how thick should cob walls be

The thatch, of course, is the bundled reeds and rushes that are sculpted to conform to and protect the roof. I have seen lot of mud houses in the tropics where it rains a lot and very humid. When does it feel right? It is inexpensive and has been used to build "mud huts" since architecture began. You can built a cob house in any climate. If for a working bench of course much higher depending on how tall you are. In the cold of winter, the walls … This approach brings a reasonably durable floor that is healthy from an air quality perspective, but also beautiful. On the Hardy cottage, the thatch is cut above the second story windows, just as the cob walls themselves would have been cut and shaped. Cob architecture is suitable for the desert and some people claim cob is even good for very cold climates — walls tend to be very thick, even two feet especially at the base, above the foundation.

Cob, cobb or clom (in Wales) is a natural building material made from subsoil, water, fibrous organic material (typically straw), and sometimes lime. Am building in franklin tenn do you have plAns for your cobs? In general you can only build your wall 2-3 feet vertically at a time before you’re going to want to let it set and dry some. Hey, one of those places is my neighbour’s house! The straw acts as a fibrous binder. The mix should hold its form solidly and not look like its melting or slump. This is an important step and is what takes so much time with cob. Start by clearing the top layers of soil to get to the solid base layer soil. Cob is a great multi purpose building material. A Cob House is natural building material that has lots of beneficial properties that lend itself to a very comfortable home.

Cob is also very affordable, in many cases all the materials can be found on your own land or can be obtained in large quantities for quite cheap. In Old English, cob was a root word that meant lump or rounded mass. If I was building a permanent structure I’d definitely consider cob, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. European examples include: Many old cob buildings can be found in Africa, the Middle East, and many parts of the southwestern United States. A cob home is one of the most durable types of earth architecture.

Cob architecture is suitable for the desert and some people claim cob is even good for very cold climates — walls tend to be very thick, even two feet especially at the base, above the foundation. Clay will have different moisture contents, which is why different amounts of sand are used to create cob. I shall be bookmarking your website Finally I pull the bread and slide in whole chicken, a beef roast or other large meat with vegetables. At the top, your walls might be around 18 inches, but your cob wall at the base will be 24 inches. You can build a cob house anywhere. [citation needed], In 2010, Sota Construction Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, completed construction on its new 7,500 square foot corporate headquarters,[17] which featured exterior cob walls along with other energy saving features like radiant heat flooring, a rooftop solar panel array, and daylighting. Hello.Please share the already constructed cob houses, the challenges encountered and solutions. [6], Cob material is known by many names including adobe,[7] lump clay,[7] puddled clay, chalk mud,[7] wychert,[7] clay daubins,[7] swish (Asante Twi),[8] torchis (French),[9] bauge (French),[9] bousille (French mud with moss),[9] and cat and clay.[10]. The top of the mass should also be much thicker than the sides which don't capture as much heat. Thank you ☺️. I love the Cob house. You want the header to cross the gap of the opening and then extend at least one foot on either side so it rests firmly on the top of the wall, transferring weight onto the wall. In the cold of winter, the walls can carry heat late into the nights. To mix these together the favorite method is with your bare feet! "cat and clay" Websters Online Dictionary accessed March 23, 2015. I think about natural built houses all the time and we haven’t finished out the interior of our Tiny House yet! When Kevin McCabe constructed a two-story, four bedroom cob house in England, UK in 1994, it was reputedly the first cob residence built in the country in 70 years. You want the ingredients to be very well mixed, moist, but not wet and the straw well worked in. Can cob houses have basements? Touring in this part of England will take any visitor back in time.

Cob is an English term attested to around the year 1600[3] for an ancient building material that has been used for building since prehistoric times. The ingredients (clay and sand) are placed on the tarp, which is used to help mix the ingredients. This helps seal the walls and keep them lasting a long time. Just waiting eagerly to start and your message above is very helpful.

Even when the house has started to weather, you can actually re-apply a new layer of cob on to the outside to make it brand new! In the distant past, this was the building material of choice, so barns, well houses, out buildings, animal pens and storage buildings were all made out of Cob. English soils contain varying amounts of chalk, and cob made with significant amounts of chalk are called chalk cob or wychert. She is the author of two books on home decor and sustainable design. It's also the architecture of choice for survivalists and preppers. [14] The material has a long life-span even in rainy and/or humid climates, provided a tall foundation and large roof overhang are present. Dr. Jackie Craven has over 20 years of experience writing about architecture and the arts. I love the feeling of the cob squishing between your toes, so much fun! Allowing it to dry will make sure the wall doesn’t slump over.

The important part of cob is getting the mix right, you want roughly between 2 parts clay, 1 part sand, sprinkling of straw and a little water. Making cob is the same process. Even though I am busy building my own tiny house, I still find myself thinking about building a cob house… is that cheating on my tiny house? Use french drains and swales to handle this water. Folding the tarp moves the cob ingredients, and the movement mixes it.

They need ‘a good hat and good boots’, large overhangs and stone or block plinths to minimise the amount of rain reaching the cob walls. All About Adobe - Sustainable and Energy Efficient, Chimney Pots - Designed for Beauty and Function, How to Make Homemade Lye Using Two Ingredients, American Bungalow Style Houses, 1905 - 1930, Doctor of Arts, University of Albany, SUNY, M.S., Literacy Education, University of Albany, SUNY, B.A., English, Virginia Commonwealth University, "Cob is a structural composite of earth, water, straw, clay, and sand, hand-sculpted into buildings while still pliable. It is very important to control suction from the cob.

A cob home may have sloping walls, arches and lots of wall niches. Traditionally they were built approximately 600mm (2 ft.) wide, up to a storey-and-a-half or more. I don’t add any wood, just let the heat bleed off, which it will still be around 500 degrees at this point. providing me a hope to achieve this. Ingredient amounts vary with each recipe — the "how much" is like a secret sauce. Panama is a tropical climate though, so it might be more difficult for the cob to dry because of the humidity, but I hope you can find a way. 3. There are a large number of natural ways to seal the walls of your cob house.

Cob is a popular choice for areas that prone to wild fires or other extreme weather. Building material made from subsoil, water, and fibrous organic material. Cob is an English term attested to around the year 1600 for an ancient building material that has been used for building since prehistoric times. I have thought about building a cob house if in the future I decide I need more space if I get married or just want more space. Put most of your energy into the heel of your foot to flatten the mixture like a pancake. The walls of a cob house are generally about 24 inches (61 cm) thick, and windows were correspondingly deep-set, giving the homes a characteristic internal appearance. From there build your base with quality materials and tamp down with a powered tamper as you build your way up. What is the difference between cob and adobe?

Shortbread, that rich, crumbly cookie confection, is a simple combination of flour, butter, and sugar. The home of 2,150 square feet includes heated floors, solar panels, and a southern exposure to enable passive solar heating.[19]. If you want a great exchange/apprenticeship go to To build a cob wall, balls of the mixture are thrown together and sculpted atop a pre-made base — a foundation that is usually made of stone and rises above grade by a foot. We want to have a good clear site to build the house.

The Dorset birthplace of British author Thomas Hardy is a fine example of the English cob and thatch type home.

I have attemptedto blog on third part platforms, You are also able to have wood stoves, fire places and other cooking surfaces part of the actual cob structure. "mud with straw". What’s important for a nuclear fallout or blast shelter is the density (or weight) of the shielding material. Tiny House Dimensions: What Size Can A Tiny House Be Without Breaking The Law? This is usually done as a cob bench, which allows you to have a useful large mass in your house. Their aim is "to inspire a sustainable culture. Oregon Cob integrates the variation of wall layup technique which uses loaves of mud mixed with sand and straw with a rounded architectural stylism. It’s a fantastic place, very comfy and good in all weather.

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