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Figure, Justin Morgan's stallion and foundation sire of the Morgan horse breed, Glue-Boy, Cuthbert Allgood's horse from the, The "great horses" owned by Angus Morton in, Greatheart, Beauty's horse from Robin McKinley's novel, Guido, a Pegasus from Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson", Captain Jinks' horse, of the Horse Marines, fed on corn and beans in the, Kate and Bill, the Wilders' work horses in, Miramis, with golden mane and hooves, from, Nana, the racehorse named for the eponymous heroine of, Oberon, the "ghost pony" Sarah Elgin finds the remains of in an old stone house, in Lynn Hall's, Pildarlick, one of Panhandle Smith's first horses in Zane Grey's short story "Valley of Wild Horses", Pips, Matrim Cauthon's horse in Robert Jordan's, Pollux, one of the team of Shire horses owned by farmer Dawson in, Porkpie, a Pegasus from Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson", Sam and David, the Ingalls family work horses of Laura Ingalls Wilder's, Secret, from Gina Bertaina's The Secret Horse, Thowra, a creamy-silver stallion, the main character in, Thunderhead, son of Flicka in the book by, Trojan Horse (a structure), from Virgil's, Tsornin (Sungold), Harry Crewe's horse in, Tug, Will's trained small horse/pony in the, Watch Eyes, pony of Paul and Maureen Beebe, characters in, Whinney and her offspring, Racer and Grey, from the, Aldebaran, Antares, Rigel and Altair from, Cisco, John Dunbar's buckskin gelding from, Conquistador, the General's horse stolen and rescued by Pablito from, Diablo, the black and white pinto from the, Dollar, the horse of John Wayne's character (, Gypsy, Meggie MacWade's horse, which undertakes a 500-mile journey over treacherous terrain to be reunited with her in, Maximus, horse featured in the animated film, Napoleon, Snoe's gray cart horse and The Black's stable mate in the film, Nurah and Thebes, the horses of Pharaoh Ramses from Cecil B. DeMille's 1956, Taff/Bo, the main horse character in Disney's, Amigo, Cordell Walker's horse in the TV series, Buck, the buckskin horse of Ben Cartwright on the TV series, Buck, the buckskin horse ridden by Trampas in the TV series, Chub, Chubb, or Chubby, the horse of Hoss Cartwright on the, Domino, the pinto ridden by Bill Longley, played by, Joe D., the horse ridden by the Virginian in the TV series, Katy, the paint mare belonging to The Kid from, Li'l Sebastian, the little horse beloved by Pawnee, Indiana in the sitcom, Meindert het Paard, a horse who is a character in the Dutch TV children's puppet series, Phantom, Zorro's white horse in the Disney series, Polka-Dotted Horse, Ludicrous Lion's horse from, Ringo, the black horse with the white star ridden by Josh Randall in all but the first few episodes of the TV series, Sport, the chestnut gelding of Adam Cartwright on the television series, Superstar, the real name of the black horse who played James West's horse in the TV series, Altivo, Cortez's warhorse from DreamWorks', Captain, the authoritative farm horse in Disney's, Cyril Proudbottom, Toad's helpful but clumsy horse friend in Disney's, De Royal, Double Eight, Chestnut, Mikagehomare, Miyako, and Rosanna from, Donny the White Horse, Bubbles' friend in the reboot of, Khan, the Fa family's horse from Disney's, Maximus, the horse who pursued Flynn Rider in Disney's, Blue Horse and Brown Horse, two programmers from the web comic, Godasse, horse of the French soldier Godaille in the comics series, Het Gouden Paard, a horse whose skin is gold.

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