gellert grindelwald house

In 1998, fifty-three years after his defeat, Grindelwald woke to find he was not alone in his prison cell; the prison had been infiltrated by Lord Voldemort, who was searching for the Elder Wand for himself. [6] He also established a prison in Austria, Nurmengard, to serve as a form of containment for his enemies. In addition, Grindelwald's prediction of Voldemort never fully mastering the Elder Wand would become reality, and would cause Voldemort's own demise during his final duel with Harry Potter. Dumbledore then became the master of the Elder Wand, and Grindelwald was sent back to his homeland and put in the topmost cell of Nurmengard where he spent the rest of his life until his murder by Lord Voldemort.[9]. Sometime later, at Nurmengard Castle, Grindelwald spoke with Queenie about what he must do to make Credence stop being afraid of him.

Grindelwald escaped and left the country.

[16]Grindelwald is unmasked by Newt, moments before being apprehended by MACUSA's Aurors Part of his motivation for refusing to give Voldemort any information about the Elder Wand may have been a desire to prevent Dumbledore's tomb from being desecrated, or even out of pure remorse for his own crimes. Dumbledore himself expressed horror in what Grindelwald truly was, stating that he had always (unconsciously) sensed something dangerous in him. Grindelwald was also criticised by Newt for deeming magical creatures too simple to raise his interest, being only turned towards more complex forms of magic, unaware that one such creature, a Niffler, actually stole his Blood pact vial.

It was only during the confrontation in Grindelwald's cell that Voldemort learned Albus Dumbledore had claimed the wand long ago. [14]Grindelwald astonished by Credence's power [10]

Healing magic: Grindelwald had an immense understanding of healing charms, being able to heal the cuts on Credence Barebone's hands wandlessly and nonverbally, by simply touching them. They were ultimately united by their desire to have the Deathly Hallows.
[25]Grindelwald's prediction comes true as the Elder Wand fails Lord Voldemort and cause his final demise at the hands of Harry Potter [5]Dumbledore and Grindelwald sealing their Blood Pact

Considering Credence unteachable in the ways of magic as a result despite promising to teach him previously, Grindelwald told the boy that the death of his mother was his reward instead, although at least he did not just kill Credence to cover any traces. Grind is a scab, as in the hardened covering over a scar; could also be grinsen, a grin or big smile.

They were introduced by Grindelwald's great aunt, Bathilda Bagshot.

He continued trying to appeal to Credence, telling him that he wanted him to be free from hiding and repressing his power, until he vanished after being attacked by many Aurors. The pair shared two preoccupations: The first was their search for the Deathly Hallows toward the goal of acquiring all three and wielding their power to become Master of Death, which they believed to mean immortality and invincibility.

Grindelwald left Britain and later stole the Elder Wand from Mykew Gregorovitch, proceeding alone with the revolution he and Dumbledore had planned.

Though quite capable of performing magic of great destructive power, as seen in the Battle in the Lestrange Mausoleum, he would sometimes prefer to engage his adversaries in a more traditional and formal manner of combat, and thereby defeating his foes in a more "fair fight".

Aberforth and Albus were devastated. This seems to indicate that Grindelwald no longer held with the views of those who practised the Dark Arts. Even after it became clear that Credence, as an Obscurial, was extremely powerful and phenomenally dangerous, Grindelwald calmly continued to try and exploit him, and was outraged when the MACUSAPresident opted to have her Aurors seemingly destroy him. [3] He was highly intelligent, magically talented, and ruthless, with a vicious temper; for example, when Aberforth Dumbledore challenged his plans and tried to convince his older brother to abandon them, Grindelwald "lost control" and used the Cruciatus Curse on Aberforth. They coined the phrase that would become Grindelwald's slogan and his justification for committing horrific crimes against those who opposed him: "For the Greater Good. Despite Grindelwald's past revolution to dominate Muggles and status as one of the most powerful Dark Wizards to have ever lived, considered second only to Voldemort himself, he seemed to have no praise or respect for him, and Voldemort likely saw Grindelwald as an inferior and treated him as merely another person to interrogate in his search for the wand. As an adult, Grindelwald proved his leadership by raising and leading a vast army of followers during his For the Greater Good revolution to establish a new wizarding order.

Although at this point, their friendship seemed to be a thing of the past, Grindelwald still acknowledged and respected the extraordinary magical and intellectual capabilities of his former friend, noting Dumbledore far outclassed any of his followers and with his equal intelligence and magical capability, he had the ability to subtly intervene anyway in his revolution, and this respect made Dumbledore the only wizard Grindelwald was wary of. In his late teens, he held his own against Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore simultaneously during their three-way duel at Godric's Hallow, and later ​​​​​effortlessly won the Elder Wand from its previous master, Mykew Gregorovitch, with a single stunning spell when he stole it from his workshop.
It also seemed that Grindelwald retained intrest in Dumbledore, as shown by his taking time to question Newt regarding why Dumbledore would be fond of him while disguised as Graves and seeming reluctance to stop questioning him and sentence him and Tina to death after making a mistake.

Although Dumbledore had romantic feelings towards Grindelwald, Grindelwald never returned this affection. The reason Dumbledore himself gave Harry was that he was afraid Grindelwald knew better than he did who exactly was responsible for killing Ariana and he didn't want to find out.

Grindelwald fled, his friendship with Albus over.

When trapped and unarmed in Nurmengard, facing certain death at the hands of the only dark wizard more powerful than himself, Lord Voldemort, Grindelwald was openly defiant towards him, even mocking, goading Voldemort into killing him by saying that he welcomed death, but that it would not "bring him what [he] sought", saying there is so much he "doesn't understand". [21]Grindelwald in fury kills Leta

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