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Do. My answer hasn’t changed since that day with the Sharks - I’m 100% headed for world cookie dough domination. No deal, and I may or may not have started tearing up on national television. Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Witherow quit her job at Intel, launched Doughp in April 2017, and is celebrating more than three years of sobriety. Season 10, Episode 22 Sharks: Category: Food and Drink. Julia Schmid and Joan Pacetti are the founders of The Cookie Dough Cafe. Shark Tank fans also noticed Cuban's change of heart and took to Twitter to voice their frustration. Doughp storefront right on the Las Vegas Strip. Share Product. My answer hasn’t changed since that day with the Sharks - I’m 100% headed for world cookie dough domination. It’s a blue snickerdoodle dough with white chocolate shark teeth! After sharing my journey through alcohol abuse on national television, I’m blown away by the support I’ve received; including many stories about all of your personal battles & trumps. Inc. reached out to Cuban and Fat Shack for comment, but neither responded to a request before publishing. She started her quirky company in San Francisco in 2017 at Pier 39 – a popular tourist attraction – with a small kiosk. The thoughts start flying around and self doubt started creeping in like a wet blanket. It’s everything I ever dreamed of for Doughp - we’ve got our #Doughp4Hope  pledge on the wall and “Raw Truth Cards” on our nostalgic high-school-bleacher seating, encouraging more real conversation while customers hang in the Doughp shop. I hope I can be an example to others and remind everyone that with enough passion & handwork, the world is your bowl of cookie dough… Sounded better than oyster. I know that this is what I’m meant to do and I set off even more determined to bring raw dough & real conversation to the Las Vegas Strip. So what happened? We’re spreading a message of positivity and self-love with every scoop of dough. I hit my floor mark and suddenly in the (1.5 hour) blink-of-an-eye, filming was done. When co-founders Tom Armenti and Kevin Gabauer agreed to handover 15 percent of the business, they all shook on it. More Info. It’s pronounced DOPE as in “that’s Dope,” a saying from her youth in Northern California. Get some or give some to a loved one and order online here. '", By contrast, this past Sunday night on Shark Tank's season finale, the Fat Shack, a Fort Collins, Colorado-based startup that sells triple-stacked cheeseburgers, wings, and sandwiches stuffed with Philly cheesesteak, onion rings, and jalapeno poppers, walked away with $250,000 from Cuban. We’ve even got a Tank-inspired flavor called, “Bite Me” - hehe. The store, the staff, the customers - it’s everything I dreamed of. Get some or give some to a loved one and order online here. - I continued on, knowing that if you believe in something enough you’ll attract exactly what you need, right when you need it. She also sells online and closed 2018 with $1 million in revenue, Witherow told Inc. She was seeking $450,000 for 10 percent equity of her San Francisco-based company, but left without a deal. He asked a local bagel shop owner who closed doors at 3 p.m. if he could rent the storefront and cooking equipment from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. Armenti and Gabauer launched the business in February 2010 and have since opened 11 franchise locations throughout the U.S. I never paused discussions with Miracle Mile Shops (the Las Vegas storefront I was gunning for in filming!) Doughp @ Miracle Mile Shops On the past two episodes of Shark Tank, two companies pitched businesses that specialize in each of those decadent dishes. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Damn. YO @Fat_Shack -- @mcuban told us we were too unhealthy, but maybe he's come around! ️️ #SHARKTANK, While Cuban did say that Witherow's product was "unhealthy," she stands by her company's offerings and doesn't plan on changing her recipes, noting that she's selling an indulgence. We’ve even got a Tank-inspired flavor called, “Bite Me” - hehe. What's the difference between an unhealthy sandwich business and another that sells scoops of cookie dough? "The conflict I have is the whole obesity thing and getting behind a product that's saying, 'Eat more. We also recognize and donate to non-profits working to support mental health / substance abuse issues. One got a deal with Mark Cuban while the other left empty-handed, save for a lecture from Cuban, who debated the ethics of investing in an "unhealthy" food company as the country struggles with obesity. everything about it says it's a good investment. You’ve got one life, it’s your responsibility to live it to the fullest. I mustered up all my years of business experience paired with a lifetime of passion for dessert - and gave it my all. Even so, she is still digesting the criticism. The business booked $5.7 million in 2017 sales and $22 million to date, the co-founders told the Sharks. But those doors opened, my fear melted away and I walked down the hallway as the confident woman I am. I opened an absolutely magnificent, epic, ridiculously dope (hehe) Doughp storefront right on the Las Vegas Strip , in Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Get the inside scoop & $5 off your first order! Keep it up, you are worth it. Like with many times since I started this journey, I got just that. "What you've done is amazing and everything about it says it's a good investment," Cuban told Kelsey Witherow, the founder of Doughp (pronounced like "dope"), a business that sells scoops of cookie dough. :). After appearing on "Shark Tank," Kelsey Moreira, 29, opened an edible cookie dough bar called Doughpon the Las Vegas Strip in 2019. Doughp has a store in San Francisco, and it recently opened a shop in Las Vegas to offer customers "a booze-free bar on the Strip."

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