honda ev plus 1997

However, in July 1991, with the team members assembled to watch, the car made its first run without any problem. Together they comprised the equivalent of an engine in a gasoline-powered vehicle. * Impact safety performance (meeting needs caused by increased weight) "However, we have to start somewhere," they thought, as they worked to assemble an electric vehicle from the skeleton of a CR-X. ", "When it's complete, introduce it immediately," said Hiroyuki Yoshino, then the executive vice-president.

Youtube As a decorative paper ball burst open to release ribbons and confetti on the car driven by a Honda employee, the cameras and lights went into action, recording the scene for posterity. We also considered participating in the WSC, simply because we knew the harsh conditions of such a race would enable us to produce our technology even more quickly.". In the face of these developments in mind, early in 1991 Honda made the development of electric vehicles a major strategy.

I can definitely sense the coming age of the EV. * Battery (second battery) Despite lingering concerns that it was an unusual choice, the first motor Honda engineers put together performed at a level that exceeded their expectations. Therefore, they would dedicate their future product deve-lopment efforts to the protection of the environment.

Why don't you just dig a hole, and bury it! Then, in April 1996, the result of that effort was announced simultaneously in Japan and the United States. NHTSA does not record VIN information or results provided through this tool.

* Defroster performance It had a driving distance of between 40 and 50 kilometers, rendering it highly impractical for most applications. Nearly two years were spent in actual test drives in the U.S. A total of ten cars, including monitor cars from HRA and AH, were used in the tests, which together accounted for 80,000 miles (130,000Km) in driving distance. The shame and regret the members experienced at the LPL's outrage after seeing this vehicle became the motivating force behind ideas and inventions for the future development of electric vehicles. 1997 Honda EV Plus. This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. The meeting had also impressed upon Hiramatsu that several outside factors were enhancing the significance of development in electric vehicles.

"If a car doesn't lead to greater experience, we might as well not build it. In the U.S, Honda had dispatched several teams of associates to major electronic manufacturers. They were well aware that they were working well in advance of the time when the world's available petroleum reserves would dry up, so all those in attendance shared Araki's sentiments about alternative energy vehicles.

Moreover, the CUV-4 had also been produced by converting Civics in order to collect actual market data. The production ceremony was unusually exciting, given that it was just a single car. The campaign was prompted because a majority of them had voiced their concerns through such statements as "Electric vehicles can't make money because they're expensive, heavy and don't even run," and "Petroleum won't dry up." In January 1996, then-President Nobuhiko Kawamoto test-drove the newly minted Honda EV. For most team members, it was their first attempt at building an electric vehicle and was thus a matter of "labor pains." However, overall the participants were mindful of the fact that electric vehicles had fewer parts than conventional vehicles, and this prompted them to look into the possibility that their EV (electric vehicle) could be an automobile easily manufactured anywhere in the world.

It started out fairly small, with a staff of only four, however, basic research was now under way.

"All we had in mind was to create an EV with an original body rather than some conversion of an existing model.

For this, the staff at Honda had the first and second oil crises to thank. Electric operation was at the time only associated with golf carts and amusement park rides. The Rear Seat rating is derived from the Side Barrier Rear Passenger rating. © Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates. If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The vehicle was made lighter by using aluminum for the body and acrylic instead of glass. * 12-volt battery recharger Competitors in the Japanese market who were then using several different types of motors also turned to this same type of motor. The car was to be exhibited at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show. Request a dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos. * Total-control system

Recall information from this VIN lookup tool is provided by the manufacturer conducting the recall. All Rights Reserved. "There still are many issues at hand, including the battery," Matsumoto said.
In addition, F-1 racing activities had been suspended for a second time the end of that year, raising yet another question: "Why electric vehicles now?". If people were troubled by the legal regulations, we felt Honda should assist them.". The Side Barrier test simulates an intersection collision between a standing vehicle and moving barrier at 38.5 mph. "Electric operation was the most likely candidate, in terms of alternative power," Araki recalled. The motor and battery system remained the biggest components in an electric car. The data gathered from such tests contributed to the development of the Honda EV Plus. * Drive motor

This would allow them to enhance their electric vehicle even further. It’s the Honda e, Honda’s first mass-market, pure-electric car (yes, Honda dabbled with the EV Plus in 1997, but only around 350 of those were ever built), and we want one. The Honda EV Plus rolled off the production line at Takanezawa Plant in April 1997. * Electric safety system

1997 EV Plus. There was, for example, a move in the U.S. toward more stringent enforcement of emissions controls.

b) Meeting legal requirements ", Note: Honda decided to pursue the in-house manufacture of these parts. ", There still was time before the ZEV Act was to be enforced.

3 pictures & information @ More stars mean safer cars. Thus, in June 1992, D stage (production oriented) development began on electric vehicles.

The Development and Engineering divisions worked as a unified force in that respect, ascertaining the machine's engineering feasibility and ensuring its high quality. '", Araki then spent about two hours explaining the reason for his outrage, saying that at first glance it was obvious that the car was "a compromise; an excuse for having had no previous experience. Project members flew to the U.S. while the actual test drives were being conducted, in order to conduct direct interviews with prospective customers. Unlike the situation during the simulated test, the vehicle's lead-acid battery was found to deteriorate very quickly when left in the heat of summer for a week or two.

I was so disappointed that they hadn't put more passion into the project. Honda's new goal in developing electric vehicles had become "to make a good electric vehicle, with no compromises.".
メールマガジンの登録・解除はこちら, ホンダ、専用設計の電気自動車「HONDA EV Plus」を国内でリース販売開始. "Batteries are a fusion of chemical reactions, science, and engineering. However, we had to make use of the very best cutting-edge technology to begin our development.". However, Araki, the Large Project Leader (LPL), turned beet-red with anger. I'll always remember the words of one of them: 'This car is right for me. In fact, Honda was the last to join the race.

The Rollover Resistance test measures the risk of rollover in a single-vehicle, loss-of-control scenario.

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