how to cut ho flex track

Small layouts built with sectional track generally fit together pretty well, but when flextrack is used, it’s often necessary to trim the rail ends to fit. Use eye protection and a light touch to allow the spinning disk to do its cutting job.  Most folks in the Ho and N scale world use flex track on their layouts When laying track you often need to cut your 36” flex track to a shorter length. For O gauge or smaller track you can then grab a piece of 2x4, a foot or so in length. Press firmly down with your jig onto the track making sure the grooves lay on the rails properly. I am using Peco OO/HO guage code 100 flexible track. All rights reserved. Flex Track I have found that you can achieve smooth clean curves, using flex track. manage your account online and more! Working with individual track sections has its convenience, but for free-flowing original track designs, flex track is a better option. You want the grooves tight and centered in the wood. Cut, lengthwise, with a wide saw blade or use a router grooves in the wood so that you can invert your jig and place it on top of the track and have the rails fit into those groves. If you take your time you will do the least amount of damage to the rails. Mark the length of track where you need to cut it. One advantage of flex track is that it is usually longer than “snap” track. Since Life isn't One dimensional and I'm not short on opinion, from time to time you'll find a bit more here then just Railroad info...stop back and have Fun. Working with flex track takes some care and practice but with a little patience and know-how, even a beginner can pick it up quickly. Be careful; the ceramic cutting disks are easily broken by any side pressure. If you try to cut with too much force or too fast you can damage the rail. See, By signing up you may also receive occasional reader surveys and special offers from, MR subscribers, check out the new All-Time Digital Archives, New model trains for the week of October 22, 2020, Rapido Trains HO Alco FA-2 and FB-2 diesels, Model Railroader announces the launch of, The Hills Line with James McNab: Harnessing electrons and wiring electronic devices, Episode 6, Santiam Division of the Union Pacific Raiload, Logging railroad operations at Westpine on the Oregon Joint Line, Battery-powered 24" N-scale model railroad with waterfall, Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide 2020, How-to Library: Building a turntable, Part 5 - Wheels and track installation, How-to Library: Building a turntable, Part 4 - Bridge parts assembly, How-to Library: Building a turntable, Part 3 - Installing the motor mechanism, It's My Railroad with Steve Brown: Cement plant parts & paint, Ep. Awesome Inc. theme. All rights reserved. Motor tools are also handy if you need to add an electrical gap in the rails. A motor tool and a cutting disk makes a smooth, clean cut. Then slide it down to the shorter marks and cut them. You'll find out what works and what doesn't. Rail nippers are designed to make clean vertical cuts at a right angle to the length of the rail. Remember to allow enough width along each side of the roadbed to attach scenery materials.  I have seen many guys just grab any old pair of diagonal pliers and just go to town cutting the solid rail, ho or n, flex track. Flex rail - connecting. Login, or register today to interact in our online community, comment on articles, receive our newsletter, Spike both sides of the rails on either side of the gap to hold them as the cut is made. Woodland Track-Bed Roll 24' HO Scale HO Scale Model Train Track Roadbed #st1474 Midwest (bulk of 25) Cork Roadbed 3' (25) Model Train Track Roadbed HO Scale #3013 Xuron ULTRAFLUSH CUTTING … Half these sizes works well for N scale. What we discuss here can also be used for cutting already installed track on your model train layout. Cutting track with a miter box and a fine-tooth razor saw will produce clean, square cuts in almost any type of rail used in small scales. Then they have to spend hours cleaning up their mess when they realize they can't get the rail joiners on or if they do the cuts were so crooked there is too much of a … Automatic joining. First you have to make yourself a jig. OK, so many of you sent in emails asking about the more advanced...quicker techniques for cutting model railroad track so here it goes. . Lets talk about Model Train Layout Design, Construction, Wireing, Scenery, Operation. You'll find out what works and what doesn't. Some Concepts explained here also work for "Gargraves" type flex track for o gauge as well. Cutting rail is a common activity that becomes important as soon as anyone begins building a model railroad. You can review the first part of this discussion by clicking, Copyright © by Pat Guerra 2012. Lets talk about Model Train Layout Design, Construction, Wireing, Scenery, Operation. Take a length of wood that the track can sit on and be fully supported. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Depending on the gauge and weather or not your track is already installed on your layout your technique has to vary. If you need to cut one rail a different length then the other due to a curve or special instillation then slide the jig up the rail to the longest mark and cut just that rail. This jig will hold the track firmly and safely in place minimizing any damage to the rails and your fingers. Track Nails I have found new nails for track. hand-held motor tool (many different models), 1132156 cut off disks 1⁄32" and 1⁄8" x 1½" diameter, 1132208 cut off disks 1⁄32" x 2" diameter, 11321102 cut off disks 1⁄32" x 1" diameter, 11321154 cut off disks 1⁄32" and 1⁄8" x 1½" diameter. Small layouts built with sectional track generally fit together pretty well, but when flextrack is used, it’s often necessary to trim the rail ends to fit. Many people prefer to have an electrical feed to each section of track or at least every other section, so flex track reduces the number of electrical feeds. When you’re done you may need to take a small file to the edge of the rail to remove any leftover burs. Since Life isn't One dimensional and I'm not short on opinion, from time to time you'll find a bit more here then just Railroad info...stop back and have Fun. Start by laying the … Awesome Inc. theme. I can keep the tracks parallel where I use the Curve Flex option. The inside rail has a tighter radius and extends beyond the end of the ties so it must be trimmed to allow the next piece of track to fit properly.

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