cameroon diaspora population

[2], The first peoples from the modern Cameroon area to arrive in the United States were enslaved by the British and sold into the British colonies, during the colonial period, as DNA testing suggests. The Cameroonians of diverse skills left the country for Europe and North America in search for competitive wages and talent recognition (Corm 1993). Many of them had criticized the government, making them more vulnerable to political repression.
After his success in Chicago, the SDF party eventually established several subsidiaries in other US cities. Among them, we have cash wiring through Western Union, MoneyGram, bank transfers and also some other illegal means. In the European Union (EU) alone, figures show that there are 57,000 Cameroonians living within European Union. Members of the Cameroonian Diaspora have to understand that there is power in numbers and that their little contributions could, if well managed, turn things around for their beloved country. People can travel easily around the world within the shortest possible time to and from different countries and regions, motivated by diverse factors ranging from the search for better living conditions and for security to taking advantage of economic opportunities. However, the projects financed by the Cameroonian Diaspora lack coordination simply because the Cameroonians living abroad have not constituted an organization that consolidates the entire Cameroonian Diaspora. All rights reserved, Kirova street 143, According to the 2007-2011 American Community Survey there are 33,181 Cameroonian-born people living in … The 2010 population or demographic census acknowledges that 2.2 per cent of the total population, approximately 200,000 Cameroonians live and work abroad. It also makes them an indispensable human agency for channeling wealth, information, innovative ideas, intellectual capacities and skills and creative business practices from the West and Asia to Cameroon. The Cameroonian Diaspora and Private Business in Cameroon. Paper presented at the European Association of Social Anthropology (EASA), August 24–28, Maynooth. Second, their social organization is weak and remains informal. Cameroon, through associations of emigrants whether from the same locality or not, have raised funds which were used to develop certain regions. In relation to the host country, there are generally multiple relations depending on the adaptation capacity, the degree of professional and social insertion. Thus, they help facilitate the transfer of finance and technical know-how from abroad to local enterprises. Many of these poor countries have become suppliers of labor (source countries) to developed countries and rely to a certain extent on the resulting remittances to ensure a better domestic welfare (Dumont and Lemaître 2005). Challenges Faced by the Cameroonian Diaspora. The Diaspora, it should be recalled, constitutes a huge treasure trove of development information, experience and investment resources. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. A common feature of globalization in recent times has been the increasing movement of people around the world. 2002. 2002. This is because the process of managing migration involves people crossing state borders to access opportunities that enhance their livelihood. Our preliminary findings also identify the areas in which further research and policy intervention is necessary. [2] The Cameroonian immigrants have communities in places such as Ohio, New York City, San Diego, Illinois, Houston (Texas) and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). Furthermore, CAMSOLA premiered in 2011 the Scholarship Fund Youth Development and Youth Leadership Club in Los Angeles. The analyses of the Cameroonian Diaspora activities allow us to present the role of the Diaspora in local development. 2010 American Community Survey), This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 13:32. Fighting poverty requires sharing information with those who are not lucky to have access to that information. – The short or long term remigration of the Diaspora Cameroonians as an important means to inject skills and experience into Cameroon. These classrooms have solved the perennial problem of overstaffing in classrooms characteristic for many public schools in Cameroon (see Endnote 1). This, coupled with the grinding poverty, unemployment and despair is making many Cameroonian to simply bid farewell to formal education which was in the past, the region’s hallmark. 2010. International Migration: Virtue or Vice? The organization also promotes educational opportunities, employment, business and training for Cameroonians. 1995. Among the Cameroonians living abroad, 42.3 per cent are highly educated.
Unfortunately and despite all the above noted advantages, the Cameroonian Diaspora still operates on the margins of the host societies because of the weak social, economic and political position in which they find themselves in their new homelands. So, most of the slaves carried from Bimbia in those years, were from Tikari, Douala[6]-Bimbia,[4] Banyangi and Bakossi. Access to the Internet and cable television has come to revive this urge of ‘bushfalling’ in many young Cameroonians who are ready to risk their lives for a purported better tomorrow. This group has also incorporated the economic migrants who were victims of endemic unemployment and poverty. 4,245 students were registered in German universities between 2000 and 2005. Mamfe multipurpose centre donated by MECA-USA. While there are enormous opportunities available as a result of strengthening the partnership with the Diaspora, still there are some challenges that need to be addressed taking into consideration the interests of all concerned parties, that is the migrants, host country and country of origin. ‘Bush’ is the term used to describe ‘white man country’ – largely understood as the ‘West’. Fourth, compared with other migrant organizations, the Cameroonian associations are linked marginally with the mainstream development agencies.

[6], Most of the slaves regarded as Cameroonian were from the Bight of Biafra, which included the countries of Nigeria (eastern coast), Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (Bioko Island and Rio Muni), and Gabon (northern coast) "with many of them hailing from the Cameroon itself". The first Cameroonian immigrants in France came in the 1970s, like the Congolese, some years after the first immigrant wave from Black Africa (Senegal Valley) in France. In 2002, the number rose to 3,190. Through these associations the Cameroonian Diaspora raises funds for different development projects in their homeland such as building schools, hospitals, sponsoring of agricultural projects etc.

Most often they initiate the contacts between service delivery structures localized at home and organizations or associations of their host country. – The Cameroonian Diaspora associations should make an inventory of their development projects in Cameroon, and create a central Diaspora project database. Besides, the students could be made to understand that it is not just enough to have certificates. L'imagination africaine de l'Occident: Entre ressentiment et seduction.

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