bmw n20 timing chain bulletin

Pretty sure I can hear the whine. They had given me my car when the shop was closing. Looks like BMW finally issued an extended warranty for the N20 timing chain issue. @Michael: would it be a problem to send me this mail? If you are great if not ….time for an upgrade……. Received a notice BMW is extending the warranty on timing chain and oil pump chain to 70kmiles or 7 years. I called dealer and asked them to check the “timing chain and oil pump drive chain” per the limited warranty extension mail I received in the mail. what options do i have at this point as preventative maintenance to avoid toasting the engine.

If this repair was done after 01/2015 – is it likely the new parts were used? Dealer is only 2 years 24,000 miles. Should I take it to Boston instead? Can anyone tell me the new 2018 X3 with B48 four cylinder turbo engine will have the same issue? Thank you for getting back to me, I just checked the history because I do have it and indicates that the crankcase lines were changed on the vehicle and the spark plugs were done at 38,000 kilometres. and can they mess it up opening up the engine? That’s what they are fearing…, Unsure about the BMW N20/26 commitment ? I’m pleased with the customer service I received!

Just reporting back… BMW Australia funded replacement of timing chains and guides by my local dealer… whine is gone and so is some knocking at low revs under load. I would appreciate if you listen my engine (in the link). I think I’m getting two new chains, new housings and an oil pump. Good Luck. What does it mean warranty extension? This repair is typically done in two days. _____ 2017 540i :: 2006 M3 :: 2012 … It disappeares after the first minute, but not completely. I know that there is updated version of this part, 11318685091. Reply. Would you say that there can be a relationship to this service bulletin? The affected BMW cars with the timing chain issue is as follows. ELW is BMW information bulletin,,,,why do you ask.

This was the reply I got from them Hi Andreas, I am not aware of any problems with the car, but what symptoms should I look for? There is post in other forum saying that BMW just issued on 9/21/2017 ELW on N26(and N20 too?) I know the manuel say to replace it and the timing chain bulletin doesn’t say to replace it,,,,those are the tightening torque procedures, So you tighten down to 55nm and then turn it 55 degree. I currently have 61000 km on my vehicle with very little issues up to this point. Best of luck. This is really a hard thing to check,,,because the timing chain stretches and the guide rails might be cracked and you can’t see them unless you completely tear down the engine,,,so I can give you a diagnostic on checking the timing chain. Andreas, LoL, they are just trying to find a way out of the mess up! BMW has been sued on multiple occasions over the timing chain issues of it’s 4 cyl (gas/diesel) engines. I always enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that their engineering was the best on the road……I don’t want some Corporate shirt and tie setting a police that will ruin my perception of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” …….. Edward- I know the consensus is don’t buy a bmw out of warranty. BMW refused to fix mine. But doesn’t it still use the same n20 engine which is prone to timing chain issues? If I wanted to proactively repair this myself what should I say when bringing car to dealer? Most commonly produced between 6/2011 to 2/2015. does this mean i’m no longer covered in this ELW? I have a 2008 x5 here in the UK, travelling 25 mph and then suddenly stopped. I’m at 71k miles soo im out of luck! The car has 91000kms (57000 miles) on it. There is a thread on another forum that BMWNA now has 7-yr/70k extended limited warranty on timing chain and drive chain for oil pump for N26(and probably N20 too). I’m considering a 2014-2015 328i GT and want to make sure I’ve covered my bases before purchasing. I decided to call around to a dealership out of state and they quoted me $2,900 with labor taking 14.5 hours. My serviceman is the opinion that everything is ok. Call BMW North America give them you VIN # and they will tell you if you are covered by the 7 / 70 warranty. Regards. Should they be cleaned, or just left alone? Great, thank you. What’s New: I love BMW and I have owned 7 BMW’s over the years. I am keeping mine until the warranty expires and then, if the fix proves reliable, I will evaluate whether I will proactively replace the timing/oil pump chains and guides or risk sudden failure. Bill is almost $5000 2012 528i xdrive 71k miles One never knows exactly how the timing chain debacle will resolve itself… I have faith that BMW will correct this problem with a favorable notice of extended warranty. however this sound i thought was normal for this car model. Hi and thank you so much for all the advice you give ! 1500€ means there is no engine damage, yet. Hope you guys received these letters and are covered. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thanks for the video,,,,yes that whine noise is the start of the timing chain going bad, you mean the high frequently whine noise? Having purchased the car as a second hand vehicle FROM the dealer I would have expected the car to have been of a high standard, not moments away from catastrophic engine failure :(. It needs to be making noise now.

Currently no ELW for Europe. ( Log Out /  Would be interesting to know, what the reason is for this noise, the chain, the sprockets or the guides.

Also check out our reviews Below. I just brought it in to the dealer too to have a full inspection done on the same day of purchase. Questions like is my car really affected? Talked with Class Action Attorney Joe S. his web site is : BMW engine failure class – I told him that I was not experiencing problems as of yet but I would like the assurance’s of an extended warranty on N20 Engine failure that includes 100% cost of labor plus materials , period. Fortunately I have Geico MBI. ( Log Out /  I just received a quote to have the timing chain done in my e84 X1 with 74,000 km on it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Carfax shows timing chain and engine replaced in 09/2015. Just a FYI…BMW of Australia may not have been directed by BMW AG to provide an extended warranty since consumer protection laws vary by country. I know some countries have more problems with the timing chain and some countries don’t have any,,,BMW will not tell us why each country is different.,,,maybe that whine noise is the turbo charger whistle it’s hard to tell from the video,,,it doesn’t hurt to have it checked out from the dealer. They did not mention anything about the timing chain either. high whining noise similar to Andrea’s videos? I have a 2012 528i. Thanks for posting,,,,your a brave man,,,lol,,,hopefully the previous owner had the injectors replaced and turbo coolant hoses updates and turbo oil lines also updated if needed,,,,the best thing you probably could do is have the oil and filter replaced earlier,,,,waiting the 10k mile service for oil change is not helping with vanos unit issue you might run into later on,,,,because when the vanos units get dirty oil in them then you will start to have some problems,,,,also driving the car a little hard at time also helps,,,help clear out the engine. that risky huh, such as shame as a nice car otherwise. The 428 is a good car,,,,you shouldn’t have any major problem with that car. I would look at anything from 2015 and 2016 if you can. I guess my cause was helped by the fact that it was a well known issue (except to Wxxxxxxx BMW apparently), and in Australia we have reasonably strong consumer protection laws. Same issue here with Timing Chain on 328i.

Hi Bimmertech, Currently waiting to hear back from BMW on whether their going to offer any kind of “goodwill”. Would you reccomend buying the new upgraded parts and installing it as preventative measure? Called advisor and said oh it’s the computer trying to reset its self. Timing chain and oil pump chain issues with 4 cylinder BMW N20 engines. ( Log Out /  Thanks Peter. This Has been a big subject with everyone on my blog,,,,some of you guys have been asking about the bulletin about this repair,,,,so this is the BMW bulletin that us technicians work with,,,,I hope this helps some of you guys. where are you based out of..maybe I can drive to you!!? Is there chance that while replacing timing chain tensioner the chain will skip a tooth of its sprocket? It probably a good idea to replace them now ,,,,cleaning doesn’t always work. Oh also the quote was 6.8k AUD to change the chain, Let hope they take care of it,,,,the good thing is that you should have records of you asking to check the timing chain noise and they said it was ok,,,,,the problem should be all the dealers,,,let us know what happens. how many hours does it take to break it apart? Thanks! N20 AND N26 ENGINE TIMING CHAIN AND OIL PUMP DRIVE CHAIN: LIMITED WARRANTY EXTENSION TO 7 YEARS/70,000 MILES New information provided by this revision is preceded by this symbol .

We will never know,,,,I think it’s a blanket repair by BMW to make sure they get rid of the noise.

Thanks for all this information. or is it possible that it is a acoustic problem, Let hope not,,,,it’s a new engine so time will only tell,,,,the mini copper had the engine first for a couple of years and they had no problems at this time. Hi! The nice people at Wilmington BMW said it would cost me $22K to fix but out of the goodness of their heart they would do it for $11,700 with a refurbished engine from BMW. Interesting lie, I do have small story to share. Yes they are trying to cover their ass,,,,I have seen the timing chain jump and it usually causes damage to the intake and exhaust valves.

It more of a piece of mind,,,,get the VIN number off that car and have it checked by the dealer,,,some years and models the timing chain has a extended warranty ,,,,maybe that cat is covered then you don’t have to worry about it. Hi, I’m looking at buying a BMW 428i from a BMW dealer. Last week while driving I got a drive train malfunction and car shut down on the expressway. What can be the logic behing BMW Canada not paying for this repair and BMWNA paying for it… THats bullshit at its finest..

I still will probably purchase an extended warranty on it though. BMW 3-Series and 4-Series Forum (F30 / F32) | F30POST > 2012-2019 BMW 3 and 4-Series Forums > General F30 Sedan / F32 Coupe / F36 Gran Coupe Forum > N20 Timing chain repair - … What confusing me is that manual says to renew the screw and torque it ot 55nm and afterwards 55 degree turn for variable camshaft timing control (VANOS) with sensor gear to E and exhaust camshafts (ref 11 36AZ). BMW wants to take only 50% on the naked motor, no labor or other material costs which means a damage greater 10.000 €…:-(((.

Hard to start, stall, and an timeing chain jump later it’s back at dealer. The new X3 timing chain is located in the back of the engine it will cost a lot to fix it? Currently I have 85000 miles on the car. I have a 2013 328i xdrive with the N20 engine from BMW NA. I’m at a loss for what to do. Andreas, Had it towed to my local BMW dealership. Tell them to check the timing chain for any whine issue or possible problem that the timing chain has been known for.

A little stressed (to put it lightly) that I am going to be making such a huge repair but glad I caught this before it blew out the engine. You should be ok with the timing chain issue,,,I don’t know if Australia cars have the same problem. should they be done at the same time? Thank you so much for the quick reply!

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