how old was the sundance kid when he died

They traveled to Monte Carlo, took up residence on the Riviera, and generally lived an easy life for a while. The two former Wild Bunch members took part in a series of heists throughout the continent, with the result that the Pinkerton detectives were able to pick up on their trail.

When they finally entered the house, they found two bodies. Nobody except for some cowboy who rode the range in the late 1800s, knew Cassidy's friends and maybe even knew the outlaw himself, Buck suggested. "Who else would have remembered it in that kind of detail ... about an offer of a handshake and refusing it in a prison in Wyoming in 1895?". The other two members of the gang are not identified. He visited central Wyoming, where more than a few people in the Lander area, including one of Cassidy's old girlfriends, said it was Cassidy who spent the summer of 1934 camping out in the Wind River Range, telling tales about the Wild Bunch and digging holes in search of buried loot. At age 15, he headed west and received his … Phillips' adopted son, William R. Phillips, believed his stepfather was Butch Cassidy, said Pointer, who interviewed him in the 1970s. “No one who had not been there or done that would know that,” Ashworth told the Associated Press. Records show that a rustler named Edward H. Seeley was imprisoned at Wyoming Territorial Prison while Cassidy was there, Pointer said. “She bore the brunt of attack by aroused citizens and was always the last in the getaway,” a, By mid-January 1901, the Wild Bunch had gone their separate ways. Law enforcement was lax in the region, and the bandits again got away.

American criminal Sundance Kid, originally named Harry Longabaugh, was born in 1867 in Mont Clare, Pennsylvania. "All of these people were bamboozled by this faker from Spokane?" Cornered by the Bolivian cavalry while holding up a pack train, Butch and Sundance make a stand. "If Phillips wasn't, he certainly knew a heck of a lot about Butch," she said. He took his nickname from the only town that ever jailed him, Sundance, Wyoming, where he was sentenced to eighteen months for horse thievery when he was 15 years old. History writer Edward Kirby noted in his book The Saga of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch that she was “truly the mystery woman of the Wild Bunch story.”. The Sundance Kid made his name as the group’s fastest gunslinger. The leaders, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, supposedly died in a shootout in South America in 1908, but Long lived to a ripe old age and died in Utah in 1936. Gov. Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Arizona and Nevada all suffered at the hands of the Wild Bunch, and posses of skilled trackers and fighters rode themselves haggard looking for the thieves.

When he emerged from pris… William Richards pardoned Cassidy in 1896.
Pointer, who authored "In Search of Butch Cassidy," said he believes the Wild Bunch hid there more than at Hole in the Wall, which had become known to authorities. CHEYENNE, Wyo. Longabaugh eventually joined up with Butch Cassidy's "Wild Bunch", and was almost certainly Cassidy's accomplice in the 1900 robbery of a bank in Winnemucca, Nevada. According to historians, on February 20, 1901, the husband and wife and Cassidy boarded the SS Herminius at New York’s Pier 32 under the aliases Mr. and Mrs. Harry Place and James Ryan. He left the area before cattle barons hunted down cattle-rustling homesteaders in the 1892 Johnson County War. He robbed his first bank in 1889 in Telluride, Colo., and fell in with cattle rustlers who hid out at The Hole in the Wall, a refuge in northern Wyoming's Johnson County. "What's really remarkable to me is that, who else cares?" Wikimedia CommonsThe Sundance Kid and his mysterious wife Etta Place. They became notorious in the press for their numerous bold and successful hold-ups in banks and trains. Wikimedia CommonsThe name of the Sundance Kid would be forever linked to Butch Cassidy, thanks in part to the famous 1969 film. “He visited me years after his reputed death,” she shared. The earliest documentation of Phillips is his marriage to Gertrude Livesay in Adrian, Mich., in 1908, three months after Cassidy's last known letter from Bolivia, according to Pointer. After Phillips died, his wife, Gertrude, told a Cassidy researcher that the couple knew Cassidy personally and that Phillips was not Cassidy. Most of the manuscript's accounts bear little resemblance to known Wild Bunch exploits. He robbed his first bank in 1889 in Telluride, Colorado, and fell in with cattle rustlers who hid out at The Hole in the Wall, a refuge in northern Wyoming's Johnson County. Author and historian Richard Selcer wrote in his book, Hell’s Half Acre, that Etta could very well have traveled to Denver with her husband. The 200-page manuscript, "Bandit Invincible: The Story of Butch Cassidy," which dates to 1934, is twice as long as a previously known but unpublished novella of the same title by William T. Phillips, a machinist who died in Spokane in 1937. The truth is that even at the time Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were active, there were so many local legends and exaggerations about them by the press that it is almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. After the release of the 1969 film, a man claiming his name was “Harry Longabaugh Jr.,” the son of the Sundance Kid, turned up telling his astonishing life story.

“Total horse pucky,” Cassidy historian Dan Buck told the AP. "It had been used by (Seeley) one summer when he had been badly wanted by the sheriff's forces along in ninety-one. The escapades of the Wild Bunch and its two most famous members, in particular, were immortalized in the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. As his habit was to participate only in well-planned crimes, his criminal résumé remains largely unknown, but it is believed that he was one of three men who robbed a train in Montana in 1892, and one of five who held up a bank in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, in 1897. In 1892, the Sundance Kid was a prime suspect in a train robbery, and in 1897, he and five more men broke into a bank. Author and historian Richard Selcer wrote in his book. Bullets ricocheted around them as they surveyed the scene looking for a place to take cover. 14-Jun-1822, d. 9-Aug-1893)Mother: Annie Place Longabaugh (b. Throughout his short life, he had a few names. With the exception of Butch, Sundance and Etta, who traveled to Pennsylvania and New York together, gang members confined themselves to the West. When he was just 15, Longabaugh decided to leave home and try his luck in the American West. These were pillars of our community. According to the Pinkerton Agency file, Sundance periodically accompanied her.

Pointer insists that Cassidy, as Phillips, was writing fiction. "These weren't hayseed, duped ignorant people. Place. Etta was reportedly killed instantly from a bullet to the chest, and the Sundance Kid was critically wounded. Another series of bullets smacked into the walls above the three. After being released from prison, Longabaugh went to Calgary, Alberta, where he worked as a cowboy before returning to crime. Another account formulated by research done by journalist Jim Dullenty indicates that Etta moved to Marion, Oregon, after news that Sundance had been killed in Bolivia. Butch reasoned that law enforcement in Bolivia was lacking, and their chances of getting away with the crime great. According to the San Antonio Light, three outlaws matching the description of Etta and her male cohorts were spotted at Cape Horn in early 1907. There were dangerous desperados associated with the gang—men like Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry and George “Flatnose” Currie, whose names were synonymous in certain parts of the country with robbery, cattle stealing and gun fighting. Sundance bought Etta a gold lapel watch.

The Sundance kid (seated, far left) and the infamous Wild Bunch. Cassidy had sued Torrey's ranch two years earlier for taking eight of his cattle, Pointer said. Harry Longabaugh, also known as the Sundance Kid, and his paramour, Ethel “Etta” Place, leaned in closely to listen. There are other reasons to doubt Ashworth’s claim. Casasola became suspicious of them because they had a mule from the Aramayo Mine which bore the mining company's brand; he informed a nearby telegraph officer … They sent the photo to the bank with a thank you note. "Who else would have remembered it in that kind of detail ... about an offer of a handshake and refusing it in a prison in Wyoming in 1895?". Sundance bought Etta a gold lapel watch. According to the February 19, 1950, edition of the American Weekly, Butch told the Buenos Aires bank president that he and his friends were afraid of thieves.

Although Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were popularly depicted as empathetic characters, they were, in reality, violent criminals. He acknowledges changing people and place names. "I must tell you now that I will even my account with you, if it is the last act I ever do," Cassidy is quoted as saying by Philips.

Various accounts about the exchange between the bandits and police, from the July 7, 1908, edition of the Washington Post to the December 19, 1971, edition of the San Antonio Light newspapers, reported that the battle ended with the deaths of the outlaws in the spring of 1908. And if they said something, you had to better take it seriously.". ”. L.G. Butch's sister released a book in 1975 claiming that the outlaw had quietly moved back to the U.S. after planting stories about his death in South American newspapers, and that he'd died of old age somewhere in Washington under an assumed name in 1937.
History writer Edward Kirby noted in his book, The Pinkerton Agency files, as well as an article in the, Some historical accounts record that she became the “outside man” for the gang Butch organized with her husband. Born: 19-Apr-1868Birthplace: Phoenixville, PADied: c. 1908Location of death: San Vicente, BoliviaCause of death: Justifiable Homicide, Gender: MaleRace or Ethnicity: WhiteSexual orientation: StraightOccupation: Criminal, Nationality: United StatesExecutive summary: Outlaw and sidekick. In 1991, Buck and his wife, Anne Meadows, helped dig up a grave in San Vicente, Bolivia, said to contain the remains of Butch and his sidekick, Harry Longabaugh — the Sundance Kid. He acknowledges changing people and place names. This one would lead to fame, notoriety, and untimely death. Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. “We heard from him from time to Cassidy refused to shake the judge's hand. Sundance is killed. Selcer and other historians theorize that the end of Etta’s romantic life with the Sundance Kid came when he escorted her to a Denver hospital and left her there.

The isolated mountain village of San Vicente, Bolivia, was noisy and crowded with people, some of whom were loud and nearly shouting their conversations as they made their way from one shop to another. The couple was spotted in Saint Louis, Missouri, at the World’s Fair in 1904. Crouching low, Butch led his cohorts inside the tiny, vacant café. They moved to Cholila and began raising livestock. Utah book collector Brent Ashworth and Montana author Larry Pointer say the text contains the best evidence yet – with details only Cassidy could have known – that "Bandit Invincible" was not biography but autobiography, and that Phillips himself was the legendary outlaw. The outlaws fired their own weapons indiscriminately into the collection of law enforcement officers that had gathered.

The isolated mountain village of, Historians and researchers debate this fanciful account of the final demise of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Etta Place. Historians more or less agree that Cassidy was born Robert LeRoy Parker in 1866 in Beaver, Utah, the oldest of 13 children in a Mormon family. “She bore the brunt of attack by aroused citizens and was always the last in the getaway,” a San Antonio Light article reported. Although they showed no intention of giving up their outlaw lifestyle, the Bolivian authorities had been warned by the Pinkerton detectives and the noose was slowly closing around the infamous pair. "It doesn't bear a great deal of relationship to Butch Cassidy's real life, or Butch Cassidy's life as we know it.". You can also continue the discussion on TIME‘s Facebook page and on Twitter at @TIME.

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