hybrid electric vehicle battery voltage

If the vehicle is damaged or faulty, and if safe to do so, isolate the high voltage battery system using the isolation device on the vehicle. You should consider the risks for working on this live equipment and implement suitable precautions including, as a final measure, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). According to the Centers for Disease Control, a 7.5 watt, 120-volt lamp draws enough current to cause electrocution [source: Casini].

Coupled with the DynoLAB, the Solid State Battery Simulator/Tester accurately simulates the response of the high-voltage battery in real-world conditions. HSE aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. In fact, a standard power supply used with a regenerative system may be damaged or destroyed. This typically requires addition of fairly complex AC inverter technology, and often more complex transmissions. Even when isolated, vehicle batteries and other components may still contain large amounts of energy and retain a high voltage.

How much corn would I need to fuel a cross-country trip with ethanol? Consider whether the integrity of the battery is likely to have been compromised. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Hybrid vehicles typically have two sources of energy, an internal combustion engine using either diesel or petrol for fuel and a battery. For example, a fork lift company may conduct QC testing on a shipment of imported electric motors that are scheduled to be placed inside their forklifts.

the presence of high voltage components and cabling capable of delivering a fatal electric shock. Determine the locations of high voltage cables before carrying out tasks such as panel replacement, cutting or welding. The electric cable attached to this Chevy Volt may help drivers do their part for the environment, but it could also open them up to a host of problems in an accident. electric motors or the vehicle itself that may move unexpectedly due to magnetic forces within the motors. The ability to drive or load in either direction is exactly what is needed to test a system that itself operates in this manner. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for precautions when working live, including their PPE requirements. (April 17, 2009)http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/98-131/overview.html, Honda. Instead, the battery is charged through regenerative braking and by the internal combustion engine. Testing systems for hybrid or electric vehicles. Not only is this more efficient, but it also requires much smaller/lighter wiring and smaller components to transfer the energy, leading to smaller, lighter, more energy efficient vehicles. http://www.safetycenter.navy.mil/osh/firedata/Toyota_ER_Guides/Prius_2G_ ERG.pdf, Webster, Larry.

Modern hybrid/EV test systems must provide all of the functionality of traditional systems, with the added ability to test high-power regenerative electrical drives, high voltage battery and charging systems, and communicating with any number of smart control modules (MCU’s).

They also store significant amounts of energy that can give rise to explosion if not dealt with correctly. Jan. 1, 2004. Unless a specific task requires the vehicle to be energised always isolate or disconnect the high voltage battery in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Pressure washing has the potential to damage high voltage electrical components and cables. In-process testing may also be conducted to test partial assemblies along the production line. The technology is out there to ensure proper testing and realization of the energy efficiency benefits promised by hybrid and electric vehicles. April 27, 2008. It is essential that the testing program used in designing and manufacturing the vehicles ensure that the powertrain is running efficiently and making the best use of this regenerative power. Specific training with qualifications awarded by organisations such as IMI Awards is available. These systems tend to be very efficient, but also generate a great deal of harmonic distortion in the power output. These test systems tend to be rather complex and are usually the most sophisticated, with many elements to be tested and coordinated. There are substantial differences in the designs of E&HVs from different manufacturers. Engineering testing – design engineers need precise measurements.

At the heart of the system lies a high-efficiency, line-regenerative DC power source.

the potential for the release of explosive gases and harmful liquids if batteries are damaged or incorrectly modified. Have access to reliable sources of information for specific vehicle types.  For example mobile data terminals used by fire and rescue services or by reference to manufacturer’s data. Valeting, sales and other lower risk activities, Incident response including emergency services and vehicle recovery, Maintenance and repair excluding high voltage electrical systems, Working on high voltage electrical systems.

There is great excitement in the automotive, heavy equipment, military, and aerospace industries over the promise of improved environmental performance of hybrid and electrical vehicles. Warning signs should be used to make people aware of the dangers.

To properly test this complex drivetrain configuration, the test system must be able to communicate with these control units simultaneously and efficiently.

Background . Since battery performance changes over time depending upon their charge state, ambient conditions, and age, they are typically not acceptable for powering the DC components of a hybrid/EV test system.

During this time, the electric motor assists in accelerating the vehicle, using some of the recaptured electrical energy to reduce the load on the engine, and therefore reduce fuel consumption. Using this recaptured power is the reason we can go longer between fillups and/or charges, leading to the improvements in fuel economy we are seeking. Measures should be implemented to alleviate any potential risks eg by removing the batteries or by providing insulation to limit any temperature increase in the batteries. To accurately test a high voltage hybrid or electric drivetrain, you need to be able to provide precise, repeatable high-voltage DC power.

Only suitable tools and test equipment should be used.  These may include electrically insulated tools and test equipment compliant with GS38.

A 6 volt battery typically has bigger cells than a 12 volt battery. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Avoid towing E&HV vehicles unless it can be determined that it is safe to do so.

Quality control testing – motor users look for defects in incoming product. Hybrid or electric vehicles use 4-quadrant motor/inverter technology to either assist the engine (hybrid) or as the prime mover (electric vehicle). "Fear, but Few Facts, on Hybrid Risk."

To conduct this type of testing, it is essential to use a 4-quadrant motoring dynamometer, which can simulate/test all modes of operation in a hybrid or electric vehicle. There may be circumstances (eg after collision damage) where it has not been possible to fully isolate the high voltage electrical systems and to discharge the stored energy in the system. Dangerous voltages can be generated by movement of the drive wheels.

Battery packs are susceptible to high temperatures. Otherwise they will lose much of the advantage of using hybrid/electric technology.

• High-voltage level for hybrid and electric vehicles for boost function, energy recuperation and electric dri-ving greater than 12 kW (red/orange) Source: Delphi Deutschland Fig. This changing technology and increased complexity requires a testing system very different, and more complex, than those used in IC-only systems. The DynoLAB system was designed to integrate all of these separate units into a single, coordinated test platform. Typical tests include operational validation, quick performance testing, as well as rigorous testing to validate that high-voltage electrical systems are properly isolated, and are therefore safe to use in vehicles. This unit must be specifically designed to accurately measure high-power electrical values with a great deal of harmonic distortion present. components that may retain a dangerous voltage even when a vehicle is switched off.Â. This type of test system is typically less complex, because it does not have to measure as many items, nor to the degree of accuracy, as those tested in engineering systems.

You must always test and prove that any high voltage cable or electrical component is dead prior to carrying out any work on it.

In hybrid systems, when stopping, slowing down, or idling, the engine is typically shut off and not burning fuel.

Information about the device's operating system, Information about other identifiers assigned to the device, The IP address from which the device accesses a client's website or mobile application, Information about the user's activity on that device, including web pages and mobile apps visited or used, Information about the geographic location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application. This innovative method provides much greater power efficiency and measurably reduces overall operating costs.

For many larger hybrid/electric drivetrains, there is a strong trend toward using higher voltage, higher efficiency drive systems.

In the past, the engine was primarily controlled using the throttle and ignition. To achieve repeatable results you need a reliable DC power source. They may also need to develop a wider range of skills and knowledge and have access to specialist tools and equipment in order to be able to work safely. Visually check the vehicle for signs of damage to high voltage electrical components or cabling (usually coloured orange). [These vehicles are also referred to as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).].

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