disobedience sentence

Only mass civil disobedience is going to get rid of the TV License. And as an actor he has no patience for civil disobedience on the set. The Red sailors and the Red Cossacks had the most fighting spirit, but this was devalued by their volatility, It is supposed to secure obedience to the slaveholder, and is held as a sovereign remedy among the slaves themselves, for every form of, The disturbing thing nowadays is that resistance as spectacle has cut loose from its origins in genuine civil, We went through his rap sheet in an attempt to find the line between revelatory civil, Ghandi has taught us how effective peaceful civil, The cop had gone through the activists' civil, I had committed neither crimes nor acts of civil, In many ways we have fallen into a similar pattern of, I wish he gets support to launch a movement for civic, The applicant, a prison officer, was charged with, Sellers sees a fine line that activists must now walk when engaging in civil, The biblical story of Adam and Eve relates this choice by mankind to participate in evil, accomplished through, His complete infatuation with Eve, while pure in and of itself, eventually contributes to his joining her in, We now had no alternative but to resort to civil, Three Dominican nuns were arrested for an act of civil, The partition was annulled in 1911 after a long civil, So I was brought up before a military tribunal for, Servants could be bought, sold, or leased and they could be physically beaten for, The will of the SPQR was binding on the consuls and the men, with the death penalty often assigned for, It was the layback, a casual declaration of civil, In addition, simple refusal to obey is not mutiny, which requires collaboration or conspiracy to, The new soldier did not clean his cabin and was scolded for dereliction and, Animal rights groups find it harder to convey their concerns, and as a result, may advocate civil, This was the resistance of tyranny through civil, The antimilitaristic network Ofog is preparing non-violence civil, The case of tax resistance highlights the difficulties of drawing a line, in practice, between cases of civil, However, Theseus does not punish the lovers for their, The Count of Flanders had denied Philip's right to declare war on England while King John was still excommunicated, and that his, A gold rush began in Australia in the early 1850s and the Eureka Rebellion against mining licence fees in 1854 was an early expression of civil, Given France's declared intention to veto any relocation to Brussels, some MEPs have advocated civil, If anyone failed to attend the gemot thrice after being summoned, he was to pay the king a fine for his, The most malign of all these dangers today is disregard and, I do not think his going and riding in the steeplechase was an act of direct, For all sins, as theologians weary not of reminding us, are sins of, And it was not long, Lesley, before I rued my, Trust in our government will end the current civil, Evelyn had in some way managed to make her a party to her, My hardships, I felt, were by reason of my, It costs me less in every sense to incur the penalty of, A threat on your part that you would disinherit him in case of, A truant provincial was paying the forfeit of his, God's first choice as king, Saul, performs disastrously, and his, Choice is taken from them, and conscience is either killed, or, if it lives at all, lives but to give rebellion its fascination and.
"I have often noted," writes John Taylor, the water-poet, in his Jack a Lent (1620), "that if any superfluous feasting or gormandizing, paunch-cramming assembly do meet, it is so ordered that it must be either in Lent, upon a Friday, or a fasting: for the meat does not relish well except it be sauced with disobedience and comtempt of authority.". 4.

To punish is to inflict penalty for violation of law, disobedience to authority, or intentional wrongdoing.
For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

To put his, absolute right beyond all control he based it upon religion, and to this sceptic disobedience became a heresy.

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