N4.36 billion, which is 49.65 per cent lower than N8.67 it made in the corresponding period of 2016. The study has collected quantitative data, and used SPSS for reliability and exploratory factor analysis; and applied Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) with Analysis of Moment Structure (AMOS) for the analysis of the measurements and the structural models. The results of the findings indicated that ‘Over-reliance on Crude Oil Revenue’ and ‘Poor Taxation System’ are the leading factors that hinders the This study had been carried out to see the impact these internal sources has on the total revenue. Presently, stood at 6.1 percent to GDP of US$375.8 billion, one of the lowest in the world. at demonstrating the effectiveness of coordinated disease control in reducing the incidence of rinderpest in the 8 million cattle living in the Lake Chad Basin area of Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria. Government Revenue Profile and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1981 - 2015), Breakdown of national corporate governance and the dynamics of corruption in a nation: The precipice situation of Nigeria, Effective Revenue Mobilization and Sustainable Development in Lagos State, Nigeria, The Emerging Culture of (Un)Armed Violence by Legal/Illegal Revenue Collectors in Urban Cities in Nigeria: Evidence from Enugu State, Revenue Generation as a Determinant of Infrastructural Development in Chanchaga Local Government Area of Niger State, Framework of Property Rating Practice for Financing Neighborhoods Facilities Provision in Bauchi Metropolis Nigeria, Boosting Internally Generated Revenue of Local Governments in Ogun State, Nigeria. on Monday January 28, 2013. On oil price movement in September, the organisation said prices settled lower in the month under review after four consecutive months of gains. government functions were dully discharged with. It notes that modern technology is yet to be incorporated in IGR planning and collection approaches, with officials relying mainly on physical visitation, memos and letters to notify tax payers. Oil prices sustained bullish trend on Thursday after data showed U.S oil inventories declined last week. By doing so, the citizens would give their maximum support to the Chanchaga local government administration in its drive for rural development.

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