gbf meaning

Pilfer - Short for "Soul Pilfer", a Superstar skill. above the damage dealt. Fodder - Weapons that are used only to increase the skill levels of other weapons. 21 Oct. 2020. See also Damage Cut. Break Assassin (BA) - Refers to any skill that greatly amplifies the damage of the next attack/skill/Charge Attack, but only if the target is in Break mode. "Luminiera" in English. What does GBF mean? Major Meanings of GBF The following image presents the most commonly used meanings of GBF. Only those who've signed a pact with demons dare pull the trigger. Affects All Allies - Effects that affect all allies only affect the player's characters that are in combat. Dirt - A slang term that refers to the Earth element. In the English translation, this difficulty is called "Impossible.". By concentrating on the core business of underground mining and industrial services and providing a safe, reliable and efficient service to their clients GBF have firmly established themselves as leaders in their fields. Can also appear as "Box Potato" or "Boxtato". These are spent on Extended Mastery Skills and Extended Mastery bonuses. Deals bonus DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks, Nullifies 'all elemental DMG cut' (Can only be removed by activating a chain burst of 5 or more chains), Removes 2 buffs from all allies every turn (Can only be removed by triggering the special attack Paradise Lost),, The Extreme difficulty of the main 6 primal beasts,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. LB3 = 3 times limit broken). For enemies, it is set of diamonds beneath the enemy's HP bar. The MVP and the 2nd place player (Vice MVP, vice) both get extra rewards. No value above this can be obtained. Frontwater - Refers to the Stamina weapon skill. Named after the JP term for the ability, 背水の陣, where one is fighting with their back towards the water, equivalent to "backed into a corner" in English. Grande - Shorthand for "The Order Grande," the Japanese name for Grand Order. Mist / MM - Shorthands for Miserable Mist, an attack and defense debuff skill learned by Dark Fencers. Baha - Abbreviation for Bahamut. Omega SR and HP SSR weapons are commonly used as skill-up fodder. See also Veil. SD - Abbreviation for Start Dash, otherwise known as Beginner's Draw Set in English. Reroll - Rerolling, a process to attempt to gain an advantageous initial character pool by repeatedly restarting the game with new accounts. DATA - Abbreviation for Double Attack/Triple Attack, used to refer to multiattack just like "MA". BA - Acronym for Break Assassin, aka Salted WoundATK is boosted when foe is in break mode.

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