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...The Effects of Acid Rain

The other area for future study is the effect of weather on human beings' behavior. The objective of the paper is to understand the negative and positive effects of weather on human behavior and human strategies in adapting to the different weather conditions. The temperature can get hotter to about 30 degrees Celsius or higher.
The physical environment that is under study is a region experiencing the four-weather season of the year.

The acid rain falling onto the forest penetrates to the soil and removes the nutrients and minerals from it. During this period, it rains a lot.

From then until now, acid rain has been an issue of intense debate among scientists and policy makers. with the release of aluminum and magnesium from clay minerals if the Acid rain is made up of water droplets that are unusually acidic because of atmospheric pollution, most notably the excessive amounts of sulfur and nitrogen released by cars and industrial processes.

The objective of the paper is to understand the negative and positive effects of weather on human behavior and human strategies in adapting to the different weather conditions. Activity 1 identifying topics for cause-effect essays Read these eight topics.

Both of the USA and Canada governments are trying their best to solve this issue.

The negative effects are aggressive, violent, and depressive behavior. During the cold season, people spend more time online.

On the other hand, good weather makes people feel relaxed, happy, and energetic. Method & Materials: *You can also browse our support articles here >. After the experiment the concentration of the solutions can be converted to pH using the equation Acid rain might, Acid Rain Most people wont even know when acid rain occurs, it looks feels, and tastes like regular rain. Some acids are helpful. During winter, people will need a coat, a warm hat, mittens, and warm boots. When people spend too much time together, they tend to irritate each other. Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are released into the air.

And this right here litterally poured fear on all walks of life. Farmer It has been shown that long periods of exposure will strip the waxy coating from trees.

The other season is autumn. Acid rain can causes damage to plants, animals, and even structures. The cold weather makes people more depressed.

Acid rain mostly affects the ocean and animals within that area. pH of soils falls below about 5.5, however, may offset the benefits. pH = -log[H+]. There were no troubles at any stage of my response essay making. The days appear to become clearly shorter. During a very hot day, people can put on sunscreen and enjoy the hot day. People are more optimistic and confident when they are relaxed. This is an effective way but at the same time it is too expensive. If it was possible to peer into the future and see the environmental consequences of mankind’s actions, humans’ harmful contributions to the highly acidic rain levels would be apparent. Acid rain occurs naturally without human interference, but since humans started to make objects that contribute to the creation of acid rain, it happens more frequently than if humans would not be involved. Reference this. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) states that air pollution is the result of human activities and natural processes on the environment, which causes certain gases to be released into the air to interact with other substances to form acid rain, the greenhouse effect and ozone hole on global scale. Some Statistics confirm that buildings in Canada are losing 4% of their weight every year. There was nothing like going to Texas or Ohio for a weekend and coming back home with a trophy in my hands. Who was to save them?

Study for free with our range of university lectures! The effect of weather on human beings' moods can be an area of study in the future.

Do you ever look outside on a rainy night and think to yourself why are we destroying our own habitat. And the wet acid rain indirectly complicates human health by acidifying drinking water resources. We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on

Company Registration No: 4964706. It seems like in every good love story there is always a passionate kissing scene. These plants emit 100 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 70% of that in the world. It has many other names such as acid precipitation or acid deposition.

The rain was so heavy that the whole city was flooded. Acid rain increases the rate of corrosion on statues made of certain material. Acid rain refers to two different processes that enable the acid suspended in the atmosphere to deposit on the Earth’s surface water dries (EB, 2013).
You may rely on us - will deliver the best orders strictly on time. Humidity makes people sweat a lot, and their energy level is quite low.

Another way is fitted equipment in some power stations to remove emissions such as: sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Acid rain is very bad for the environment and is worse when energy use is higher. However, the human being has to come up with various weather conditions. For the control, the same tests will be done with rainwater with a known pH. Bad weather may cause people to spend most of their time indoors.

People not only raised the amount of acid rain that falls, they can also be the ones to bring the, Point 1: Why I choose acid rain:

You are more rapped up in the beauty of a calm and serene shower with the wind blowing and a gentle howl of the breeze trickling through the trees. The weather may include the rain, wind, temperature, and humidity of a place. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on the website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! Put a check mark ( ) next to the four that could be good topics for cause-effect essays. When this protective coating on the leaves is lost, it results in making the plant susceptible to disease. Acid Rain Coal mining is bad for the earth, there is no other way to put it, but why is it bad for the earth what drawbacks does coal mining have? I try to calm him down, but I can feel his heart racing.

            From the day I got Enzo, to now, there have been something that has just made him stick out from other dogs.

According to the EPA, normal rain is slightly acidic on the pH scale due to CO2 dissolving into it forming weak carbonic acid.

Another serious damage of the acid rain is that 84% of agricultural land in eastern Canada is polluted. When we burn fossil fuels, nitrous and sulfuric gases are released into the atmosphere and these gases react with water and oxygen, therefore, making acid rain. There are negative and positive impacts of weather on human behavior. You can view samples of our professional work here.

Acid rain effects open areas more than forests due to the trees blocking some of the rain from hitting the ground. Also, the acid rain causes the corrosion of the steel structures such as bridges and railing. Its first victim, a 7 year old girl, desperetly tried to swim away but would never make it back home. For the last decade or so acid rain has caused destruction to hundreds of lakes and streams in many parts of the world, including the US, Canada, and Europe. Its first taste of blood and now it craved more. During the summer, when days are not too hot like above 20 degrees Celsius, and below 28 degrees Celsius, the weather improves people's moods. The term acid rain refers to what scientists call acid deposition. The effects of acid rain is damaging no matter how you look at the picture.

As I go into the kitchen and pull out the chicken, Enzo jumps up and down as if he knows what we are having for dinner. As I prepare supper for myself I start to watch a race that one of my friends taped a while ago of me. People can take part in many winter sports such as skating and skiing.

People can adapt to different weather conditions by dressing appropriately during different seasons. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. MSJC/Beaumont High School Acid rain affects the marine life to a great extent. Acid rain is downpour containing harmful quantities of nitric and sulfuric acids which released into the atmosphere. Acid rain is harmful rain. others bad. Human beings tend to behave differently in different weather conditions.

This leads to an unprofitable expenditure by the government, hurting numerous other sectors who need a fair share of the budget for their growth.

Fish may be killed by aluminum even, Acid rain has a harmful impact on the environment which is a serious environmental problem that affects large parts of the United States and Canada. Acids like these help us. Acid rain moves easily, affecting locations far beyond those that let out the pollution.

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