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While visiting Thailand, two estranged friends realize there's no … Editor: Elizabeth Yng-Wong Having worked together before and presumably become friends, Green and Meyer have an ease together onscreen. It’s a polished, pleasant film whose locations all look duly spectacular — if you hadn’t dreamt of a Thai getaway before, you certainly will after watching. Still, its assurance in other departments suggests Green is more than ready for further behind-the-camera feature assignments. On or about May 7, 2018, the film was in Post-Production status. Even if there are a few too many scenes here of scenic splendor or other visual stimuli accompanied by too many various-artist soundtrack cuts, the travelogue aspect is undeniably very, very attractive. (He had planned this trip as a surprise anniversary present.) Changeland Ratings & Reviews Explanation. FACEBOOK The sad sack and the mildly ugly American (played by … So the bros arrive at a luxe Phuket resort, where the film snickers heartily at the way a clerk assumes they're a couple. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. A look at the Changeland behind-the-scenes crew and production team. We open on Green's Brandon as he rises one morning from his marital bed and heads to the airport, maintaining a dead-eyed stoneface all the way from the U.S. to his layover in Dubai. That mission is more or less accomplished by “Changeland,” Seth Green’s first feature as writer-director. If only he, or the film, had more interesting answers. All rights reserved. ... Changeland isn't much of a film in retrospect, but more of a period of time spent with two characters. But none of this really builds up much heft, dramatic or comedic. A depressed cuckold and his best friend try to enjoy a Thailand vacation in Seth Green's scenic if slight feature directorial debut. Beautiful places in foreign countries exist only to heal the souls of culturally oblivious Americans, right? Casting director: Inthira Maew Limthao. The eye candy, amiable cast and other attractions are all enjoyable enough that you can forgive how perilously slight the material here is. The sad sack and the mildly ugly American (played by Green and Breckin Meyer, respectively) show next to no interest in the culture of the place they've traveled to, but the place is extremely interested in them: Oddly, everyone from boat-tour guides to shot-bar patrons find time to ask our hero solicitous personal questions. The latter is fun as a flamboyant (if underdeveloped) character, but it’s at this juncture we realize that “Changeland” isn’t going to dig in on any level — it’s just going to drift along, sightseeing. Distributor: Gravitas Ventures With Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Brenda Song, Macaulay Culkin. Gravitas Ventures is launching “Changeland” on 15 U.S. theatrical screens as well as VOD this weekend. Terms of Use | Dan asks, more than once, about his sluggish friend's endangered marriage; and he shares opinions about Brandon's wife he'd been keeping to himself. A man (Seth Green) undergoing a personal crisis meets up with his self-assured best friend (Breckin Meyer) in Thailand . 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Chu to Direct, Disneyland to Reopen at 25% Capacity as Strict Guidelines Are Set, Netflix Misses Q3 Subscriber and Net Earnings Forecasts, Stock Falls, Brian Wilson Disavows Trump’s Beach Boys Benefit in California (EXCLUSIVE), Ari Emanuel Drops $27.5 Million on Grand Beverly Hills Estate, Gary Oldman Stars as ‘Citizen Kane’ Screenwriter in ‘Mank’ Trailer, Robb Recommends: A Masculine, Rose-Scented Fragrance That Smells So Good We Wear it at Home, Tom Brady’s Business Empire Expands With IMG, Fanatics Partnerships, Raise a Glass To These Impressive (and Affordable) Wine Gift Baskets. Director-screenwriter: Seth Green © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter Self-pity and solipsism in Thailand's tourist zone. A bodybuilder plucks them out of the crowd and decides to focus on their entertainment, declaring "tonight is going to be the greatest night of our lives" — but even in its rowdy behavior, Changeland is dishwater-ish, following a much-trod path toward the catharsis it feels it is owed. Changeland in US theaters June 7, 2019 starring Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Brenda Song, Clare Grant. If there's a big red "NO JUMPING" sign by the cliff, so much the better. 3:28 PM PDT 6/6/2019 He and Breckin Meyer play longtime besties on what should be a pleasure trip to Thailand, only the pleasure is severely undercut by one party’s self-pity over relationship woes. But that does little to bolster the script's thinly drawn dynamic, in which Dan is supposed to push Brandon to grow. Hollow as that may sound, “Changeland” is still an easy sit, thanks in part to the personable cast dynamics and an unhurried but lively pace. Check out the below links, may contain affiliate links. TWITTER There’s some middling comedy at the ravishing resort where they first land, with a hammily suggestive concierge (Kenneth Won) assuming they’re a closeted gay couple. Released; Now Playing Get Showtimes Buy Tickets. Explaining why he's invited Dan on the last-minute trip, Brandon says, "I think Vanessa's cheating on me"; but he's skipped straight from suspicion to abandonment, leaving without a note or a voicemail on the morning of the couple's anniversary. Cast: Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, Brenda Song, Clare Grant, Macaulay Culkin On or about March 15, 2019, the film was in Completed status. Film Review: ‘Changeland’ A depressed cuckold and his best friend try to enjoy a Thailand vacation in Seth Green's scenic if slight feature directorial debut. Director of photography: Patrick Ruth There’s potential romantic interest in the forms of Brenda Song and Clare Grant as two more boat tour guides; and a climax of sorts involving lots of drinking, amateur Thai kickboxing matches and WWE wrestler Randy Orton as an intimidating hulk who turns out to have a helpful philosophical side. Composer: Patrick Stump Costume designer: Waraporn Kheawnanjai Sitemap | John DeFore EMAIL ME. Production company: Karivara Films A man (Seth Green) undergoing a personal crisis meets up with his self-assured best friend (Breckin Meyer) in Thailand . "You wanna fight for it or not?" The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. He cedes his usual role to Meyer and others who ably illustrate life-loving types, though again without a whole lot of writing depth to draw on. At a Dubai connection point he meets up with professional photographer BFF Dan (Meyer), who is ebullient at the prospect of several days’ partying in Thailand. It's not as if real people live in this place, or have their reasons to ask foreigners to behave. The happiest result for such enterprises is that the audience should feel as though it’s had a 90-minute holiday, in addition to acquiring some very good ideas for a longer one. Read Next: Leading U.K. Green, more typically the supporting sparkplug that juices scene after scene, stretches a bit too far in the opposite direction to play a depressive wet blanket we ought to feel more rooting value for. | Cookie Settings. Green’s writing has previously been primarily confined (as has frequent collaborator Meyer’s) to the surreal ADD animation sketch-comedy series “Robot Chicken.” While “Changeland” merits credit for breaking out of that antic comfort zone, it really doesn’t try very hard to provide even the mild narrative substance needed to ballast a lightweight entertainment like this. So rather than take her on the luxury vacation that was intended as an anniversary surprise, he’s disappeared sans explanation (or confrontation), hoping to lick his psychological wounds with reliable Dan’s shoulder to cry on. There he's joined by globetrotting art-photographer Dan (Meyer), an old friend who finds himself very charming. Privacy | They take a boat tour whose guide Pen (Brenda Song) has out-of-nowhere messages of uplift for Brandon; meanwhile, Dan won't take a very straightforward "no" for an answer from Pen's American co-worker Dory (Clare Grant). Our story Email Us Call Us: 248.387.9826, USA TODAY • LA TIMES • CBS Detroit • Crains Detroit Business • Corp Magazine, Seth Green, Clare Grant, Rose Williams, Randy Orton, Breckin Meyer, Brenda Song, Macaulay Culkin, Corey Moosa, Kedar Williams-Stirling. Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa gets candid about the intense debate over what would happen in the series finale and breaks down the final twist. The movie will reward his pushiness, when they cross paths again and he woos her with a groan-worthy romantic discourse on analog photography. (More allegedly funny misunderstandings like this await.) Producer: Corey Moosa Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. After the requisite time paddling past gorgeous karsts and exploring a cave or two, the pic finds its comfort zone in a cluster of douchey tourist bars, where Brandon and Dan can be at home with expat Americans (like a louche guide played by Macaulay Culkin) or, worst-case, with Thai natives who have lived Stateside. So it seems in Seth Green's Changeland, in which a man flees a troubled marriage by hitting Thailand's beach resorts with an old pal. by There’s a certain kind of movie that feels at least partly conceived so cast and crew could get paid for hanging out in some gorgeous vacation spots. Changeland movie reviews & Metacritic score: On the eve of his anniversary, Brandon (Seth Green) discovers his wife is having an affair. These don’t seem to be doubts we’re intended to have, just the results of a screenplay that provides scant character backstory or shading. The line "Lady, I shoot eight-by-ten" makes her knees tremble, evidently. But really, the free spirit seems to think Brandon's problems will end only if he jumps off cliffs and drinks cocktails served in small buckets. Changeland was released in 2019 on Friday, June 7, 2019 (Limited release). Parents need to know that Changeland is a dramedy about a man (Seth Green, also making his feature writing/directing debut) who travels with his best friend (Breckin Meyer) to Thailand to take stock of his life and his marriage.Expect quite a bit of social drinking, sometimes to excess (characters are quite happily tipsy or drunk).

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