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In doing so,  he reveals his view that homoeroticism and sexual impersonation are morally neutral acts, whereas, according to Scripture, they are serious sins that if not repented of jeopardize one’s eternal life. We are grateful for your support of our church’s mission and ministries. COVID-19 UPDATE: Based on the most recent recommendations of regional health departments and the CDC, First Covenant Church will not be holding worship services on site for the months of March, April and May. We are located at 400 East Pike Street, Seattle WA.

To retain a second generation, the congregation needed to leave behind its Swedish immigrant ways and become an American church. The generation from the Mission Covenant Church, which came to maturity after World War II was thoroughly American, erasing vestiges of their parents' hyphenated past. The CDC recommends that for the next few weeks, groups, organizations, and businesses practice what is called "social distancing," so that there is less opportunity for the virus to spread. [W]e must never allow ourselves to think of this as just another issue Christians are free to differ over. Illinois Family Institute has a working relationship with these organizations: Heresy Infecting the Evangelical Covenant Church, Trouble in the Evangelical Covenant Church, Apology to PCA and Clarification About Heresy, Evil men don't understand the importance of justice, but those who follow the Lord are much concerned about it. The real problem, however, is that too few Christians recognize that these faith leaders are wolves. We welcome everyone to full participation, membership, and leadership in the life of our church. You will be able to find a recording of the sermon on the website sermon page on Sunday morning as well. Last year we issued 108 first-time ministerial licenses, bringing the total number of credentialed clergy to 2,514.

That settled the question of location.

Roy Erickson became pastor, with his top priority to resolve questions about the church's location and program. In 1930, this successful church had 480 members, with 225 attending Sunday School and 33 in Confirmation. Under pastors Paul Rood, Gust E. Johnson and Fritz Hjelm, the Swedish Tabernacle offered a full program of Sunday morning and evening worship, Sunday School, midweek meetings, bible studies, women's groups, missions programs, bible camp at Lake Sammamish and Covenant Beach, social events and youth programs. We know that this is an uncertain time for many of you, and we are here to support you in every way we are able. By 1911, over 2,000 immigrants regularly attended services at the new Swedish Tabernacle. And at the end of April 2017, North Park University chaplain, Judy Nelson, officiated at a same-sex faux-wedding between two men in defiance of the ECC’s (and Jesus’) position that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Peter Hawkinson (pastor) Then the task force organized a pack of 12* to write the “Welcome Statement” that Hawkinson all along desired. We welcome all persons to call First Covenant Church, Seattle, home wherever they may be in their faith journey. Hawkinson has been drifting in the direction of heresy for several years, but kinda, sorta started “coming out” in baby steps—always wearing sheep’s clothing—over the past two years beginning with the church leadership presenting to the congregation “a motion inviting the church leadership to propose to the congregation a specific program of purposeful discernment for addressing the issue of LGBTQ inclusion.” I kid you not. Even former evangelical/current heretic David Gushee believes that churches cannot sensibly maintain mutually exclusive views on homosexuality: I now believe that incommensurable differences in understanding the very meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the interpretation of the Bible, and the sources and methods of moral discernment, separate many of us from our former brethren…. We are praying for you all!

Click here to view our map for directions. Maria Moreno

The Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago, Illinois. We are committed to expanding our growth trajectory by both supporting established churches and planting new churches. If you are in a church that allows both points of view…, then functionally your church is no different from a fully “affirming” congregation. These efforts took two directions based on a changing understanding of "urban." What distinguishes a wolf (or false prophet) is that he or she teaches lies. It’s a dense thicket of ambiguous, evasive double-talk rhetoric through which to wade in order to purposefully discern the heretical end game toward which Hawkinson has been leading his congregation, but I’ll give it the old college try.

A church either will or will not discipline members for homosexual immorality. After four more years of not finding a new location, the congregation voted in 1968 to stay at Pike and Bellevue, remodel the existing building (1970-1971), and be a church on the edge of downtown.

By healthy we mean pursuing Christ and by missional we mean pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. We join God in God's mission to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world. Love Mercy Do Justice seeks to resource and equip the local church in its call to love, serve, and work together with people at the margins toward holistic individual, family, and community transformation.

We have made this decision to protect our communities, especially those among us who are the most vulnerable. Second, Hawkinson (et al.)

E. August Skogsbergh became pastor of the Swedish Christian Mission, and began holding revival meetings.

They also intentionally sent many members to grow new churches in outlying areas (Hillman, Highland, Factoria/Newport, Interbay, Mercer Island, North Seattle/Shoreline). at the corner of Pike and Bellevue, just east of Interstate 5, a few minutes walk from from downtown Seattle.

God’s mission is nothing less than the transformation of the world and everyone in it. Rather than using biblical language to refer to erotic relations between two people of the same sex or to people who assume an opposite-sex persona, this statement uses Leftist jargon (i.e., “LGBTQ”) that embodies affirmation of these behaviors. In 1953, they changed the name of their church from the (Swedish) Mission Covenant Church to First Covenant Church.

In my mind’s ear, I can hear the gasps of some who will find it unseemly that I would refer to people as “nice” and “kind” as Hawkinson, Clifton-Soderstrom, and Nelson as wolves. Laurie Higgins. Between 1925 and 1942 the church adapted again to new realities.

Mary Olson In their Covenant and Affirmations, the ECC says, “The Evangelical Covenant Church is committed to reaching across boundaries of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, and status.” The Evangelical Covenant Church has more than 800 congregations in the United States and Canada and outreaches on five continents.

Nelson (pastor emeritus) Please email us to let us know what you think or how we can serve you better. We are a gathering of people deeply committed to our common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of all; serving and loving each person as Christ loved us.

Today, First Covenant is once again adapting to changed circumstances, and becoming a strong urban church. The denomination has more than 875 congregations and an average worship attendance of 280,000 people in the United States and Canada with ministries on five continents. If Christian leaders who affirm that which Scripture says is an abomination to God are not wolves and false prophets, who are?

First Covenant Church is a vibrant, inter-generational faith community, striving to be a vehicle of God’s grace in a diverse urban setting. We invite you to join us wherever you are on your spiritual journey and to participate fully in the life of the church. We are in awe of how the Holy Spirit is moving among us.

A church either will or will not ordain clergy who are practicing homosexuals. It’s rotting from the inside due to the presence of wolves in sheep’s clothing like Peter Hawkinson, pastor of Winnetka Covenant Church; Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, North Park Theological Seminary professor; and Judy Peterson, the recently removed chaplain of North Park University. In the last year, we have seen 407 churches read through the New Testament together and 2,840 people make first-time commitments to Christ at camp. Large numbers of young Swedes attended these revivals and the little congregation grew very large, very fast.

It is intended to suggest that heterosexuality and homosexuality are flipsides of the sexuality coin, whereas, in truth, homosexuality is a disordering of the sexual impulse resulting ultimately from the Fall.

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