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I can tell that Kevin is the kind that work for Subaru to make you, the customer, happy and safe while driving your subie, not like others who just try to rip you off as much as they could. !Turns out while putting my car back together, there was insufficient clearance between the backing plate and my front right rotor.!! Access them anywhere. Axle-shaft is fine. 0 Miles. Speaking of new 2019 & 2020 Subaru Impreza, Subaru Outback, Subaru Ascent, Subaru Legacy and Subaru Crosstrek models, you have got your pick of the litter with the ones in our showroom. Please contact Derek Huddlestun at and we'll do our best to make this right with you. If you have any additional questions about your new vehicle, we will be more than happy to assist yo, I purchased a 2018 CPO. We hope to be of service you again in the future. Capitol Subaru is a new & used car dealership located in San Jose, CA. They did not have (or could not) use the old ones. I hope you can focus on the many good testimonials that tell the real story. I am not a big fan to leave reviews because I dont like to compliment others online. Nope. Left my car at service department for an airbag recall, got it back with idling rough engine and "check engine" light on. If you have any additional needs or questions, we will be more than happy to ...assist you! Was told that it was company policy that nobody could test drive their Wrx wagon. We tried to get someone's attention, not happening. One of the men took us out for the drive. of all the pushiness. I was told we could only go for about a 2 mile loop which is not enough for me to get a good feel for a car. Redwood City, CA 94063. After taking my Forester home Richard checked in by text to be sure all was going well and to remind me I could contact him with any questions. We're happy we could meet your expectations. Sam Levy is great to deal with, friendly and knowledgeable and no pressure! Carlsen Subaru (1.6 mi. My husband who hates dealing with car salesman really liked his experience with Brett because he's completely no pressure. Carlsen Subaru had been my go-to place for service for years, until now. I went in the showroom - explained that I am in the market for a car and interested 2 cars. Very positive experience !! Best Finance Offer on Hatchback 2.0i Sport. Make Finding Your Next New Vehicle a Standout Experience with Carlsen Subaru Serving Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto & Menlo Park, CA Pretty much any car dealership can talk about its wide selection of vehicles, and standout customer service, but we mean it!. 39 lifetime reviews. Video Walkaround | Test Drive at Home | Local Home Delivery. If you ever need anything e...lse from us, please feel free to give us a call or stop by. I own a 2013 Subaru WRX with extremely low miles (27K). I saw the other reviews online describing how bad recent experiences were, some using the term incompetent.I showed up on a Saturday to ask for an explanation, and they didn't even know where my car was. He stays available if you have questions but doesn't hover. Fixed it. My brother honestly had no clue what the form was for since Jonathan described it as  "This form is to basically see if you are a terrorist or not". This is like going to the Dentist .... :(Come on guys!! Service department doesn't return calls for. My fiance and I purchased a 2019 Subaru Forester from them a few weeks back. at Carlsen yet, as it's still too new for this, but nothing has been a problem yet and I've driven it for a few weeks now. Of course we service what we sell with more factory trained technicians than any other Subaru dealer in the area. Hello Matthew, appreciate you taking the time to leave us this feedback. Specified what I was looking for, got the timing of delivery with regular updates. We hope to hear from you soon. Includes Carlsen Subaru Reviews, maps & directions to Carlsen Subaru in … It's not the most powerful car and there is a glare on the windshield when driving into the sun, but it's perfect other than that. great experience with Eric Stern. But the internet helped a lot. I went to Carlson Subaru today to check out the Outback and Impreza. As a 22 year resident of Redwood City, I was horrified to learn of a recent experience of a very good friend at Carlson Subaru. You can easily tell he really like Subaru and its owner, he like his job and really enjoy working on it. Shit happens once or twice. Hi Kim, thank you so much for your positive comments about Carlsen Subaru! When I picked up my car I appreciated Sam linking my phone to Starlink and getting a driving lesson that allowed me to experience all of the safety features.I got a good deal on Subaru Extended warranty as well. We look forward to serving you. Ended up coming back to the dealership 4 more times as I decided between the finalists in. Their work is just shoddy and incomplete!! But will never give a loaner car in the future. On each visit, Richard made sure to take some time to help me out. AN IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING COVID-19 AND DEALERSHIP OPERATING HOURS, new 2019 & 2020 Subaru Impreza, Subaru Outback, Subaru Ascent, Subaru Legacy and Subaru Crosstrek. I did not left any word to any one over the past 6 years using yelp. Cars I Like. I feel it only fair to give contrast to my good reviews although I do not enjoy writing a bad review.This certainly was not my favorite Subaru dealer. It might be premature because right now I am fricking pissed at them. Yup! We stock a large selection of New Subaru vehicles as well as Subaru. * Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. You can: Would you like us to send you price alerts? I am often amazed at the material facts and details that conveniently seem to be missing from the story that would, if accurately disclosed, shed a completely different light on the situation. Maybe we were not dressed fancy enough, but then again we are looking to buy a Subaru not a Ferrari. We bought two new Crosstreks the same day. I dropped it off on a Wednesday morning and they said they'd call me to let me know how long they'd need it. No "Sure, after a quick credit check we can talk about that." I enjoy this Crosstrek as it drives like a car and not an SUV and it's easy in and out and I'm up high to see the road and the lights are bright for nightime driving. They diagnosed the problem correctly. We want to make sure that it looks and drives that way, too. Hi Kim, thank you so much for your positive comments about Carlsen Subaru! When it came time to get the deal done, I presented what I thought was a fair price based on my research and quickly came to an agreement. Best Finance Offer on Hatchback 2.0i Premium. Carlsen stocks a large selection of new and pre-owned Subaru vehicles. I was told that "we are only a small service center and we can't get the parts in before then." I went back 10 days later for those; one splash guard was faulty so nothing was installed and I had to go back a week later; this wasn't Carlsen's fault and they made it up by rescheduling when I wanted and a tank of gas. We hope to hear from you soon. Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us at Carlsen Subaru. Nope. The best experience I have ever had buying a car in the last 30 years. I guess we interrupted the BS session he was having with the other salesmen. Sign Up, Already have an account? Apparently, something very bad happened there around August, and they've been understaffed ever since.I picked up my car the following Monday to take it to another shop. I haven't been in for service yet but at this point I would totally recommend the Ascent and specifically Carlsen. Bought my new car elsewhere. Below average Subaru dealer.Although at the time I probably gave them good reviews for Subaru, in retrospect comparing the different dealers I've dealt with I must go back and say below average.As I recall, and in my opinion I felt as if they wanted to scare me that I would void warranty by not doing what was probably unnecessary expenses maintenance. I received notification recently in the mail and by email that there was a brake light safety recall I needed to get fixed ASAP. So, no "Hey come in and we can chat" to get a feel for the customer? Bevg, in order to deliver the best experience possible, we try to set high expectations for ourselves. I have never met one that cared less about selling a car before. Newly Listed. Took the car for checkup last week, since it sounded exactly like the same problem. Specified what I was looking for, got the timing of delivery with regular updates. The new dealership took a couple of hours to diagnose and fix the problem. Many reviews listed here demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, ease of doing business and ethical business practices. I had a wonderful experience at Carlson Subaru and will definitely use them for any future car issues.

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