convict records

Fax: 512-936-0685, Reading room hours: The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. The following are examples of some of the convict medical records that are available through the State Records Office: The State Records Office holds numerous occurrence books providing details on the daily operation of the Convict Establishment. This original correspondence is accessible at the State Records Office on microfilm (reference: SROWA, Consignment 488, items 30-34). This website allows you to search the British Convict transportation register for convicts transported to Australia between 1787-1867. Fremantle Prison was built as a convict establishment by the British government in the 1850's, following the decision to transport convicts to WA, with the Comptroller General of Convicts being appointed to govern the facility. S Ticket of leave was granted before the expiration of a prisoner's sentence. Parole is often offered to any prisoner, except in extreme cases such as treason, an impeachment that results in imprisonment, and severe criminal activity. You may e-mail your request, along with the reel and page number, to Archives Information or send at letter to PO Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711-2927. Entries in the ledgers and indexes are handwritten, in a variety of inks and styles, some of which may be difficult to read. Begin the process by determining the specific names and time periods you wish to search. Examples of the types of records available include: Courthouse records can be located by searching online under the name of the relevant district. Listings for the J-O pages, for example, might be continued at the end of the J-I or J-O pages. An official website of the United States government. Police Department Police records can be a good source of information when tracing the movements of particular convicts. For instance, a prisoner whose given name was Joseph Fairchild may have gone exclusively by "Big Joe" and so would be indexed under that name.

Convict labour continued to be used for sometime following the end of transportation, relying on local prisoners and those convicts yet to serve the reminder of their sentences. Prior to the recent technological developments in record management, all record maintenance processes were primarily undertaken manually. Examples of Police Station records held include: Many of the files in Series 2126 contain police reports on convict escapees and other matters dealing with convicts. Konvict Muzik is a record label founded by R&B singer Akon. Some of the records available relating to the Pensioner Guards include: There are a number of published references and guides that can be of considerable assistance when researching Western Australian convicts. Convict Lists and Registers, 1850-1868, Acc 128, AN 358, Correspondence - Comptroller General to the Perth Police Magistrate, 1855-1877, Acc 3290, AN 17, Registers of Casual Sick, 1850-1905, Acc 1156, Items CS 1-25, AN 358, Hospital Occurrence Books, 1855-1885, Acc 1156, Items M 1-2, AN 358, Letterbook, 1864-1876, Acc 1156, Items M 12, AN 358, Medical Registers, 1855-1885, Acc 1156, Items M 3-9A, AN 358, Medical Journals, 1853-1910, Acc 1156, Items M 13-28A, AN 358, Occurrence Books and Warder's Journals, c.1852-1946, Acc 1156, Items Occ 1-27, AN 358, Occurrence Books and Prison Earnings - Perth District, 1862-1887, Acc 1386, Items 7-14, AN 17, Salaries Books, c1869-1916, Acc 1156, Items V5 & V37-V41, AN 358, Register - Misconduct of Convict Establishment Officers, 1850-1853, Acc 1156, Item V 6, AN 358, Convict Establishment Officer's Appointment Book, 1850-1870, Acc 1156, Item V 7, AN 358, Ticket of Leave Registers - Perth District, 1850-1875, Acc 1386, AN 17, Ticket of Leave Register - Swan District, 1859-1866, Acc 1171, AN 24, Ticket of Leave Registers and Occurrence Books - Perth District, 1850-1887, Acc 1386, AN 17, Reconviction Register, 1856-1859, Acc 1156, Item R 10, AN 358, Convict Finance Board, 1851-1872, Acc 1156, FB 1-4, AN 358, General Duties, 1853-1877, Acc 1156, Items GD 1-7, AN 358, Receipts and Discharges of Prisoners, 1850-1888, Acc 1156, Items R&D 1A-9B, AN 358. The records of the Governor's Establishment include despatches received by the Governor of Western Australia from the various Home Office authorities responsible for the control of convicts. Volumes containing lists of receipts and discharges of prisoners from the main Convict Establishment at Fremantle, from the hospital and from Depots at Freshwater Bay, Mt Eliza, and North Fremantle among others. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly. Records of the Guardian of Government Juvenile Immigrants and other associated Parkhurst Boys records may also be found in the Colonial Secretary's Office records, particularly amongst the inward correspondence. FLORIDA.STATERECORDS.ORG IS A PRIVATELY OWNED WEBSITE THAT IS NOT OWNED OR OPERATED BY ANY STATE GOVERNMENT AGENCY. Index to the Convict Related Letters of Captain Charles Fitzgerald, 12 October 1854 -c. 4 July 1855 and Arthur Edward Kennedy, c. 5 July 1855 - 30 April 1858 (Consignment 488, item 32). Tel: 512-463-5455 Contact the state or local correctional department for more information. Additional notations to those entries continued to be made into the 1970s. Theft of property valued at at least $100 but under $750, Capital and life felonies: first-degree murder, First degree felonies: Aggravated battery of a law enforcement agent, Second-degree felonies: Selling marijuana to a minor, Third-degree felonies: theft of an automobile, trespassing (while armed), Sexual predators (a higher level of offense) convicted for committing or attempting to commit, any of the qualifying crimes specified in Florida Statute, on or after October 1, 1993.
Anne and Bruce have comprehensively indexed this correspondence by addressee, theme, name, location, ship and renumeration. Federal Prison Records 1870 - 1981.

You can look up inmates in two ways: Is currently detained for possible violation of immigration laws, Was released within the last 60 days from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility. The Swan River Colony received 234 male juvenile convicts between 1842 and 1849.

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