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I'm really into retro-futuristic style fonts at the moment. From books, to music, to memes, to TV shows – there’s no denying that pop culture has always had a massive effect on our lives. Because they're strong, and effective. Why is Helvetica so popular? Discover 8 font trends to watch, from extra bold to minimal fonts. Need some font ideas? Decorative styles are much different than your normal font. Now, we're seeing the aesthetic of the great-y 80s popping up everywhere – particularly in projects like movie posters, live music flyers, TV Shows and event announcements. Minimal Sans Serif Fonts. Though it's important to remember tone and function with font design, I'd also recommend stepping out of your comfort zone. Lines are getting crisper, baselines are getting bouncier, and there's a flirty appeal to the fun designers are having with creative script fonts. Just in case we’ve whetted your appetite for even more, you can find thousands of great fonts, all included in a monthly or annual subscription to Envato Elements. An industry known for its fluidity, design is a constant ebb and flow of styles and trends which are always evolving to fit the world around them. Informal and fun, it would work well with displays that feature a limited amount of text. But should companies totally ditch the Helvetica font and create their own typefaces? Only time will tell how fonts will change in the future, but we imagine they will only get more creative. Clean, simple and incredibly easy to work with, minimalist fonts are arguably the most powerful typeface when executed well. Keep it simple with more minimalist fonts like Axon | Minimalist Sans Serif Family by sameehmedia, Connect - Font For Logos by arbuzu, and Hurst Sans Serif Font Family Pack by creativetacos. The modest, unassuming cousin of bold typography, simple sans serif fonts and minimalist typefaces are still proving to be huge design trend in 2020. "I’ve seen so many brands introduce this font treatment into their toolkits as a way of connecting more closely to hand-made, local and community," says Sophie. When it comes to typography, some of the best ideas come from venturing outside the lines! "Pairing a classic serif or minimalistic sans-serif font with a more delicate, hand-written one is a really simple way of humanising your design to be more accessible and relatable.". With artistic, crafty content trending right now, we’ve noticed a rise in unique and rustic hand-lettered fonts as more designers dabble in this increasingly creative, illustrative style.Â. Check out more pop culture fonts like Bitbybit Font by dannyaldana, Oxstars - Future Display by yipianesia and, Neon Desmon - Neon Light Font by peterdraw. What should companies consider when using these new font trends? Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. This article provides an overview on how to upload and categorise your Fonts on Envato Elements. Everything is buzzing with color and allure as we all find a way to stand out. Steven discusses the tech community's continued impact on developing new fonts. For more general design trends, we've shared our 2020 roundup. The longer that fonts and font families are around and we become accustomed to them, the more we can start to associate them with particular designs, and even come to trust them on sight. On the flip side of the retro coin, we’ve also noticed 80's, Glitch and Cyberpunk fonts resurfacing. Just call on a script font to make the most out of any creative project. !’ Don’t worry – we’re here to get you up to speed on this year's top font trends! Since making a comeback in late 2019, we’ve spotted more and more retro fonts and designs popping up, exhibiting iconic neon characters, bold typefaces and tight kerning that defined the decade’s style. ", In 2019, we saw design stripped down to its most essential elements, resulting in a rise in more minimalist fonts such as the Tundra typeface. Envato Tuts+ Design and Illustration editor Sharon Milne gives us some insight into the reality for many business owners. I get visual inspiration and feel empowered having this library of resources to make our ideas come to life. Find a font that's just your type in 2020 with this selection including hand-drawn, serif, and more. Envato's Senior Designer Sophie Dunn says, "Outline fonts are the quiet achievers!" "SVG fonts are perfectly suited for editorial design, signage, and even logos," says Tuts+ contributor Laura Keung. These dedicated font families make us smile as we finally get access to the creative vibes we're going for. Find just your type over on Envato Elements, or check out Font Trends 2019 to see how far we’ve come. Morva by alit_design. So, it’s no surprise that it’s also had an effect on design trends too! Envato Elements is one of those platforms that I logon to on a daily basis sometimes even when I don’t need to design anything. There’s so much choice and font trends come and go. Morva is a unique typeface with bracketed serif shapes and decorative swirls. Check out Kate's awesome collection of 60's and 70's retro fonts on Envato Elements, including Morning Violetta by celciusdesigns and Mikela Bold - Gorgeous Typefaces by NEWFLIX, and Charlotte William Font Duet by maulanacreative over on GraphicRiver. The worst thing is adopting a design that is on trend and it doesn't look authentic to the brand. As it’s bold and striking, it would suit posters and other designs that might need to be read easily from a distance. They're great for introductions or for a powerful quote that drives your passions. Ideal for loud messages. Not only are they multipurpose, but they tend to age well with time. There's more outline fonts where that came from! But how will font design change for 2019? A modern take on more feminine, schoolhouse typefaces and traditional cursive scripts, the development of hand-lettered fonts have seen more bold, rustic, and edgy hand-lettered styles flooding the scene. Let's look at the top eight trends dominating this year. "Retro 60's and 70's fonts are growing in popularity this year. Check out Outline-Creative font by LYB-Design, Portico Outline by MehmetRehaTugcu, and Burford Rustic Outline. The future has arrived, and it switches simple Helvetica titles to epic movie proportions. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. While frequently seen in fashion and editorial, outline fonts have been transitioning into the mainstream design space for a while now with their bold nature and open composition. © 2020 Envato Pty Ltd. Popular movie titles are definite fan favorites on social media as everyone starts to associate these graphics with the memories and moments in their lives. From designing the actual letterforms to extruding their shapes, designers quickly discovered that there are wondrous levels to this typographic art style. Companies should get accustomed to change. This collection of premium assets features fonts from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Top 10 Best Graphic Design Templates 2021, 4 Mystic Design Trends to Conjure for Your Creative Projects, Made with Envato: Creating Digital Art with Frankie Lee Mwah, Top 10 Professional Fonts for Designers 2020. She explains, "They’re modest and elegant in the way they hold their space, and ideal for making a statement that doesn’t shout from the rooftops. "I’ve been noticing a big rise of experimental typefaces appearing recently, particularly distorted, stretched, wavy or crooked fonts that push the boundaries of the traditional typography grid," says Envato Designer Taylor Conacher. Its lack of flourishes or theme allows it to be used in any design without conveying any styled emotion. !’ – we’re here to get you up to speed! Try on a few bold fonts like this cute Boxer font from Envato Elements. Discover more fonts on Envato Elements to inspire your latest projects. Words matter, and so does the way they are displayed! Fonts. And that's really what trends are about I think, chasing the good feeling you get when you see or create something new. Posted 21 Oct 2019. Retro and vintage typefaces give you elements of the world's expansive history. Despite their simple, stripped-back nature, minimalist fonts actually have a strengthening effect by giving each letter plenty of breathing room to magnify your message. From movie titles to Instagram promos, elaborate decorative fonts are certainly making their way in front of the eyes of millions. A modern font with an elegant baseline, Morning Wishes maintains an air of ‘classic’ style. Check out more innovative SVG fonts, such as Cardus Brush SVG Font by sameehmedia, Futuristico Color Font by cruzine, and Bluesky SVG Font by Blankids. Why is Helvetica so popular? Going hand-in-hand (pun intended) with the resurgence of digital illustration are hand-written fonts. "Querins SVG Brush Font by MaulanaCreative is created from an authentic brush, giving it that hand-crafted feel.". Super bold graphic design fonts are loud and effective. It’s a big, bold attention-grabbing font for projects that make no apologies for shouting a message out loud. Envato Elements has thousands of awesome fonts you can download with unlimited use In this collection packed with 100 assets, we present you with a plethora of amazing resources curated from the font section of Envato Elements.

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